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Okay, so a UCF fan has entered the fray! I read often that UCF should just join a P5 conference, and we were under consideration by the Big 12 a couple years ago...but the conference opted not to expand. USF was a possibility, too, and as awkward as it would have been to be joined at the hip with the rival Bulls, the composite Orlando-Tampa TV market would be huge, and give the BIg 12 a stake in the talent-rich recruiting grounds of Florida. As to an Alabama -UCF game? We would score points, maybe a lot, but this year’s version of Bama Ball is probably the best I’ve ever seen! Bama would rain down points on us, and that’s a given. Few, if any teams could stand toe-to-toe with Alabama this year, and that’s a fact. Our program has come a long way, but unquestionably, Alabama and the SEC has far more tradition. Still, one could ask what Alabama/Auburn/Georgia have in common, and one answer is all three dropped their last game to UCF. Check the facts - even though we played Bama in the twilight of Dubose’s tenure, UCF was just a fledgling program that had recently moved up from 1-AA. UCF beat a pedestrian Georgia team in the Liberty Bowl, and everyone recalls last year’s Peach Bowl. As far as being National Champion, most would agree that Alabama was the largely recognized 2017 champion. UCF fans can’t contest that, and none that I know would say our team was superior. Alabama is a juggernaut that under the Saban era has been the dominant team of the last decade. Of course, Stallings and Bryant’s teams had their success as well. UCF has had success in recent years, but heck, we didn’t even suit-up a team until ‘79-‘80! From basically club-ball through DII, D-IAA and our current G5 status, we’ve come a long way. UCF enrollment is 68,000, and bigger things are coming. It is smack dab in the middle of the country’s most fertile talent bed. But until invited to a P5 conference, there will always be a glass ceiling for us. Frustrating! We went undefeated last year and beat a solid SEC team in the Peach that had beaten Bama And Georgia. That’s solid period, but especially for a G5 team with just a fraction of the budget and windfalls that come P5 teams way. We’d be honored/thrilled to be invited to,someday join the SEC or Big 12 or ACC. Until then, we have to blow our own horn to,even get noticed!