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Yep. I don't see them ever leaving until Florida State or VA tech or someone else becomes relevant again.
I can agree with that. Bama will always be in contention even after Nick.
Yeah......having the best season of all time is a fluke.
Yes sir. Been a good leader on defense and represents LSU well.
We'll see. I definitely wouldn't count the Tide out for another title soon.
Personally, I think this upcoming year will be the most wide-open the SEC has been for some time. Now, it isn't Bama that has the ultimate say, it's Clemson. I think they'll be the ones back with a vengeance.
Yup definitely. The real question is, does he get a statue like Cannon?
Hey dude. We're the first SEC team to go 15-0. We'll always have that on y'all.
To clarify, I understand they can get drafted, but I meant long-term successes.
Saw "Florida vs Georgia", came for the banter. Was not disappointed. Gotta disagree about usc for being a QB. I don't trust usc QBs in the pros.
God bless Dave. Thanks for all you did. Gonna be an interesting season next year, but all of the people leaving reminds me of our successes of this year.
Yeah I don't see it, if there's any QB similarities, it definitely isn't Romo.
I'm going to remember this season for as long as I live. I still have high expectations for future seasons, but boy was this a dream-like season.
Thank you coach Brady for all you've done and praying that all works out well in the NFL. What a magical season this has been
We'll never know but I agree about them being very good. Just didn't realize they were on a historic pace
In perspective we defeated: The ACC champion and defending champ The big 12 champion The sugar bowl champion The orange bowl champion Both Alabama schools Incredible...just incredible
Time to follow LSU hoops. I've been very impressed so far with Mays, Days, Watford and the guys.
One of my favorite images. God bless the Ensmingers. Love y'all and Carly
Thanks man. Looking forward to playing y'all next year. I like Dabo actually, agreed, good classy comments