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People forget (no I’m not being funny) how close Boise State was to breaking into the BCS championship game. 2006-2011 by them would be hard to replicate now. That window has unfortunately closed for a team like that. Would’ve been cool to see.
No, what’s personal is the effort that we showed against Georgia after losing again in Athens (since 2005 and counting). And, that we have players chirping after that dismal performance.
That was Ellis Johnson. He ran a 4-2-5. Similar what we run.
Expect Rhett Lashlee to utilize him ala Nick Marshall. This should be a great fit.
If this is true and couple that with the hiring of Rhett Lashlee, he will put up Nick Marshall type numbers.
I bet if he had his name and face tied to this he wouldn't be using slurs. It's easy to be that way with no accountability.
Funny...when is the last time Georgia won anything that is significant?....I'll wait....but I'll be 63 when they do....