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I'm sure we'll get ours eventually. It depends on how long the ineffective NCAA takes with it though.
Yeah didn't they travel to Oregon a few years back? I give them kudos for that.
Wow, mighty impressive. Never seen someone so disappointed in a 4.28 lol
SEC sure had some special backs. Love Leonard, he was something special. Shame about Crowell, but his signing day will always stick in my head when it comes to him.
I would say this definitely locks him in as a first-rounder. Hoping the saints get him
Brennan is definitely the question. I have high hopes for him though, think he'll surprise some people.
Definitely not to diminish Collins or any Bama dbs, there have been some great ones. Also I know I'm biased lol
Pfft....better move stingley up to number 1 ASAP
Before Terrace got hurt, he was leading the team in TDs. So the ceiling is high (as shown by the NCG).
Not from my school, but I'm definitely interested in watching him. Good luck sir
I'm not happy with how we close out games coach.
This is why I low-key like Georgia/Florida articles, for the trolls and bickering. Ah well I guess I fell for the click bait title
Love LSU softball. Masterclass right there, even against lower competition. Hope they give them kudos on 104.5
Haha last sentence made me laugh. But I agree with you good sir.
As a cowboys fan, I always wonder why everyone wants to come here when we've been mediocre for so long. But I always underestimate the popularity of the cowboys
I don't know about him either. Just talking speculatively, which means I could be wrong. We play you guys so we'll see when it happens lol
I believe in their talent more and how are we sure Trask will do what he did last year? Of course, he's talented but I just trust the UGA talent pool more. UF also lost some pretty good receivers, although their TEs are very good which are returning. Nevertheless, it comes down the WLOCP
Yeah, was gonna bring that one up. Hindsight is always a funny thing lol
Let me clarify. A bad Bama fan after we beat them in football. Not all of them are bad