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Brilliant tactic by UGA whether there's something to it or not. They've shown they're willing to come to the table with transparency. Now the ball is in the the court of the accuser.
The NCAA should allow student-athletes to transfer one time and be immediately eligible. If you want to transfer a second time, then you should sit. No questions asked. End of discussion. No waivers. That would put a stop to all this nonsense.
Agreed. And I very much appreciate him taking this stance. A rule is a rule, whether it's a good rule or not, and it should be enforced until it is repealed by a vote.
Even with all the opt-outs, I'll be shocked if LSU is worse than 8-2.
I expect it to be a good game next weekend. I'm very concerned now since finding out most of our covid cases last week were on the o line, so the o line hasn't practiced in nearly two weeks. That could be a problem with only 1 returning starter up front, especially against Kentucky's strong and physical front 7.
The MLB is using win % to determine their standings, but that's not feasible for us. What if, for example, Georgia goes 8-0 but doesn't get to play their games against Alabama and Florida? Meanwhile, Florida goes 8-1 and loses to LSU. Is it fair to have Georgia in the SEC Championship Game even though they didn't play arguably their two toughest games? It will be very interesting to see if the SEC announces protocol regarding this type of circumstance or if they just wait to see what plays out before announcing anything.
I don't even mind articles about coronavirus numbers from different teams, because it's just a reality right now that our playing football depends on players not getting the virus. I know some people on social media complain about the media reporting those numbers, but as long as they aren't making up the numbers then they're just doing their jobs. I'd rather not have to hear about the virus everyday in sports media too, but playing football right now is directly related to the virus, so I have no problem with sports media discussing how the virus is impacting sports. I do have a problem with them discussing who is protesting what and why and all that nonsense that has nothing to do with whether I get to watch a football game this week.
And even though we fall on different sides of the political spectrum, I very much respect your ability and willingness to draw your own conclusions rather than just accepting the first thing the media spits out. People like you, from both parties, are the ones that actually get results because of their willingness to converse and compromise with the other party. I like to think I'm in a similar position, but with the Republican Party. It disgusts me that we've reached a point where the most important thing to each party is winning an election rather than doing right by the American people. This is why George Washington warned against political parties in his farewell address.
When you really think about it, aren't we all guilty of this from time to time? I know I am. As much as I try to be open to other opinions, I definitely get caught up in trying to be right and dismiss any other viewpoints sometimes. But the truth is that as long as you can rationally explain why you hold a certain opinion, then that opinion is worth hearing.
That's just an absolutely brutal stretch for Georgia. Most SEC games are physical, but that's 4 of the most physical teams in the conference all back-to-back. I feel like UGA will have the opposite result against UK as they do against Alabama the previous week. If they lose to Bama, they'll be on a mission, but if they beat Bama I can see them still being on a high from that win and laying an egg against UK. And anyone who lays an egg against Kentucky this year is very likely getting beat.
I've always wondered what would happen if a school like Ohio St or Alabama, with as great athletes as they recruit, were to switch back to a Wing T or Wishbone offense. I have a feeling it would still be just as successful as any of the spread concepts we see today. Even more fun would be for a high-powered offense like Oklahoma to run both the spread and T or Wishbone. Idk that it would be possible to recruit for both packages, but if you could somehow recruit players that were athletic enough to use in both, and then went no huddle so you could switch between the packages without allowing the defense to sub, there'd be no way to stop it. Probably a pipe dream at best, though. People with more inside knowledge on coaching could probably tell me why that wouldn't work.
That's what I figure happens too. This Kentucky team is good enough you could tell me they beat Alabama and I'd believe you, cause I don't think anyone is beating them by more than 2 or 3 possessions. All it takes is a couple good breaks for that 17 point loss to become a one possession game, and then all bets are off. But at the same time, they won't blow many teams out themselves, which, as you said, leaves them equally vulnerable to being upset.
I don't know that any team will suffer as much from a conference-only schedule as Kentucky. In a normal year, this is a team that could very possibly have gone 10-2 or 11-1. I don't think I've ever said this during my lifetime, but if Kentucky plays their best and has one or two breaks go their way, there's not a team on their schedule this year that they can't beat. Now, I wouldn't bet on them going better than 7-3, but if you told me they were going to beat Alabama or Georgia, I'd believe you. This isn't a team anyone can look at and just assume it's going to be a W.
Let's be real, no one from the PAC was going to make the Playoffs anyway.
I'd tend to agree, but this is just one of those things where before clicking the "post" button, always ask yourself, "is this something that really needs to be said?" It is an odd and maybe inappropriate outfit, but I don't think it's bad enough to warrant this type of comment from someone on Twitter. The outfit wasn't Beyonce-during-the-Super-Bowl-Halftime-Show bad.
Agreed. A team without a conference championship has never gotten in over a conference champion with the same number of losses, and as far as I'm concerned, I hope it stays that way. If you aren't the best team in your conference then how on earth can you claim to be the best team in the country?
Conference champions have always gotten the nod over non-champions with the same # of losses in the playoff era.
Finebaum wouldn't even know they had a football team if Miles wasn't there. I honestly don't know why he doesn't like Les Miles but he obviously doesn't like him.
I agree completely. Was he a great NFL QB? Not really. But he was a winner, and possibly the best leader in the history of the game. Even when he played badly, which he did a lot in the NFL, he managed to will his team to the win, and that was his best quality. Sometimes that's as important as any particular skill set.
I have a feeling MNF on ESPN will be completely unwatchable, but at least the other channels carrying the NFL seemed to actually be more concerned with just covering the football game.
NBC's coverage of SNF was really good. Once the pre-game stuff was over (NBC only showed the real national anthem), Chris Collinsworth said, "Okay folks, now we are going to focus on football, because we're here to call a football game," and from that point on, there was no mention of anything political or closely related to politics. It was a major relief to actually be able to enjoy football again.
They need to give him time. Their on-field competitiveness last year was much better than it had been in previous years, even though the W-L record didn't necessarily reflect that. When your program is as bad as Kansas has been, it's not a 2 or 3 year rebuild. It's more like 4-5 years at least.
Don't forget Peyton Hillis was in that backfield, too.
Why would we want him? He's a terrible person and lost his team his last year at Louisville.
You're pretty much right across the board. And it's not that Malzahn's offense can't work, but the personnel has to be perfect for it to work, like it was in 2013. Great offensive line, perfect system QB, solid receivers, and great RB. We haven't had all those things in a single since since, but if we're honest, it's rare that any team has all of those things in a single season. I honestly think Malzahn has too good of an offensive mind for his own good. He tries to get too complicated and overthinks the gameplan and assumes it's going to work, and then when it doesn't work, it's like he has no backup plan. If anything, in-game adjustments are what he struggles with the most.
But the point about being more likely to find someone worse than someone better is exactly the issue. That's why as long as Malzahn is beating Alabama fairly regularly, he's unlikely to get fired soon. Realistically, who are we going to get that is better? My pick would've been Matt Rhule from Baylor, but he's not leaving the NFL to come to Auburn. P.J. Fleck at Minnesota is a great coach, but he's never coached in the South so he doesn't have recruiting connections down here. People threw around Urban Meyer last year, but why on Earth would he want to come to Auburn when he could probably get hired anywhere he wants other than Alabama and Clemson? Would Bob Stoops be much better than Malzahn? Imo not really.
In a way, yes. The frustrating thing is that the two years we've been in the SEC Championship Game, 2013 and 2017, weren't even the two most talented teams we've had under Malzahn. 2014 returned most of the team from 2013 and lost 5 games. 2018, and even more so 2019, arguably had more talent than 2017, but both teams lost 4+ games. There just seems to be no rhyme or reason for the team's success in some years vs other years.
The people complaining about the intro song being changed aren't part of the Cancel Culture. Cancel Culture is what got the song changed. What you are witnessing here is the Anti-Cancel Culture crowd--the resistance to cancel culture.
And more and more of them are liberal. That's why country music sounds the way it does now.
I'm almost 21, and I agree with you. Today's "country" isn't country. What people today don't get is country music is a sound. The lyrics aren't what makes a song "true country". Real country music has to have either a fiddle, steel guitar, banjo, accordion, harmonica, etc. If I can hear more bass than anything else that's not country. That's not to say that I don't still like some of the newer music (pre-2015, most everything from the last few years is awful), but it's just not "true" country.