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I see a lot of short sighted comments on this post. UCF has one of, if not THE largest alumni fan base in the country. As the 2nd largest school in the country, our fans filling the "swamp" is not the problem. This type of 2 for 1 at UCFs on campus stadium would make for a hell of a game and a hell of ad revenueon TV as the amount of eyeballs on the game would rival almost any other regular season game in ANY conference. Old FL bluebood vs New FL Tradition. And all this "P5" talk is non-sense. As someone mentioned earlier, KS is in a "P5" conference. As is TCU...Colorado...both UF and UCF would cash in while building their brand and their standing thanks to both schools being ranked. This is a no-brainer to me. Make it happen ADs, my beer pong table is waiting to be dusted off and make the trip to Gainesville to show those fans how Knights get it done.