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I'm just curious, but can you clarify the reason behind this? I'm not the biggest baseball fan, so is this some secret code where players are critiquing the ump?
How did they get this photo so perfect, at such a perfect time? Man that was one heck of a game!
funny how gatorboy isn't commenting on Morven Joseph's announcement. 2nd rate players huh?
I sure hope he dominates out there. He showed up real well in the spring game, but just couldn't find his way on the field much this year.
I have seen reports that his scholarship was pulled. Hoping that they have leads on better players, cause pulling a scholarship on a 4 star sounds crazy at this point.
Change your mind about Pruitt again Hooker? A couple weeks ago you said he was making it more of a dumpster fire than he inherited it, AND you wanted Fulmer to take over before it got too bad. At least if you wanna change your mind, admit it in the article like O'gara did when he realized Moorehead was a trash coach. (I hope Moorehead rights the ship FYI, I actually think he has more upside than has been seen)
I completely agree. The big thing looming right now is how trash UT played in the beginning of the season. This year, he deserves praise if they go to a bowl game. Next year, if we see a complete team start the season, progression as a team, and more wins, then he gets the raise. I love Pruitt, I want him to stay and be successful, but you don't give a start to a QB who can't make throws, why give an extension to a coach who can only win at a mediocre level. S/N: IF he beats UF next year, we should give him an extension on the spot. I'm tired of losing to that dang team.
The stat should be more investigated. Tennessee's penalties in goal to go situations are atrocious. It isn't just inability to move the ball forward, these players are so excited to be down there (a new thing for UT) that they jump the snap, hold, forget to snap, etc.
I'm guessing you got that from the florida state forums. It was a false story. The "coed" that they referred to is his now wife, and she was a graduate at the time of their meeting, and the coaching staff at FSU set them up on a blind date. I understand how it got mixed up, but the true story was out there, just gotta dig farther.
I disagree. Our offense didn't make adjustments, but I believe that's due to the talent disparity, and Kirby usually makes massive defensive adjustments. But, UT only allowed 10 offensive points in the 2nd half. The defense held UGA on a 2nd and 2, 3rd and 2, and 4th and 1 for a TOD, and UT can't stop the run usually. At that point it felt like UT was still in it.
Anyone else remember him take on 3 Bama DBs for the football last year? I just hope Chaney lets him loose this year.
OVER MARK STOOPS?! Gah, I actually wanted Stoops at UT before they got Pruitt. No complaints on Pruitt, he's still proving himself, and I'm liking what I see(so far). But Mark Stoops is easily my #2 favorite coach in the country.
Dylan Moses needs to call one of them and just let them know how hard UGA really hits. We all know Clemson was king last year, but that don't mean they hit the hardest.
Does anybody that's critiquing Barnes know anything about his faith and history? As a Christian, he bases all of life's biggest decisions off of prayer. He also has a great love for the UCLA program. His statement clearly stated that he prayed for clarity on the subject, and the issues with the buyout came up immediately following his prayer. He took it as a sign from God, like most Christians would. It's nothing like having a wife, and wanting to cheat. It's more like having a great job you love, but then your dream job comes up and sends you an offer, but it didn't work out. Why exactly are Mizzou fans commenting here? Of course there's crappy Vols fans, cause their's literally millions. Mizzou only has like 30, and I haven't met a single one that didn't talk mad trash for a team that is only marginally successful when every other team is horrible/rebuilding.
hopefully our O-line gets better without Smith and Kennedy. Their health should be considered #1. I do hope they can make a come back, but QBs need help standing right now.
so....what South Carolina team was ranked in week 9? They haven't been ranked since the UGA game...right? Did I miss something?
I am absolutely terrified of Emanuel Hall's ability this weekend. Lock plays a much more competent game with that guy running around the field. Hopefully, the freshmen in the UT secondary will play lights out or this could look like the Miz UF game.
I think it's worth noting that he isn't the only active SEC coach to beat 2 ranked teams his first year as a head coach during the regular season. Smart beat 22 UNC and 8 AU in 2016. I think it's meant to be 2 ranked conference wins. Either way, glad to see how disciplined the team was until the 4th qtr last week.