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That’s some reverse candy corn stuff right there. Go SC! Spank that squirrel eaten ass!
Good OC’s utilize the stars with correct play calls. They sit up in their high places, read the D’s and properly make adjustments using smart QB’s capable of adjusting the plays at the line if need be. Bobo has never been able to do this. He’s just average. Beck has been in the system long enough to be a plug and play QB. He’s very talented and seems to have overcome his “me me me” tendencies, made evident last year when he threw a pick in mop-up, and simply stood there watching while the d-back ran it back. That was telling. Again, as for Bobo, he’s more suited for lower division football. BOBO GOTTA GOGO… Go Dawgs!
Bobo Gotta Gogo! Everybody now! Bobo Gotta Gogo! Bobo Gotta Gogo! The offense is a no show! So Bobo Gotta Gogo!
I love Nick Saban! Class act in a world of scum. I just deplore the state of Alabama, so anytime the state is in distress, I’m happy. If only someone would sh*t in Tuberville’s mouth to shut him up, my prayers would be answered. Maybe he’ll choke on it.
The garbage human beings fearful idiots will get behind and back, is mind boggling.
I don't know a single person with intelligence that'd vote for him. Granted, he's smarter than Tuberville but then comparing the two, might be like comparing a Chris Craft to a Bayliner (a little something for you Flamingo Cove, Lake Allatoona types). Like the ass whooping we just gave lying Perdue and krooked KKKelly, I'll do everything I can to see that this SOB never lands in the senate. Go Dem Dawgs, and never forget 6Jan21!
Why bother explaining. It’s a Bammy fan....