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PS Matt Stinchcum guzzler, I mean stinchcomb is easily without a doubt the absolute worst at anything and needs to be burned at the stake for his 2 bit dandiness.
I am not replying to you wyattra I just have to say no disrespect to all the great Volunteer fans on here but: Keno98 is the biggest douche bag aside from doctor Larry to ever write replies on this site. Now, I may be mistaken as there may be a few more that are worse homophobe cuck sockets than him, but I have not been on this site too long or often because I have a job unlike keno98.
So you are saying a player running the ball is defenseless?
Unforced? What game were you watching?
He can only get mad at himself for pointing out that they make their opponents look good.
Fire stithcum cum guzzler doosh bag phag from ever announcing where Anyone can here it!!!!!!
I have been wondering what is up with you, now I know.
They thought they were after they played ND...
The committee put a one loss big 12 team in the playoff last year, didn't they? That team did not have a championship game and their loss was to a team that was never ranked. He is saying IF A&M's one loss is to the number one team in the country, they would be in the playoff. I am not saying it will happen but there is absolutely a chance.
It's good to see a smile on Gus' face after he BTHO lsu. He's a good coach but I still like his funny faces too, who doesn't?
Austin Allen is the best QB in the the SEC. Knight is way too high strung, sometimes he throws the ball like someone is going to chop both of his off if he doesn't throw the football as hard as he can. When you see it in person it looks even worse. That being said, he is a great leader and person any way you look at him. I am glad to have him and I hope he can do like the US Infantry - Slow IS Smooth and Smooth IS Fast. You start at slow.
You gonna admit you are stupid after getting whooped?
Especially when y'all were ranked #3, right?
I am not so sure... Have you seen the QB for Mizzou?
If you watch the video in the last 12 seconds of the video, you will see why they overturned the targeting call.
You can't change the channel fast enough when you hear that horrific voice.
If you consider flossing her teeth gagging.
Congrats on the awesome win Akransas! But really, it was awesome to watch. Y'all have a great quarterback. Can't wait for the showdown at jerries world!
If you would read the title of the article you would know the author is ranking the expectations for the 2016 season, not ranking last season's units.
Clown is not even practicing because of his current "injury" which a sore knee. He should not apologize.
Booger thinks of others as having his own work ethic. Sacks, TFL, caused fumbles and an interception off the best QB in the SEC. Myles has the work ethic of a former walk-on, JJ Watt - need I say more?
The cow bells can be bad but, they do not even come close to the fsu chant.
You called it on that one. I can not change the channel soon enough after hearing that voice.