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Tennessee has suspended and in other cases kicked football players off the team before they had their day in court. No cover up here. Could have left Von Person on the team, but felt the right thing to do was to suspend him for his alleged action until he was proven innocent.
He may change his mind, who knows. All I know is that his heart is not set on Tennessee for his own reasons... Tennessee football is right in his backyard being from Oak Ridge. I will say this, we have our offense built around Hurd, Karmara, and Dobbs because their ability to run and make plays, if Higgins comes in and lives up to the hype like the three gentlemen I just mentioned then the offense will be built around him!
Easy there Tide boy, UT has been irrelevant for quite some time, however I remember not too far back Tennessee winning 10 of 12 games against the mighty Tide when they were down. Times are a changing and will turn the other way...
Uh... That's easy, Tennessee has been voted National Champs 6 times winning 2 outright. Clemson has one. Tennessee has more bowl wins and appearance than Clemson ever thought about. Total overall wins and winning percentage, please Mr. Bulldog you are funny!
Reggie White not on first team....hmmm, that's surprising.