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So jawjaw let morris the #2 OT and #16 player in the country go ? Lmao , i guess they let Hasellwood #1 receiver go to Get a grip
I lovvvveeee these butt hurt jawjaw fans , don't worry son when the vols beat you down like the broke down pathetic punks that you are , they will not let you jawjaw fans think you're actually going to win this year by giving you 21 points then come back and brutally beat you , the vols will just come out the gate beating y'all badly that way you ignorant jawjaw fans will know straight from the start that you don't have a chance in he'll of beating us, lmmao GO VOLS
I agree although I believe it was youth and defensive calling , now they're a year older n wiser and TN went out and got one of the best defensive minds in the game Bob Shoop
Don't forget #12 northwestern , although they were known for there #7 ranked defense we beat the taste out there mouth 45 to 6 in outback bowl
I have seen KONGBO and he is as advertised,dont get me wrong he is still raw but by the end of the season his name will be right there with Garrett and Barnett
Now how would a gator idiot know so much about ole piss football , good thing for his sister/wife reading it to him off of Google,nothing either one of y'all say matters because neither one of your team's are gonna the division GO VOLS
Lay off the crack pipe or do some more research before you run that mouth oh that's right typical roll turd fan , Dobbs was only qb with over 2,000 passing and 600 rushing, Barnett 2nd in sec in sacks n tfl,berry was top kick off returner in the country , Sutton 2nd in the country in punt returns,maybin had over 100 tackles and TN was 5th n the country in red zone scoring at 97% don't even have to mention our two headed monster RBS who have been named the best backfield RB duo n the country could keep going but I just realized that I'm talking to a bama fan n since only 8% of y'all can read n write oh wait I guess your sister / niece/wife can read it to you , surely she made it to 6th grade before she dropped out cause you got her pregnant GO VOLS
Smartest thing I ever heard a loud mouth Gator fan say , GO VOLS
Vegas has the Vols as 12.5 point favorite over Florida because only 10 teams had worse offensive line than the Gators did in the country,they may have defense but means nothing if you can't score points
Nothing wrong with what john said because they were literally running there mouths as usual but that's OK because hurd standing at 6'4 245 will shut them up on the fiel,, GO VOLS
Nike made these for the top 2 sec teams in the east and west , so of course the gators were left out
Al Wilson, Josh dobbs, Reeves -maybin, where all 3* according to some recruiting sites