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That's it. That IS the problem with being the next head coach at Bama after Nick hangs it up. The only direction you can go is down. How many coaches can duplicate his record? Not too many...
A very gracious post. That's rare on these comment boards.
Yes. That should be our plan. He's got it good at Ole Miss, but Auburn is a little bit bigger stage, with a lot more NIL money. Post-season possibilities are better at AU. Just my opinion. Others may disagree.
Actually, you have made a couple of good points about other coaches that we have considered, but he's nowhere near being a home run hire in my opinion - others are free to disagree. We will get it sorted out one of these years.
If Auburn hired Hugh Freeze we would be the punchline of every SEC joke for the next twenty years. (examples already posted). Don't do this! Find somebody else.
Sanders to FSU makes a lot of sense. There is a big emotional draw to coaching at your alma mater. A few years back, we interviewed Kirby Smart, but everyone knew that would be temporary (if hired) and he would be gone as soon as the UGA HC job opened up. He passed, and we passed. Kiffin, on the other hand, has no emotional ties to any SEC school - that I am aware of. A Kiffin HC move would be purely analytical and not an emotional decision. What does he need to come to AU? Money - check. NIL war chest - check. Fan base buy-in - check. Great recruiting territory - absolutely. Independence from meddling influential boosters - we will see. Some would call it a horizontal move. I see a bigger stage at AU compared to OM. I see an incrementally better chance at a National title at AU. Other commenters would disagree I am sure.
I would be very happy with Lane Kiffin. Can we pry him out of Oxford? Not sure about that. Ole Miss could be in the middle of a really big year. Bailing out on that would infuriate the OM faithful.
I was thinking something along those lines but decided to be polite.
That was a terrific response. He is a typical obnoxious Bama fan. He comes over to post an insult and gets owned.
We will miss T-Will's recruiting firepower. We haven't landed very many 5-star recruits recently but he pulled in one of them - Owen Pappoe. As the article stated, there will be a LOT of interest in how well our two new LB coaches recruit in the SEC.
A little Wednesday morning humor from you two...
I have to agree that UGA is seriously underperforming based on the talent that Kirby drags in year after year. UGA (and Bama) can put more 5-stars on the field than anybody else and UGA loses head-to-head. Still, for some strange reason, I don't think Kirby's seat is quite that hot - yet.