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I think a more reasonable alternative would be something like the NBA does with the draft lottery. Give all the teams that missed the playoffs equal odds of getting the top pick. That way there is no incentive for a team to tank or quit playing after they are eliminated from playoff contention. I think maybe they could go out to the top 5 picks just including teams that missed the playoffs, then starting with pick 6 include even the teams that made the playoffs, while keeping all teams that haven't yet been chosen with equal odds at getting each successive pick.
The difference between Clemson and Alabama this year was that one team had 2 losses. The other had 0. When your schedule includes 2 or fewer ranked teams, you better make sure you win all your games or that weak schedule will come back to bite you. Clemson made sure they took care of business and won every game until their last one. I will agree with, though, on the point that if that had been Boise St or UCF with that schedule then they'd have never even been in the discussion. The fact that name brands can influence who plays for the championship is the biggest flaw in college football today.
It's still Duke. No one in their right mind should ever think that Duke would be a tough game for a team like Alabama.
If I were an AD or Coach, this is what I'd want my 4 game non-conference schedule to look like: -1 game against a premier Power 5 opponent (any perennial or traditional top 25 team like Ohio St, Michigan, Oregon, Clemson, LSU, Florida, etc; or even a game against a second tier top 25 program like Penn St, Texas, Oklahoma St, USC, Texas A&M, etc) -1 game against a non-conference rival (Clemson vs SC, FSU vs UF, ND vs USC, Oklahoma vs Nebraska, LSU vs Tulane) -1 cupcake (FCS team or weak MAC, C-USA, or Sun Belt team) -1 decent-to-really good Group of 5 opponent (Boise St, UCF, App St, UAB, FAU, San Diego St, Cincinnati, Memphis, Navy, Army, etc) To me, that is a pretty well-balanced schedule. Make the cupcake either early in the season or before another big game to act as a de facto bye or at least a glorified scrimmage. The Group of 5 team should be one that is in a bowl game every year and could pose a challenge if you don't prepare properly, and then the Rivalry game and to a greater extent the premier non-conference game should really showcase what your team has.
As a Dolphins fan, I'm also hoping they find a way to make this trade. I would have been fine with Tua, but his injury history makes me really nervous about him long-term.
I think the better direction for Miami to go is draft someone like Chase Young or Derrick Brown this year, and then next year go after Trevor Lawrence. This year's draft seems to have linemen with a higher ceiling than next year's draft. While Burrow and Tua may end up being All-Pro players, taking a QB in the 1st round is a much bigger risk than taking a lineman. Get other young pieces and give them a year to get experience and then next year draft your franchise QB.
That's a fair point, but then how would the bad teams ever get good? Free agents don't want to play for a bad team, so they won't be able to build through free agency, and if they aren't able to build through the draft then they might as well shut the team down cause they'll probably never be any good.
It's a little ironic that they hired the brother of Army's HC to help "modernize their passing game." I really don't know anything about him other than that, so it could be a good hire. That was just my initial thought.
That's the world we live in now. It's never okay to be satisfied. Always got to want more. That's a sad way to live.
I think he's also referring to the cigar video and I heard something about a video of Joe Burrow in some "inappropriate" shirt after the game. Haven't looked into that last one yet so I'm not exactly sure what was on the shirt.
And realistically, that's the most you can ask of a coach is to be in that tier. Being in that tier means you're at least in the championship conversation every year. And if you're in the conversation every year, you'll eventually win it again.
Idk what game you watched Monday night, but Joe Burrow made 3 or 4 throws in that game that only 2 QBs in the NFL right now could even make: Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes. It'll take 3 years max before Burrow is a top 5 QB in the league.
Well at least LSU made their 1 year with both him and Joe Burrow count.
Honestly was kind of hoping he'd make the kick since Alabama couldn't.
Agreed. I hope that doesn't turn into a Ben Simmons deal where he never gets to play in the tournament.
I was like sure, why wouldn't he just shrug off two defensive linemen to avoid a safety. It's like watching Johnny Football but with an NFL arm. Never seen anything like it.
Venables had a brilliant game plan on defense as always. There's just no way to prepare for a guy like Joe Burrow once he adjusts to the way the defense is playing him.
I don't think Florida has really done enough yet to be "elite", but they will be soon. Mullen's gonna have them in the playoffs sooner rather than later. I kind of feel like Oklahoma deserves a mention due to making the playoffs however many years in a row it is now, but after the way LSU beat them down it's hard for me to put them in there. Other than that you're pretty spot-on. Also, I think LSU with a great QB is far scarier than any of us could have imagined it would be.
"Not sure his talent translates to the NFL." How? Just...how? He makes multiple throws every game that only two QBs in the NFL right now can make: Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes. And those are the top two QBs in the league. He's got the accuracy of Drew Brees, the fearlessness of Brett Favre, the playmaking ability of Russell Wilson, and the clutch ability of Deshaun Watson. That sounds like a can't-miss prospect as long as the Bengals don't find a way to waste his talent.
Definitely the best offense I've ever seen. It's probably the only offense that I can remember where I have absolutely no idea what you could possibly do to stop it. Even if you have a great gameplan like Clemson had, eventually LSU adjusts and there's nothing you can do about it after that.
I agree that that's the best team ever. I'd put Clemson last year and LSU this year not far behind them. Burrow is the most NFL-ready QB I've ever seen. He makes 3 or 4 throws every game that the only QBs in the NFL that could even make those throws are Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes.
I think as far as having the best season based on what they accomplished, then this isn't really a debate. I don't think I'd go as far as to call this team the best team of all time, though. I think last year's Clemson team and the '95 Nebraska team were both better. This team is definitely at least in the discussion, though.
That's exactly why I'd love to see a revival of the Lonestar Showdown in a bowl game like the Texas Bowl. That would make an otherwise forgetful bowl game into must-see TV.
I must be missing something. There's only 3 B10 teams in the top 10.
I'd have both UNC and Virginia Tech in the top 25. Both were very young this year. Give Mack Brown a couple more years and UNC will be the team to finally give Clemson a run in the ACC.