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Gotta play man to man. If we sit back in a zone we'll get picked apart. Watch the Georgia game!
Yeah but, that's a game a Frank Martin team with better talent would of lost.
Why did the chicken cross the road? To peck the tiny brain of a gator. Cocks by 7!
GG will take us to the SEC title this year! If not, he leaves and we continue to be a bottom dweller.
A blind mule can pick better than Herbie.
Don't cry lil baby, there's always next year. See you in Cola town for another cat skinning!
Ouch that was bad. He should sit out next week when the Gamecocks come to town.
Shouldn't burn bridges on your way out of town. Now you'll never get that again and other schools may not play you if you are going to run your mouth afterwards.
So, they are now predicting football games like they predict the weather!
I wouldn't go and buy any tickets on these predictions unless you got money to burn.
Put your big boy pants on Kelly, no more cupcake schedule that puts you on the easy road to the playoffs.
No Byes! Just have 8 teams, you water it down with 12.
With grocery prices these days, they better have an armed entourage to guard the bird.