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I've never had a problem with him. I mean, he's not the best, but I usually enjoy the broadcast team for CBS games.
May not have a choice but to transfer after these comments. I understand being frustrated with not playing. Most of us who have ever played a sport have experienced that at some point, but you can't complain about it publicly. On a different note, if you want guaranteed playing time early, then why on earth would you go to Alabama? You go to Alabama if you want to wait a couple of years but have a better chance at a championship and getting to the NFL. If you want early playing time, then go somewhere like Mississippi State.
Makes it quite difficult for us guys since we can't possibly know if they're attracted to us or not before talking to them.
He didn't call her out. He told her she looked nice and he liked her outfit. He also said he liked the story and the interview, so it's not like he just complimented her appearance and completely ignored the actual storyline of the interview.
I'm confused. The problem here was that he...told her she was "looking good"? So are we just not allowed to compliment anyone on their appearance anymore?
The one area that definitely gives Kentucky a chance is that they're a huge underdog. No one really expects them to win, so kind of like A&M last week, they can just go out and play loose because they have no pressure at all to win this game. If Georgia jumps out early like they did against Arkansas then it probably gets out of hand quickly. But if Kentucky can jump out to a 10 point lead early like A&M did, then we'll have a ball game. But I think the biggest thing for Kentucky is they have to avoid that 1st quarter onslaught that comes from playing a game this big on the road. If they start slow they'll be out of the game very quickly.
Georgia--27, Kentucky--10 Florida--35, LSU--17 Ole Miss--45, Tennessee--38 Alabama--41, Miss St--17 Arkansas--27, Auburn--24 Texas A&M--45, Missouri--27 S. Carolina--30, Vandy--14
The fact that Jadeveon Clowney was never even a finalist for the Heisman absolutely proves this. I don't know that I've ever seen another player in college who could just find another gear pretty much at will and almost literally be in the backfield by the time the QB received the snap.
We love him too. It's very easy to see why his players play so hard for him. The man goes all-out for everything he does.
Actually catching the ball would be a great place to start.
Couldn't have said it better myself. The biggest positive thing I took away from Saturday was that Bo Nix wasn't the reason we lost by 24 points. I never expected to win, and honestly expected to get beat about as bad as we did. But Nix played at least well enough that it could have at least been a two-score game had the receivers actually caught the ball. If Bo Nix can play at least as good as he did against Georgia, then I think we will have a chance in any game we play. But the receivers have to actually catch the ball. 7 or 8 dropped passes like Saturday just isn't going to be good enough against any SEC team. He made a couple of really dumb plays, but he also made several amazing throws, most of which got dropped. If the receivers aren't gonna catch those then it wouldn't matter if we had Tom Brady back there.
I get what he was saying I think, but yeah, it came out in a very weird way that made me go "Really? Football is the most important?"
That's honestly the best way to summarize the situation
Ah okay. I wasn't aware King was done for the year. It does make a little more sense then that Calzada would play so well considering he was finally able to play loose.
But, let's be honest, no one outside of the blue bloods ever really have the depth to where their entire 2nd string could also be a top 25 team. But you don't have to have that kind of depth to win a championship...if you can avoid injuries at key positions.
I actually thought we played better than I expected us to against Georgia, at least offensively. Nix still made a couple dumb plays, but he made several great throws and was by no means one of the main reasons we lost. We never really got anything going on the ground, but I doubt anyone rushes for 100 yards against the dawgs this year, so I'm not even worried about that. But we absolutely have to clean up the dropped passes. I think we had like 6 against Ga State, at least 3 last week against LSU, and then we had to have had at least 7 or 8 against Georgia. That just can't happen, especially against a great defense. It's no secret Bo Nix is inconsistent throwing downfield. We also already knew the o-line can't consistently block long enough for downfield throws. We also know that the receivers can't consistently get open. But all of those things are why it's even more paramount that the receivers actually catch the ball when Nix has time, the receivers are open, and he makes a good throw. Cause if you can't catch the ball it's irrelevant who is playing QB. But even with the dropped passes, we actually moved the ball pretty well. And had we not dropped those passes it probably wouldn't have changed the outcome, but it probably would have made it more respectable like a 34-24 game. That at the very least gives me hope that, despite all our deficiencies in terms of talent, if we can just clean up the dropped passes, we could at least have a chance in most if not all of our remaining games.
Like Texas A&M beating Alabama Saturday.
Oops, I forget there are two ways to spell it. But you're not wrong about it being a little of both lol
I'm with you. I'd be all keyed up for a potential title game of Iowa vs Cincinnati.
And I think it's fantastic. This is the parody we've been missing in college football for several years. We may well end up with Alabama, Georgia, Ohio St, and Oklahoma in the playoffs again, but at the very least the journey getting there is going to be a lot more interesting than recent seasons where most of the playoff teams went in undefeated. This is the type of season that keeps me dialed into college football nationally even if my team isn't in the national conversation.
Well, after this past week, I have no idea about most of these games. A week ago, I thought A&M would be lucky to make a bowl game. Two weeks ago, I thought Florida and Arkansas were the 3rd and 4th best teams in the conference, and Tennessee was one of the worst. So pretty much everything I thought I knew has been flipped upside down...well, except that Georgia has an elite defense. I am now confident Kentucky is the 3rd best team in the SEC. Which probably means either Kentucky wins this week and cements their status as the best team in the conference, or they'll lose so badly that we start to question if they are even a top 5 or 6 team in the conference.
A week ago I would have said this would be an easy win cause of how one-dimensional State is. I still don't see a one-dimensional team hanging with Alabama, but given the fact State beat A&M just over a week ago, nothing seems given anymore. I still think Arkansas, given their style of play, is the most dangerous team for Alabama the rest of the year.
I have to ask A&M fans, is Calzada now the permanent starter even after King comes back? I'm sure it probably depends on whether or not he keeps up this level of play. But if King came back this week, which QB would do you guys think would start? Calzada played out of his mind in the first half. But the second half went very much like the Colorado game. But just like in that one, he found a way to get his team the win. Regardless of which QB is actually "better," I think that ability to come through late in a big game has to count for a lot.
That's exactly why everyone was in awe of Johnny Football for what he did to them in 2012. He literally made that all-time great defense look stupid. And then he turned around in 2013 and played even better against them, albeit in a loss. That's why those performances stand out even more to me than, say, Cam Newton's in 2010. The dynasty was just beginning in 2010, and we still had no idea what they were about to become over the next several years. By 2012-13 the dynasty and their status as a defensive juggernaut was well-established. I remember those games against Cam and then A&M in 2013 being the only two times I ever saw Kirby Smart look at Saban and shrug like he had no answers. It's going to take that type of performance to beat Georgia this year.
Muschamp was the sole reason our defense was ready to take the next step once Kevin Steele got here. In one year he took our defense from being an absolute disgrace to being halfway decent, and within two years later Steele carried us the rest of the way to an elite defense.
Idk that Arkansas' defense is significantly better than Auburn's, but their offense is definitely significantly better than ours, and that's what allows their defense to look better. Our defense could be top 10-15 caliber if we had a competent offense to help keep the defense off the field so much.
Georgia--27, Auburn--3 (We probably won't get more than 5 1st downs) Arkansas--37, Ole Miss--31 Alabama--41, Texas A&M--6 LSU--27, Kentucky--21 Tennessee--37, S. Carolina--24 Florida--45, Vandy--13 Missouri--38, N. Texas--20
It's looking more and more like he's already not going to survive this most recent incident, but I completely agree about him not being fired simply for starting 0-6. A coach should never be fired after one year simply because of their W/L record. The coach can't always just wave a magic wand and suddenly make a terrible team not terrible, especially in the NFL.