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Morris was fired a year and half into his contract not because of the record, but because of clear regression. There had not been any improvement and things were getting worse by the minute. A loss of control.
Dabo Swinney fell into his position now the same way Lunney would, if named. Swinney was not a coordinator either. Just an interesting point.
Barry Lunney Jr. is a Hog and could do the job at Arkansas. He has similar training as Dabo Swinney when hired for Clemson. Swinney was the wide receiver coach with no background as a coordinator. If Lunney rallies the troops and has a good showing vs LSU and maybe beats Missouri, he should be considered.
It's not about just not winning and winning right now. It's about the regression and consistent mishandling of situations, completely losing the team and the fanbase.
Thanks! I think so too. I was gettin' a little worried...
Really used to be. Older fans see it differently because of the years together in the old Southwest Conference. Those were some big games, along with Texas always in the mix.
He took a program at rock bottom to a bowl in 3 seasons. Arkansas is not rock bottom. Plus, Ken Hatfield came to Arkansas with a losing record too, and went 55-17-1 in 6 seasons. The record isn't always indicative....
Even if so, what's the point of humiliating someone even more by making sure as many people as possible know??
I think actually a few thousand over capacity (look the other way, Fire Marshall!)...haha! I think 72,000 is still the listed capacity, until this new work just started is completed. Either way, yay! We were the best at something!
Yeah, it's from our game. TV showed him too. Maybe he just found out Hillary lost too... ?
ESPN's FPI predicted we would lose the Ole Miss game too. ESPN thinks we'll lose every game. Haha
So this guy is pissed at Bielema because Hogs didn't do what about 110 other teams can't do either....? Oh yeah, let's fire another coach! ....Stupid.
Why use a picture of him injured for this report heading?
That average margin includes back-to-back 52-0 beat-downs. Average just the past two years, after a return to stability within the program. .....much better :)
I think the game would've played out the same, with or without the call, anyway
Oh jeez... coulda/woulda. If Hogs make the FG, it likely isn't close and ends in regulation
Medicjim, where are you a medic, and were you one ever in Arkansas too? Just curious.... I'm a Paramedic in Little Rock. (I don't know another way to make contact other than like this on here)