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Why bother explaining. It’s a Bammy fan....
What an exhausting human being, this kid is. Does he spell team with an E, a G and an O. I get it. He is a really great running back but for goodness sakes, enough already. Freaking go elsewhere. The Dawgs will be fine.
Look around. Sports is pure ego. Get down off your “There’s no I in team.” high horse. Ha! P’leeez...
He is a DGD! A real dump for sure. Except when he drops the ball. Agreed. I'd have slugged that insect too! It'll be okay..... I'll bet he's stressing because the offense is loaded with talent and some good leaders and yet, they're making fundamental mistakes. And Jake Fromm, he is not a great QB. Man - I hate to say it but he's not. He's a very good QB but not great. Great QB's throw a bad pass here and there but Fromm, he just flat out throws one after the other. He can lead the team to a championship but it's going to take fewer errant passes, greater step-up by the expected contributors and Fromm needs to be more aggressiveness with his legs when required. Fromm needs to get back to consistently reading his progressions and turning to his outlet options. Also, did you see him literally telegraph his passes several times today. Can't do that. A good defense is looking for that. LSU will be reviewing that crap for sure.
I'd have slugged that bug too! I hate it for the Dawgs but that was something very few players, I don't GAF who they are, wouldn't have done after that insect pulled, prodded and punched first like he did. And the enema nozzles calling the game still couldn't offer love to the Dawgs. F'em! Not to mention their poor analytical commentary regarding Tech's future competitive projections. It's going to take years, if ever, for The Nerds in Midtown to get their program on par with the powerhouse that is UGA. They spoke like it was right around the corner. Ha! Turkey yesterday, insect today. I'm full!
Sure they’ll beat LSU. Totally doable.
I hope the piece of garbage's head explodes the next time he gets a headache.
You big old biscuit eaten hillbilly. Stop with your nonsense.
"Florida finds a way If there’s one thing we tend to not be high on, it’s teams that can’t run the football reliably. And Florida is one of those. UF averages 142 rushing yards per game, and it generally has one big chunk play per game and otherwise doesn’t do much on the ground. That, combined with some injury woes, have made us leery of UF’s mojo. And every time we pick against them, they show up. So you know what? You’ve got a Georgia team with a great running game (237 yards per game), a chip on its shoulder and superior talent. But it will lose this game, simply because Florida is like a Halloween movie serial killer. You chop off its head, it staggers back to life and beats you with a Kyle Trask touchdown. That’s what the Gators will do Saturday, somehow." pffft