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All hype...gonna be the same old story that LSU gets spanked by its daddy. At least the media is doing its part to make this season seem suspenseful.
If you keep saying that enough it might actually help you guys beat Bama or LSU. Y'all better not sleep on Missouri.
Silly scrubs saying Clemson and Bama haven't played anyone. There's Clemson, Bama and then everyone else. Stop acting like beating Notre Dame, Texas, or Oregon is some big accomplishment. Until you beat Clemson or Bama you ain't done jack.
What has Georgia done besides look average versus an overrated Notre Dame team. Georgia not ready to beat Bama or LSU. They better not overlook Auburn or Missouri.
Only thing this game told me is that Georgia not ready to beat Bama or LSU in the SEC. And I'm not too sure they'll be able to handle Auburn and they better not sleep on Missouri.
Didn't y'all say the same thing before the Virginia game? Gamecocks not good enough to get cocky.
Saban needs the best talent to win games. He is not a great game planner. He won't get it done in the NFL.
The hardest test you take is never the one that you fail. Clemson could've scored 50+ points but took mercy on Bama. The game was over at the half. Bama had no answer and no hope.
You must not have watched the Clemson vs Notre Dame game...Notre Dame definitely gave Clemson a tougher game than Bama did despite the score. Clemson had very erratic execution vs Notre Dame and the game was closer than the score shows but Clemson let off the gas against Bama and would've put up 50 on Bama if they hadn't.