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As I recall, there were a good number of shots downfield. Unfortunately, Fromm missed on way too many when not throwing a pick. Wolf and Simmons had gift wrapped pass drops, and for the life of me, why, like Chaney did so often in his time with the Dawgs, do they continue to run at walls. Give the backs some room to wiggle. Toss sweeps allow this and for whatever reason, UGA has abandon the TS over the years. Foolish! Give your talented runnings backs 5 plus yards of toss space with a toss sweep play so they’re able to create their own holes with their vision and speed instead of relying on the O-Line over and over to create them. Pull a guard, and stack a tight end while pulling another in motion. Make the linebackers run, run and run some more. Wear the LB’s out and then, gut them up the middle. I’m a freakin armchair quarterback and this seems obvious. Maybe the coaches, just don’t have much of an IQ let alone a football one.
Georgia’s coaches absolutely lost this game. As well, Fromm missed too many easier throws while hitting the more difficult ones. And don’t get me started on the Simmons drop. If was gift wrapped! And what ever happened to the great UGA toss sweeps with pulling lineman! I mean WTF! It’s still college ball and it’s still effective. Up the middle. Nowhere to go. Up the middle. Nowhere to go. Over and over. These UGA coordinators aren’t all that. Saw it against ND. Saw it against TN. UGA is going to lose 2 more games this year before the post season unless, they incorporate more offensive plays that get their guys the ball in space. Toss sweep!
Poor farm animals. We’ve already seen what he does to sea creatures.
This site has bad karma. I'm bouncing. Later rednecks. Go Dawgs!
Go Dawgs. Though the article is DAF!
And look at that! It's another DGD giving Chubb a big TD hug! That's how you take care of your brother Orson Charles! Show him some love!
The dude is a bullet train! Go Nick! Go Dawgs!
Fromm missed some throws whether simply bad passes or, outlet throws. I'd rather see him miss long however, so that part is good if he's going to miss. The O Line broke down at times. If Fromm had hit the medium to long throws and including that outlet to Swift, he might have had the Dawgs up by 50 when the clock expired. I hope they start using the Tight Ends more, and more. Ga's TE's are awesome and can both catch and run. I also hope the Dawgs D continues to play hard because if they do, they'll be lights out come SEC Championship time. The O will start firing on all cylinders soon enough.
Wrong. Protect Fromm with the yet to be seen All American O Line and let the Pro style QB do what he does. "It's time for Fields to Play." That's just dumb.....
I can see MO with a 10 win season if they fire on all cylinders from here on out. Excluding Bama, Mizzou could win every remaining game on the 2018 schedule. I'd like to see that happen.
A Purdue team that just handily beat a ranked BC team.
It does sound ludicrous though it's nice to think that there may be evil genius at work regarding defensive schemes. However, I'm thinking ludicrous is spot on.