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I agree that Tennessee has potential, but it just seems to me that if I were a coach, I'd take my chances with the school that is ready to win now than the one that is a work in progress. With the right coach, Auburn has the roster to make a run next year with the number of guys we've got returning.
I really feel for Tennessee fans. I'd like to see the program become consistently relevant again, as my almost yearly visits to Pigeon Forge are much more enjoyable when the residents are eager to talk SEC football. For the most part, I've found it to be a fairly knowledgeable fan base, and I know we share a common enemy out in Tuscaloosa.
Steele would just be the guy I'd go to if none of the other candidates take the job. And the only reason I'd consider Kiffin is that he's independent enough that he's not gonna try to run a program in a similar way to Saban, which is where most of his former assistants go wrong. You won't beat Saban by trying to run a program the way he does. Mark Stoops is a good coach, but Idk that he's better than Malzahn. We can't pay $21 million to fire a coach and not be 100% certain the next guy won't be better.
Agreed. Idk if Gus would want to move this far, but Arizona and Illinois are both better jobs than Vandy, and those schools would be insane not to consider him if he's interested.
I'd agree with both of you. Auburn can win big consistently, but the landscape of the SEC right now, with both Alabama and Georgia, our two rivals, being the premier programs in the conference, just doesn't favor us realistically being able to win the division or conference regularly. Eventually, one of those two will drop off and that window will open for us again, but for now it's just not there. Beating Alabama every three years or so, and competing for the SEC Championship those years, is about our ceiling as long as those programs are where they are, and that's where our short-term expectations need to be.
I read something on another site that said Auburn is the best available job unless Tennessee comes open. Why on earth would Tennessee be a more desirable job than Auburn? Maybe they aren't in the same state as Alabama, but they still have to play them every year. And Auburn certainly seems to have a roster that's much more ready-to-win-now than Tennessee. We could have a debate over which program has a higher ceiling, but I don't see how anyone could argue that it would be easier to win right now at Tennessee than at Auburn.
There isn't really anyone available that is a home-run hire other than Freeze, but he comes with a considerable amount of baggage. Given what our basketball program is currently going through, I'm not sure we'd want that kind of NCAA scrutiny on our football program too, but he has a proven track record of being able to beat Saban, and I'd rather beat Alabama regularly than win 11 games every and never beat them, because if you can beat Alabama, you're almost guaranteed to be in the title hunt.
I actually agree. I thought he'd get another year since this year was an odd year for everyone. If he failed to beat Alabama at home next year, then yeah, it was time for a change. His tenure was doomed after he made the National Championship Game in his first year. Expectations only go up after your first year, and expecting that every year was always going to be unrealistic. I appreciate that our fans want to be great, because we have the potential to be great every year given the right circumstances, but the reality is those circumstances don't exist with both Alabama and Georgia being as good as they are right now. Once one or both of them fall off again, then our window for continued excellence will open back up, but for now, our fans just need to realize that every year isn't going to be an SEC Championship type of season. Making a run at it every 3 years is about as good as we should realistically expect right now, with 9 or 10 win seasons the rest of the time.
Please don't scare me with that thought.
I don't really want Stoops if I'm honest. He never had a defense and almost always finished lower than their preseason rankings, especially late in his career. The most obvious choice is Hugh Freeze, but I don't know if Auburn wants the NCAA breathing down their necks over the football coach like they already are over our basketball coach. I don't want someone with an extensive history of coaching under Saban, either. My only exception would be Lane Kiffin, because he's different enough from Saban and spontaneous enough that Saban won't be able to always know what he's thinking like he does with his other former assistants. Kevin Steele wouldn't be an awful hire, but his record as HC at Baylor is also a concern. The last people I want considered though are Sark or Cristobal. They're way too close to Saban, and Cristobal hasn't even shown he can consistently win in the PAC 12.
Georgia--33, Miss St--0 Missouri--27, S. Carolina--20 Arkansas--37, LSU--24 Alabama--41, Kentucky--10 Florida--55, Vandy--20 Auburn--33, Tennessee--21
Kentucky--34, Vandy--13 Florida--34, Arkansas--23 Ole Miss--35, S. Carolina--31
Miss St--27, Vandy--10 Texas A&M--31, SC--17 Arkansas--21, Tennessee--20 Georgia--37, Florida--28
My main reasoning for picking them is that even with Arkansas struggling in recent years, this has always been a close game. I don't think A&M is that much better than they were last year, and Arkansas is clearly worlds ahead of where they were last year.
Agreed. A lot of 3 and outs coming for State's offense. That won't be good for their defense as the game goes on.
I don't disagree. You can watch Bo Nix and see the potential is there, which brings up the question of why, in a year and a half, has there been no progress made on his development? Last year I defended him because his o line was absolutely pitiful, but the o line play has been a little better this year, and was a lot better against SC, when Nix played probably the worst game of his career. So he has no more excuses.
Which is exactly why Leach seems to have shown Hill the door.
I don't disagree with you. But at this point, they shouldn't have rushed to change it, because it makes it look as though Kylin Hill is the one that got them to change it, and a single player should never have that much power. Had I been the governor, I would have had it placed on the ballots during the election next week and have the people of Mississippi vote on whether or not to keep it. If they voted to keep it then Kylin Hill would have no longer had a leg to stand on.
That was always Tuberville's recruiting strategy. Get the best players that really want to be Auburn Tigers. If they aren't sure if they want to be here, then they don't need to be here.
That was my thinking too. If he's considering Auburn, he's looking more at his potential to start week 1 over the scheme he'd be playing in.
Georgia--31, Kentucky--10 LSU--27, Auburn--24 Ole Miss--48, Vandy--20 Alabama--52, Miss St--7 Arkansas--28, Texas A&M--23 Florida--34, Missouri--14
That's really what I got from his comment, too. It wasn't really taking a shot at anyone as much as it was just kind of an honest reflection of what happened. In the heat of the moment, he probably had that dual feeling you have when your kid does something dumb and gets hurt--the feeling where you're mad at them for disobeying you, but you're also sad and scared cause you want them to be okay.
He's won a lot more than the coaches that were there before him. You're not going to win championships at Texas Tech or Wazzu. Just winning 10 games multiple times at those places is equally as impressive as winning a national championship at a traditional power.
Absolutely. I'd rather have a team full of 2 and 3 stars that take pride in wearing the jersey and show it everyday than a bunch of blue-chip 4 and 5 stars that only view it as a pathway to the NFL.
I think it's great what Leach is doing. It's his way or the highway, and that's the way it should be. SEC football will go on with or without any one player. I don't remember who it was, but I've heard a story of one new coach meeting his team for the first time, and he starts the first meeting of with "Fellas, let's get this straight. This will not be a democracy. This is a dictatorship. When I say, you do. You will give me your opinion only when I ask for it." That's how the player-coach relationship is supposed to be. When the players have more power than the coach, that's when problems arise.
Exactly. I don't disagree with people that thought the flag needed to be changed, but don't do it because some college kid pitches a hissy fit over it.
They claimed they did briefly review it, and there was no evidence to overturn it. Idk what they thought they saw, but we shouldn't be talking about SEC officiating every week.
Ole Miss--38, Auburn--31 Alabama--38, Tennessee--24 Kentucky--27, Missouri--14 S. Carolina--31, LSU--27
Definitely. I think those are the only two schools being mentioned at this point, not that it's much a surprise.
Got a real Brett Favre vibe from watching him play. Kid can make all the throws, but he made a couple bad decisions. But even the bad decisions were perfect throws.