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At the end of the season. This was just their ticket for right now.
I was about to say that little fella has some grapefruits to go toe to toe like that.
Sometimes it's a blessing to have a hearing impairment.
Yep. He may not have meant to go helmet to helmet but his actions in breaking the rules resulted in a dangerous hit.
I grew up in northwest Florida surrounded by fsu homers so I know how irritating they can be, but this dude needed his a$$ whooped. No sense in ruining that event for other people.
It's "hanged". It's never "hung" when it comes to the act of hanging oneself/someone.
I've been so far gone I threw up on the stripper stage and the door when they escorted me out. I'll never judge someone badly for public intoxication lol.
I've seen a woman beat a man with a tire iron and him not fight back. I've also seen a man get hit in the neck (where she slapped him in this video) and fall, cracking his head open. All because you don't hit a female... Never put your hands on anyone in a violent manner. You never know how someone will react.
Yep. He broke the rule by hitting him in the head but he wasn't head hunting, didn't lunch himself, and didn't lead with his crown. But by definition of the rule he was targeting.
He seems to have the players respect and a love for the school. He seems like the right guy to me.
It's not that they best us, they just had more points at the end of the game. -Dabo Swinney
The only way you can lose is to not win. -Dabo Swinney
Speedy Noil doesn't even know how Speedy Noil got up. Look at his right hand in the video showing him getting up. He's out on his feet.
There have been some fantastic defenses under Saban. This one is the most aggressive and most explosive I've seen since the '92 defense. The front 7, no matter the rotation, is monstrous. The whole defense challenge each other and bring it the best in each other Auburn and LSU will still give them all they can.
Growing up a Bama fan I northwest Florida in the 90's and having to listen to the FSU fans brag about their candy-ass schedule (all they had to do was beat Florida or Miami and they finished in the top 10) it's hard for me to sympathize with him even though he is correct. Bobby Bowden's era got away with William Floyd's phantom touchdown and only dropped one spot (from 1 to 2) after losing to ND in 1993. These things happen.
"They all think they have this illusion of choice,” Saban told “Like ‘I can do whatever I want to do’. And you kind of have a younger generation now that doesn’t always get told no, they don’t always get told this is exactly how you need to do it. So they have this illusion that they have all these choices.” Then Saban got a little philosophical, and provided an interesting look at how he views the price you have to pay to be successful. “But the fact of the matter is, is if you want to be good, you really don’t have a lot of choices, because it takes what it takes. You have to do what you have to do to be successful. So you have to make choices and decisions to have the discipline and focus to the process of what you need to do to accomplish your goals.” “All these guys that think they have a lot of choices are really sadly mistaken. And I think, as we all have done with our own children, they learn these lessons of life as they get older, and sometimes the best way to learn is from the mistakes that you make, even though we all hate to see them have to make them. And we don’t really condone them when they do.”
Regardless of what happens, it's nice to see humility and acceptance of responsibility in a person. Omg what a cannon, though!
This is the whole reason the Revolutionary War started. Taxation without representation. Sales tax is one thing. Being taxed because you work in a state/city you don't live in is another.
As far as FSU is concerned football has only been relevant since the 90s. Even going by that logic Bama still has more titles than FSU. They choke more than the Atlanta Braves.
I recorded 6 pancakes this weekend. 9 if you count the ones I had for dinner Friday night.
College education is one thing. Corporations using a player's image to make money is another. E.g. Reese's having a picture of Western Kentucky's running back on a display in a convenience store. Dominoe's putting a USC linebacker on it's flyers a few years ago.
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is offensive in today's society.
Glad to see these guys coming back. Both really did some good work and made my Saturdays enjoyable.