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Looks like he's learning how to get the hell away from Florida.
Well, hopefully Alabama show ups tonight and takes care of business so that those idiots up north don't get to run their mouth any more than they already do.
We were glad to see him leave at UGA, too. Never have liked him.
The fact that UCF didn't beat GT 150-0 tells you all you need to know about UCF.
The difference between Brian Kelly and Kirk Herbstreit is that there are a few folks out there that actually respect Herbstreit.
You DO remember the Clemson vs NC game, right? If Clemson were in the SEC, they would've lost at least 2 games regardless of whether they were in east or west.
The worst game day coach you've ever seen OWNS your vols.
In Jake, we trust. Hope he returns for his senior season.
You can sure teach him to whip a gators ass though.