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He is right, of course, but there is also the factor of Joe Burrow knowing how to put the ball in just the right place for his receivers to get it. I remember Terry Bradshaw and Lynn Swan. Lynn Swan had been a Broad Jump and Triple Jump Champion in College. Terry knew how to put the ball high and out in front of him where the defender did not have a chance to get to it. Joe Burrow knows where to put the ball that only his guy has a chance at it.
Transferring to LSU was the best career and business decision that he has and will ever make in his life.
If the OL can give him just a little time, he will be able to play very well in the NFL. He is the full package, he makes great decisions and throws the ball very accurately to the right guy.
Joe is a very bright fellow. He will take in all of the advice and make the most of it.
These guys just like to stir things up to get attention. It is all a matter of "need". Which teams have the need to bring in Safeties and do the available players match with that team's scheme.
It does not take a high level NFL expert to realize that these two players are very good and will most likely have great NFL careers. Tua seems to be a little injury prone, which would probably be the only thing that would hold him back. Joe Burrow is certainly not a "running QB", but he is very smart about when he chooses to run and pretty much only does it when he has a wide open space to run into. He also has that innate ability to sit in the pocket and feel the pressure coming and being able to take a couple of steps to avoid it and get off a very accurate pass, even when he is having to move around.
As an LSU fan, I think that most of us did not blame him for wanting to go on to the higher level. The thing is that he came out one morning and said that he had no intention to leave LSU and then, later that day it was reported that the Miami Owner and GM had flown and met with him that previous night and then he left. It was the LIE that bothered me and most other LSU fans, not to mention, he went to bama.
The problem is that with the physical contact required by football, that if only one player was a carrier it would quickly spread to many other players. That would then force them to quit practicing so as not to infect others. Seems to me, that the whole mess would have to be over before you could put so many people in such close physical proximity.
It is unusual for a guy who wants to be a WR to want to be a defender. Guys on defense generally have a little different mindset than guys on offense. I played defense, and the mindset is to hit guys so hard that you intimidate them, a sort of domination thing. Guys on offense usually want to avoid serious contact (excluding the linemen and some running backs, but not receivers). At his size, strength and speed, he seems more suited as a defender to me, especially if that was his choice. Most of the great athletes play both ways in High School. They are usually better suited to one side of the ball or the other.
I don't think that he could have possibly been in a better place over the last two years to prepare a QB for today's college football. He won't be another Joe Burrow, chances are no one else ever will be, but I think that he can very well be near the very top of the QBs this coming year.
I'd be willing to bet that none of them have. In case you are not aware, they are competing with better players and defenses when they go to a top ranked Division I football team. But then, what is a better measure of their ability than what they have actually done in competition?
I don't know if he is a first round lock, but, he is surely one of the very top receivers in this draft. He has great speed, hands and adjustment to the route to get open and beat the defender to the ball.
I never said that Burrow called his own plays. Do you think that I never saw him look over at the sideline to get the plays when he was in the shotgun? I suspect that he had some leeway in certain situations, but I don't think that he called his own plays very often at all.
You are missing my point. You can come up with the greatest scheme and plays in the world. You can call the perfect play for every offensive situation and then, if the players do not execute it properly, it goes nowhere. Ensminger is not an idiot just sitting there, he still has the plays and the philosophy that Joe brought to LSU. Sure, it would be better for LSU if he had stayed. What I am saying is that the new guy coming in, whoever he was going to be, was not coming to LSU to revamp, modernize and structurally change the LSU Offense as Brady was brought in to do. The new guy was always going to be a coach who knew how to "coach up" the players to get them to execute at a top level the way that they did last year.
I don't expect them to change the offense very much. It would be stupid to do so. Of course, there will have to be some twists and turns to change things around so that the plays are not exactly the same. I think that the big part, which this coach should be able to do, is to coach up the players to perform. The HUGE success this year was not just because of some brilliant scheme, it was how incredibly well the offense executed it. They essentially ran a no huddle, quick strike offense and called the plays on the line of scrimmage as they saw the formation that the defense was in. It was genius, and, it took a lot of talent, hard work and coaching.
Well, I get that "not a huge arm" deal because Joe realizes that it is not how hard you throw the ball, but how accurately you throw it. If you watch his delivery, it is a very comfortable and easy motion, not a motion where he tries to overthrow the ball. He knows exactly what he is doing and could throw the ball harder, if needed, but he is good enough to know how to complete his passes under control of the throw.
That was a stupid thing for him to do, obviously. The NCAA is typically a bunch of jerks when it comes to things like this. If anyone got real money, they need to give it back and put this deal to bed.
Congratulations TIGERS!!! You put in the hard work, starting in the Spring, on your own with Joe and the Receivers getting into sync and carried it throughout a very challenging season, facing and BEATING all of the best opponenents in the country, and, you never faltered. You deserve all of the accolaids you will be getting. I hope Trump feeds you something better than Fast Food! GEAUX TIGERS!!!
One of the truly greatest college teams of all time. LSU was never really in danger of losing a game all year long. Coach O did an incredible job of bringing in the right players and the right staff to make this incredible team. GEAUX TIGERS!!!
I think that we will see Joe Burrow running the ball more than usual. Once he shows that he will be running more, the linebackers and safety will have to get closer up to the line and that will open up the slant routes across the field, as well opening up the long ball to the receivers and to Helaire. The one most productive play that LSU has had all year is getting the ball to Helaire in space.
He did. What you see now is a Zombie, brought back by Marie Laveau.
This has surely been a magical year for LSU and the LSU fans. Just finish it off tomorrow night and become LEGENDARY!
If there is one thing that we have learned about Coach O and LSU, it is that they don't play not to lose, they play to win, and they have a great deal of confidence in themselves, emanating from the Heisman Trophy Winner with the biggest margin ever. LSU has faced teams with the talent that Clemson has, but Clemson has not faced anything like the LSU Offense and we can be certain that Joe Brady has come up with some formations, movements and plays that LSU has not shown so far this year. There are clearly a lot of reasons that the LSU offense has been so productive, but to me, the biggest one is when the actual called play is covered and Joe and the receivers are so linked together that they both know where the receiver should go to get open and Joe just throws the ball right to them, like pitch and catch. He has such a comfortable and smooth release and never overthrows the ball from excitement.
There were some issues and breakdowns through the season, but the entire defense started to click toward the end of the season, and that is the best time to do that. Divinity coming back will help across the board.
No defense has been able to stop LSU all year, and they never had an "off game". LSU will score on Clemson. The problem for Clemson is that the LSU Defense has finally shown up at the end of the season, and, the most dynamic player, Divinity, will be back for this game.
Burrow and his receivers have instincts that come into play. The receivers know where to go and Joe knows where they are going because they had their own practices all offseason.
"LSU can win"? LSU is a 5.5-point favorite and is 23/25 to cover the spread. Anything can happen in a football game, but, if both teams play up to standard, barring some turnovers or bad calls, LSU wins this game going away. You are right about the LSU defense, which has surely come to play at the end of the season, and now, the most dynamic player, Divinity, will be back.
I don't think that that is a very good plan. Look at all of the teams that are going to lose all that revenue for one less game. It is not only the teams that would lose, think of the cities and merchants in the towns that will lose revenue from a game. A football game in a town brings in tax revenue for the city and for all of the retailers as well as the people who earn money from working at a game. If they want to elimninate a game, eliminate the Conference Championship Games and that would still have an effect on the cities where those games would not be held, but that is far less than losing games all across the board. Personally, I don't think that they need to go to an 8 game playoff.
"Not only did Jones’ walk-off play help the Falcons end the year on a positive note, but it gave Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston a piece of NFL history." Do the Falcons have a different season than everyone else?
Everyone knows about the LSU Offense, but they have shown in the last few games that the LSU Defense has shown up in a big way. That is going to be a big part of this game.