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Most of these SDS writers only do the bare minimum of research before tossing an article together. Probably only looked at a roster from last season before taking five minutes to put this one together.
Hey this is like when Kiffin used Makylan Pounders to win some commitment flip headlines for a few days then pulled his scholarship the day before the early signing period!
They were in danger of dropping below the 53 player limit? Oh no, how terrible for them...
Always so convenient that a big brand coaching gig opens up right when Meyer's health is getting better so he can try coaching again. After the second or third time he's "retired" due to health reasons?
Not worried about it. It's called processing and it happens with every school.
Truth be told, it was really Sankey and the NCAA who held us hostage when they said Mississippi would not be eligible for post season events if the flag didn't change.
Hill didn't miss the A&M game due to injury. If a player can't abide by Leach's rules, Coach has no place for them on his team. Pure and simple.
She resisted and refused to get to her feet and walk, so she got dragged off the field instead.
The only folks hailing him as the savior of Georgia football were Georgia fans and national sports media needing article clicks during the covid summer. There's still room on the Costello plane before the air raid takes off so come join us!**
Why is an OlePiss fan on here talking trash about our recruiting? Y'all don't even have double digit recruits yet and you're sitting in last in the SEC.
I'm not condoning what Jeffrey did, there were other ways to handle the situation he was in at that time, but hitting a girl a few times who was viciously attacking his sister is not close to being in the same boat as what Sam Williams is currently accused of.
You're crazy if you think CBS is gonna pass up on opportunities to cover at least one Mike Leach game this season. And thinking TexAM goes undefeated into week 12? Laughable. They'll be as underachieving as they always are.
When OM cant recruit their own state so they're forced to look for international players.
I just dont get the hype for this guy. No one knew who he was before it was announced he was transferring to Georgia and all of a sudden he's a top 5 QB? This has brand bias written all over it because if he was transferring to another school, especially one of the smaller SEC schools, no one would be talking about him.
As of now, Leach and staff are doing just fine on the recruiting front. Much better than most anticipated. He's gotten a commitment from a highly sought after Texas QB in Sawyer Robertson over blue blood programs like Texas and USC and highly recruited WR Teddy Knox, also over big time programs. People want to knock his recruiting histories but dont take into account where he was trying to recruit to. And everyone said Kiffin was gonna recruit circles around Leach but right now OM isnt looking so great on their current class. Maybe Kiffin cant recruit as well when he's not bringing kids to Bama or Tennessee or USC. Programs that almost recruit themselves. Regardless, its gonna be a fun ride the next few years. We'll have to wait and see how the defense shapes up in this transition but with the recruiting base in the south, we'll be ok on that side of the ball.
You do know where he was coaching right? Places where they celebrated the occasional 4 star recruit at programs that were at rock bottom before he arrived. Not like Georgia who could buy all the 5 stars they wanted every year.
I don't think the state of Mississippi could survive two Egg Bowls in one season...
No, if this was a normal year, it wouldn't have even made the news. Sports media just has nothing better to do so they have to make mountains out of molehills to fill minutes in their shoes and generate article clicks.
The SC fans thinking this move was about them and Staley are hilariously delusional.
Those quotes from the father are all bs. He never wanted his son at State to begin with and caused a huge controversy on his signing day. He's just using the tweet as an excuse to cover like Fields did with those supposed comments during his time at Georgia.
The meme was hilarious, because who hasn't heard their mother threaten their father's life a time or two after he got on her last nerve? But people are always going to see what they choose to see, whether humor or something negative.
So what's the story now about how Mike Leach can't recruit?
TN fans are going nuts over one practice rep that any high school QB can make? Y'all ok up there?
Guess they've gotta include the PAC-12 in the CFP in some way.
Would you expect any coach, the day before his team's bowl game, to say anything other than what he said there?
I seriously doubt he left a positive impact on the last community and institution he was a part of. "Thorough background check" Hmm.. *looks at the search for a new university chancellor, new AD, and Freeze replacement* I dont think that means what you think it means.