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I never figured out why Utah was ever ahead of most of the other 1 loss teams since they hadn't beaten a ranked team all year. IMO they should have never been ahead of Oklahoma, Baylor, Oregon, or Minnesota when they all had 1 loss.
What you have to remember is the committee doesn't look at the previous week's rankings when ranking teams for the current week. They start from scratch every week, and that was obviously their way of saying they had been ranking Baylor too low all season, so they fixed it by moving them up. The real question is why it took a win over Texas for them to realize they had been ranking Baylor too low all along.
Actually, Ohio St beat 2 teams currently in the committee top 10 (Wisconsin, Penn St), LSU beat 1 (Florida).
If you really think Auburn only has the 21st best defense in the country, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. I think overall Georgia's defense is better than Auburn's but it's very close. Auburn has a clear edge up front, linebackers could go either way, maybe a slight edge to UGA there, and then a clear edge to UGA in the secondary. I think Auburn's defense is better coached but Georgia's has better talent.
The only reason Alabama even got back in the game was LSU went to a soft zone in the 3rd quarter and got conservative on offense. As soon as Bama closed within a score they put the foot back on the gas and went right back to doing whatever they wanted.
If you had to live around them you'd think that was completely fair.
Yeah but I could probably go find 11 random guys off the street and put up 30 on Arkansas, though.
I didn't get to watch much of the Florida-Georgia game, but if it went anything like our game vs Georgia did, then the only reason y'all were able to move the ball late was because Georgia went to a soft zone like they did against us late, which almost allowed us to come all the way back. If they hadn't gone to the soft zone Auburn wouldn't have scored on them.
Hopefully whenever they restart the series they won't play at a neutral site. Neutral site games in the regular season are one of the many things ruining the sport.
Same here. I thought they really messed up not getting Tom Herman. Boy was I wrong.
Having a kid is definitely a deal-breaker and a legitimate reason to go pro.
Most accurate statement in this comment section.
Very true. Without Cam Newton that Auburn team was at best 7-5 or 8-4. Without Burrow LSU is still probably sitting at 9-3 or 10-2.
I completely agree with everything you said. As much as I love Auburn, I love college football almost as much. This is certainly the most interesting year of college football in the playoff era. And I like the comparison between Coach O and Ferentz. Obviously Coach O's ceiling at LSU is higher due to recruiting advantages, but as far as being the right fit at the right time for a program I think you hit the nail on the head.
That's basically what I've gathered from that too. I don't see how it wouldn't help the recruiting of both schools to play such a big rivalry game.
I'd go somewhere in the 31-21 range with LSU winning. Georgia's defense is a little better than Auburn's specifically in the back 7, but I don't expect LSU to have as conservative a game plan as they had against Auburn, mostly because Georgia won't allow them to take control of the pace of the game early like Auburn did. Once LSU gained control in the 2nd half, they seemed content to just ride Edwards-Helaire to victory with Burrow making a few key throws in between. Georgia will take away the run game early, forcing LSU to be more aggressive with their play calling for the duration of the game. It'll definitely be a competitive game, and Georgia will make it difficult for Joe Burrow & Co, but I think I trust LSU's defense to get a few more stops against Georgia's offense than I do Georgia's defense against LSU's offense.
So Auburn beat Alabama, and Florida beat Auburn, yet Alabama would beat both. Makes perfect sense.
He also picked Alabama to beat LSU by 20+ this year.
Chizik was obviously carried to a championship by Cam Newton, and even Auburn fans knew it. As was mentioned LSU is recruiting much better under Coach O and has a lot more talent at positions other than QB than Auburn did in 2010.
I think it's trending towards him staying as well, but it would still make things interesting if he leaves. I'm just not sure how much his draft stock could actually go up, because best case scenario for him next year he's probably the 3rd QB off the board after Trevor Lawrence and likely Justin Fields.
What coach that we could afford after paying Malzahn's buyout could we get that would actually be better? As long as he's beating Alabama on a pretty regular basis I'm willing to put up with him until his buyout goes significantly down, allowing us to pay for a better coach.
That's how it always goes for everybody. Clemson is being punished as well for their conference being down by being ranked #3.
Clemson won 12 and yet a lot of people want them ranked lower than #3.
It's always seemed strange to me that a decade is considered to start with a year ending in a 0 for that very reason.
The depth at DB is ridiculous. Greedy Williams and Jalen Mills as backups, and Eric Reid a backup at Safety. LSU is the undisputed DBU.
LSU could legitimately be considered both DB U and WR U.
I actually hope he gets to play right away. If Stoops stays at Kentucky and Fromm leaves for the NFL the door could legitimately be open for Kentucky to win the East next year. I'm sure as a Georgia fan you don't want that to happen, but to me at least it would be nice to see Kentucky have that kind of success even for just a year.