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No Q this year, though.
Florida--27, SC--14 Auburn--45, Arkansas--17 LSU--59, Miss St--20 Missouri--49, Vandy--10 Georgia--38, Kentucky--16 Texas A&M--28, Ole Miss--24 Alabama--51, Tennessee--14
Completely agree. The two most fun coaches in the country to me are Coach O and Dabo.
That's exactly what this article is about. It's about the job each coach has done this season, and this season alone. That is the definition of a coach of the year award.
What the heck two teams do you think Texas will lose to the rest of the season??
If I were Miss St I'd get rid of him after this season and go after Bill Clark at UAB.
Saban should be no higher than 3. Coach O has to be #1.
Very true statement. In previous years we've seen them in this situation while barely squeaking by in a bunch of games. Not this year. This team is legitimately national championship caliber.
My top 10: 1. Clemson 2. LSU 3. Alabama 4. Ohio St 5. Oklahoma 6. Wisconsin 7. Penn St 8. Georgia 9. Notre Dame 10. Florida
I'd typically agree with you. A 1 loss team that doesn't win their conference shouldn't, and probably won't, get in over a 1 loss conference champion from the Big 10 or Big 12. And I'd also agree that if things get really crazy and a 1 loss non-champ gets in the best candidate to do so will be LSU.
The 2:30 games are usually the best SEC games. The CBS game typically owns all other games in that time slot. CBS has to decide before the season which games to show on primetime, and given recent history of the Bama-LSU game, who can really blame them for having reservations about buying in to the preseason hype surrounding LSU's new offense before having seen it in action.
Here's my New Years Six bowl projections: Peach Bowl (playoff)--LSU vs Ohio St Fiesta Bowl (playoff--Clemson vs Oklahoma Rose Bowl--Oregon vs Wisconsin Sugar Bowl--Alabama vs Texas Orange Bowl--Virginia vs Georgia Cotton Bowl--Penn St vs Florida
Idk about Clemson but LSU certainly should be ahead of Alabama. They look better than Alabama on both sides of the ball.
I think that depends on where you have Notre Dame ranked. If you have ND ahead of Florida and Auburn then Georgia should be ahead of both as well because they should certainly be ahead of Notre Dame.
I think the only reason Florida is behind Notre dame is because Florida just lost by double digits, so regardless of who the loss was too, most voters would agree that they deserve to drop at least two spots, which would put them at 9.
LSU should be above Alabama.
Georgia should be above Notre Dame since they beat them head-to-head.
Utah St is probably just as good if not better than Duke.
What's encouraging for them is that despite being gassed, their defense played its best in the second half.
Florida wouldn't be that big of a challenge for Clemson. I think the only real problem Clemson had through the UNC game was it had been so long since they were challenged that they had gotten complacent, especially on offense. I expect the UNC game will be a wake up call for them, and I'd be shocked if they don't turn into something close to last year's team by the end of the year. I think Clemson's best is still head and shoulders above of everyone else's best. And until they actually do lose a game I don't think there's any reason to think otherwise. They're still the most talented team in the country.
Didn't surprise me at all to see Ole Miss destroy Vandy. Ole Miss found a QB at the end of the Cal game.
So Wyoming would be the 4th best team in the SEC?
Typical approach of the media to overreact to every single game and every single week.
The frustrating thing was that for a lot of the game the problem wasn't that we couldn't run, but that we just weren't for some reason. During the drive that ended with the pick in the end zone, we had several runs in a row averaging about 8 yards per carry, and then had the one long completion to get in the red zone and never ran it again the rest of the drive. That's why Bo Nix throwing the pick in the end zone didn't even make me mad. The awful playcalling put him in that position. We probably could have just run the ball like we had been that drive and scored. In the first half, I think we only ran the ball like 6 times and were averaging between 3-4 yards per carry, which isn't great, but certainly would have been a better option than incompletions and gimmick plays resulting in 3 and outs.
Here's what I see the New Year's Six being as of now: Peach Bowl (semifinal)--Clemson vs Georgia Fiesta Bowl (semifinal)--Alabama vs Ohio St Rose Bowl--Oregon vs Wisconsin Sugar Bowl--LSU vs Oklahoma Orange Bowl--Virginia vs Florida Cotton Bowl--Texas vs Memphis
I don't think Oklahoma will go undefeated. They'll likely have to play Texas twice and I doubt they beat them both times. Right now I'd say it will be undefeated Clemson, 1-loss Ohio St, 1 loss Georgia, and the winner of LSU-Bama.
The whole concept of having a "quality loss" is ridiculous. imo
They are certainly the only team that hasn't shown any flaws so far. Even against lesser competition Alabama and LSU have shown ineptitude at times on defense and running the ball.
LSU vs Michigan wouldn't be close. Florida vs Penn St might be a good game. And I don't think Texas would be a good matchup for Auburn.