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I don't think the committee will try to avoid putting in 2 SEC teams b/c Kirby (the head playoff guy) came out and said they want the 4 best teams, not for each conference to be represented etc.If UGA & Bama are both undefeated and it's a somewhat close SEC champ game both teams are in IMO. That would put that loss much better than Clem losing to Syracuse. If UGA loses they have the head to head over ND.
Great game planner and play caller, lazy recruiter...threw assistant coaches under the bus (and players) in post game pressers. Just a real pos.
The old ball sack was always a sore loser and an even worse winner with childish name calling etc. Come on Steve, don't you want to quit on a team one last time?
Mullen is a bad idea. Kirby probably knows that offense better than him at this point. I think they def need an offensive coach like Chip Kelly, Frost, Mike Leach or whoever else.
UT needs to jump on Scott Frost before the Gators, this guy is the next big thing. Gruden is a joke, no recruit even knows who he is.
The old ball sack sure has been quiet lately right? Wish he would coach the gators next year...
The Bama dynasty is nearing it's end. This is the last great chance you have so don't blow it b/c the Dawgs are coming.
Bama gets some motivation, so what. See you in Atl Gumps.
After the current contract is up they need to alternate Jax and the Benz every other year and keep it a 50/50 split. A lot of gator fans in Atl and it would also keep the south GA Dawg fans happy.
You probably stopped watching but in the 41-0 beat down Fromm ran for 2 td's on zone reads and another clutch 3rd down conversion but stick with your narrative that Fields doesn't "fit" the UGA system.
Fields fits the system, not sure what games you've been watching. Work on some more leadership reps champ...
Lol, the Dawgs need to figure out how to juggle three 5 star QB's while the vols have Quitten Dormendy and Guantanomo Bay as their options lol...
Better be careful announcing a transfer around that locker room. Might just trip and fall on a helmet...
Lol, there's a reason he passed on those jobs genius. You say you like him but never have anything positive to say? Butthurt level up to 9001 now.
Hanging your hat on how "strong" the west has been? You'd think AU could stumble into beating UGA more than just twice in 11 years...
Strange situation, seems like the UT fanbase could be pulled together with a strong game or the wheels could fall off with a bad loss. I expect UT to feel backed into a corner and play well (early) with everything on the line.
CKS may block transfers to the U until all the players CMR recruited are out of the program. Just a thought, I think Eason transfers back to Udub to play for Peterson. Who knows how it will play out...
Fromm looks the way we hoped Eason would look in year 2 with quick decision making, precise throws, leadership, calm under pressure, etc. No way Fromm loses the job unless he gets injured at this point IMO. Tough break for Eason but the kids a baller.
True Frosh QB first career start on the road vs Frosh starting at home with 2 starts already under his belt. Should have beat ND by ~10 with drops and missed FG but a win is a win.
What does Spurrier have to say about this?
Nah, the kid's all Dawg. Can't turn down an invite to see FSU v Bama in the new stadium but after Bama stifles FSU's offense and we destroy ND in week 2 he'll make it public. Just my opinion of course...
The Tigers will play host to the Roadrunners for their 2020 season-0pener on September 5. LSU will pay UTSA a $1.4 million guarantee, said a copy of the contract obtained by from LSU.