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Peak Saban , I like the way you think. I believe I am going to apply your logic to everyday life! I did not win the most recent Powerball Jackpot because I only got one matching number. BUT if I had chosen my numbers flawlessly I would have matched them all and won the Jackpot!!! Woohoo. So I think that makes me Co-Jackpot winner and I deserve half of that money dangit. Some people might say that wasn't enough rock solid proof that I actually did win the jackpot. To those Nay Sayers I present the final indisputable proof! Even though scratch off tickets are in no way connected to the Powerball Lottery I did win $100 on a $10 scratch off 6 weeks ago so that gives me bonus points in the Powerball right?
Lol Peak Saban, you do realize Alabama's 3rd and 4th string players are 4 and 5 stars and would start for any power 5 team? This means the backups for Metchie and Williams were both more than capable, especially against what you describe a mediocre at best secondary. Georgia had a better team this season and in the National Championship game they played better and were coached better than Alabama. End of story. And sadly for you , the SEC Championship doesn't count in the playoff. Bama whipped Georgia's tails in that game but guess what? Georgia didn't need to win that game to make the payoff so they played a different style game and held some of their cards.
Why such a poor loser BoondockSaint? Bama was missing 4 future NFL players from the team? As everyone knows by looking at the recruiting rankings the backups at Alabama are 5 stats that will also be NFL starters. Hell your incredible running back had to sit 4 years behind Soo to be NFL players before he got his chance to be a soon to be NFL player. Your team got beat fairly and got beat convincingly. Nothing cheap about that victory for Georgia. Oh did I mention your team got beat by a walk-on QB who played at a Jr college before coming back to Georgia? Our future NFL 5 star qb was on the bench while the walk on was dropping bombs all over the Bama secondary.
This should not even be a conversation. The competition level in the Power 5 conferences is higher than that of the Group of 5. That's not a knock on those teams, they just don't have access to the same level of players most of the time. Power 5 should have its own tournament and rankings and Group of 5 should have their own. That way no one needs to compare apples to oranges. If the playoff expands then maybe the top 1 or 2 teams from Group of 5 can jump up to the Power 5 tourney.
Cincinnati is a great team this year but they play in a group of 5 conference against lesser competition so they don't deserve to be in the playoff.They are like the tallest midget.
Preachingpop06 there is a HUGE difference between playing almost all of your games against teams full of 4 star players and playing a schedule against teams fielding 2 and 3 star players I'm sorry, there just is. Cincinnati is a legit good team and that team could hold its own in any power 5 conference but the fact is they are not in a power 5 conference and do not face the same competition week in and week out that power 5 teams face so it's not fair to put them in. Too many more deserving teams out there who survived much harder schedule and only lost 1 game. There needs to be a power 5 championship and a group of 5 championship. Comparing a group of 5 team to a power 5 team is like comparing an apple to a banana. They are just not the same.
When is everyone going to quit complaining about non Power 5 teams not having a chance at the Playoff? The competition the lower conferences face week to week is not on the same level as what a Power 5 team faces.I will use the SEC for my example but it is true for the other 4 conferences as well. In the SEC, every week you face teams that are loaded with 3 and 4 star players with a few 5 stars mixed in. Every team you face with the exception of maybe Venderbilt has some future NFL players playing for them. Every team has top tier coaches and coordinators. Several have NFL coaches and coordinators on their staff. With a very few exceptions you will be playing teams full of the best athletes being coached by some of the top football minds weekly. Even the lower tier teams have this so you are challenged weekly. Cincinnati is a very good team and if they played in the SEC I'd bet they would be right there with Texas A&M and Ole Miss in the rankings and maybe even would still be undefeated and playing for a spot in the playoff. I believe Cincinnati has the elite coaching and talented athletes to win in a power 5 conference. Hell, I'm a Georgia fan and they almost beat us in the bowl game. They are a great team. BUT they do not play in a power 5 conference, the bulk of their schedule is against teams that do not have the same level athletes as power 5 teams do, the bulk of their schedule is against teams that do not have the brilliant football minds and NFL coordinators and coaches on their staffs. The bulk of their schedule are not ranked teams that are also hoping to make the playoff. It's time to fix this problem for good. Have 2 playoffs in FBS. All NON power 5 conferences have their own playoff and crown a champion. Power 5 conferences have the Playoff we now have. Expand the field to 12 teams as being discussed and give 1 automatic berth to either the highest ranked non power 5 team, who would then skip their playoff, or maybe the champion from the non power 5 playoff.
You are correct on both counts. Gators will be lucky to score 17 and Georgia will nurse a lead in the 2nd half and only score 38
I am a Georgia fan and I can't stand Florida but I was impressed with how they played against Bama and agree they definitely look like a legit contender. Georgia will have their hands full this year for sure.
LOL Peyton Manning isnt going to coach the Vols. Thats not a knock on Tennessee but he is a 1st ballad hall of famer, hes not going to come coach the program.
Someone has been drinking the orange Kool-Aid. When trump made that statement, Chris Wallace pressed him to tell what exactly had he done for black Americans and his answer was Prison Reform and criminal law reform. So in other words, trump is saying black people are a bunch of criminals and the best way to help them is to make prison better for them? Nope, that doesnt seem racist at all does it? That man is a racist PoS and i cant wait to see him go to jail once he is out of office.
I am a Georgia fan but want our opponents to do well so it means more when we beat them. I personally think Pruitt will be a great coach eventually, but he HAS to get an SEC caliber qb to get over the hump plain and simple. He needs to find a transfer qb that can give them a good season to build on and then he will be able to recruit decent qbs. Right now, why would any decent qb go to Tennessee?
D Schrute I feel like i actually became dumber after reading your reply. So Democrats are the ones who control Covid? Are there lots of democrats in China? Because your stupid ass is calling this the Wuhan Flu which means you drank the Kool aid that the donald is pouring. Make up your mind, is it the democrats or China who caused this?
hey genius, why do you think colleges are closing their campuses now after just 1 or 2 weeks back? Part of the hoax?
Who exactly is trying to tell you how many children you can have? Stop smoking that stuff and put your mask on
actually the protesters and even the rioters mostly wore masks.
No you freaking idiot, he is saying Covid is going to run rampant on campus and schools are going to send the students home very quickly when that happens. Kirby job is covering football and his job is being out in jeopardy by careless people. Dont believe this? Ask students at Notre Dame
Ummm, are you even aware of the excuse Fields used to gain immediate eligibility at Ohio State? A dumbass on Georgias baseball comment made a racist comment and was subsequently removed from the team. Fields claimed that made him feel uncomfortable playing at Georgia even though they did the right thing and even though Fields sister was comfortable enough to stay.
Crap im stressing out over Georgias schedule after reading this. The Bulldogs play 9 power five teams that went to bowl games last year. That is one murderers row of a schedule.
There is no fix for this. UCF has done great against their schedule but it is a weak schedule. Thats not UCFs fault but neither is it any of the othet more deserving team's fault either. The fact their best win was against Pitt is why they cant be put in the Playoff. That may be a huge win for a small program but it is not a quality win when compared to the quality wins of other playoff teams. Pitt is a very average ACC team that finished their season 7 and 6. A team full of mostly 3 stars is not going to be able to keep up with teams full of 4 and 5 star athletes. Its just not realistic to expect that. Expand the playoff to 8 and have 1 spot conditionally guaranteed to a non power 5 conference team. Maybe if a non power 5 finishes in the top 10 they go if not that spot is an at large.
Losing in the last minute to a team that was said to be unbeatable is not falling flat on your face lol. That was a bad call to go for the fake punt and set Bama up with a short field. But with less than a minute to play in a Championship game this team moved up the field against the same defense that held back to back ranked opponents scoreless. We had 2 legitimate shots at tieing the game even after all that. The first pass was almost a touchdown even with clear interference. The 2nd was a jump ball. That didnt feel like a faceplant to me.
I honestly think conference Championships should be weighed differently than regular season wins. The purpose of that game is for bragging rights in each conference and not much more. Lets be honest here not all conferences are equal. In the SEC game you had an undefeated #1 team against a one loss #4 team. In the ACC one of the team's in the Championship game ended up with 5 losses. In the Big 10 one of the team's ended up with 5 losses. In the Big 12 Oklahoma beat a team they had already played which gave them an advantage and that team ended up with 4 losses. They arent all equal and thus should be weighed differently.
and if they had beaten Alabama they would have been in no matter what as well. I would argue that losing to LSU like that was the best thing that could have happened. They exposed alot of problems with how we had been playing and we fixed those problems. If we lose to LSU by a point or even if we win by a point I dont think we get better like we did and I think we get blown out by Alabama. Ive been a Georgia fan my entire life and we really have always had that 1 or 2 inexplicable loss every year that ruined the season. But coach Smart has changed that pattern. If coach Richt was still coach we drop a game this year to Tennessee or Vandy
Trudawg I dont think we lost any games we shouldn't this year. The loss to LSU served a greater purpose. They exposed alot of areas we needed to improve in with that blowout. As a result we addressed those issues and became a better team. The SEC Championship game wasnt even supposed to be close. Every sports reporter out there said if Georgia came within 14 points in a loss it would be a huge statement since they have been so dominant this year. We had 2 shots to the endzone at the end of that game that could have tied it. That fake punt probably cost us the game but that wasnt one we were supposed to win. Im so dissapointed in the outcome but I'm more excited about the future of our team than I ever have been. Coach Smart is only in his 3 year as a head coach and doesnt even have a full 4 year recruiting class of his own players and we just outplayed a team in Alabama that is going to go down as having one of the most dominant seasons in history. They have the Heisman faborite QB on there team and we put him on his ass most of that game. Tua is the front runner for the Heisman and our QB was the best QB in that game. I wouldnt take any other coach in this country over Coach Smart! Its an exciting time to be a DAWG!
I have been a Georgia DAWGS fan for my entire life and am very excited about where coach Smart has us. We outplayed Alabama today but we lost. I dont think we lose if we dont make that stupid fake punt. But that being said, we lost and I'm fine with us not getting in the playoff. But let me explain why Georgia is more deserving than Oklahoma.... You are correct that we have 2 losses and didnt win our conference but lets explore that for a minute. First off during the regular season Georgia and Oklahoma BOTH had 1 loss. Georgias was uglier and you are correct that it was a 3 loss team in LSU. But Oklahomas loss ALSO came against a 3 regular season loss team in Texas. Even though LSU is ranked higher than Texas it was an ugly loss so ADVANTAGE OKLAHOMA Every other regular season game Georgia played we won by at least 14 points. Of those 11 victories 7 came against teams with winning records and 8 against Bowl eligible teams. Of Oklahoma's 11 regular season wins they beat a 5 and 7 TTU team by 5 points and a 6 and 6 OSU team by 1 point. Then a 3 and 9 Kansas team they only beat by 15. ALL 3 OF THOSE TEAMS scored 40+ against Oklahoma's defense. Let's talk defense because you have to be able to play it to be a legit top team. Over the coarse of the 12 game regular season Georgia held opponents(8 Bowl eligible) to an average of 17 points per game. Oklahoma held their 12 opponents(also 8 Bowl eligible) to an average of 33 points per game. Almost DOUBLE what Georgia allowed. ADVANTAGE GEORGIA Ok now let's look at conference championship games. You have to count those separate because not every team plays in a conference (ex. ND). Georgia played an UNDEFEATED Alabama team that is ranked #1 im the country and just finished one of the most dominant regular seasons EVER. No one during the regular season came within 21 points of them. Georgia was tied with them with 3 minutes to go in the game and had 2 passes to the endzone at the end of the game that could have tied the game. Its a loss but its without question the best loss of any team in the country in regular season OR Championship games. Oklahoma played a Texas Team that ended up with 4 losses and they had already played once this year which is an advantage. ADVANTAGE GEORGIA Georgia is Clearly the better team and there is really no arguing that fact.