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What I am saying is that when LSU can hang forty six points on Bama at their Home, they can do that to ANYONE.
LSU is absolutely deserving of the number one spot. No one has a resume of wins that comes anywhere close. As big a fan of LSU as I am, I must admit that I was a bit surprised how easily LSU was ablet to move the ball on and score on Bama at their home. When is the last time that anyone hung forty six points on Bama at their home? When is the last time that ANYONE even beat them at home? Nuff said.
Looks like the old BCS system was better than what we have today.
Yeah, even the best teams in the nation make a few mistakes now and then. I think that the ALMIGHTY Saban and Bama made a few as well.
I was surprised when he left the Saints/NFL to go LSU/CFB. Typically, if you are after the really big bucks, you are looking to go TO the NFL, not from the NFL to CFB. It seemed to me that he was on a path to be an OC in the NFL, rather than a QB coach in college football. As others have said, Coach O actually brought Ensminger out of retirement to take the job and he did it, only because of his allegiance to LSU as a former QB there. He has obviously let Brady come in and essentially take over the offense. I don't think that he would have any problem with stepping aside to let Brady become the OC, but, surely, others will be coming with offers, and I include the NFL, not just CFB.
Notre Dame as their own Conference??? These guys need to get off of the Notre Dame idolitry. This was probably the worst proposal that I have seen. After a few years, the people who are pushing for eight teams will be pushing for sixteen teams.
There are a lot of Auburn fans in B'ham.
The "rankings" take Strenght of Schedule into account. Vegas does not. LSU has beat three top ten teams. Between them, bama, Clemson and Ohio State have played a total of 0.
Sort of like If I put your name in a sentence that included a mass murderer? LSU was not party to this, it was between a misguided "supporter" and his illegality. He was not an employee of LSU, he was an outside individual. "GatorRob knows a guy who killed seven children because he worked for GagtorRob's company." That means that GatorRob is also guilty.
I am afraid that it is going to be a very "tough day" for Auburn in Death Valley on Saturday. They had better be happy that it a day game, because a Night game in Death Valley is much harder to survive than a day game.
Ensminger was essentially retired when Coach O brought him back. He was and is not on the stairstep to try to go higher and higher. I suspect that he will willingly step aside and give the reins to Joe Brady next year or surely by the one after that. When Ensminger leaves, LSU will have his salary to offer Joe Brady, including what Joe is making now. I am pretty sure that LSU will do whatever it takes to keep Joe Brady at LSU.
The whole game, I kept seeing Drew Brees in his performance. He is very well contained, is able to sit in the pocket and deliver very accurate passes to the open guys,mostly on short to medium routes, but still able to throw it downfield. That kind of ability requires a level of physicality, but it is mostly mental and Joe has it.
Yeah, and the defense needs to catch up PDQ. They made some very good adjustments after the first half last week against a poor team, but, they need to COME OUT ready to play against teams like bama. You can't give up a whole half not knowing what to do.
Yes. He would have had more years with a top level college program. Saban would have won National Championships at any of the top tier SEC programs.
Real football fans did not find that game a "snoosefest" in any way, shape, or form. It was a defensive battle, which we seldom see any longer.
I also agree that Notre Dame is not the huge draw that it once was. When I was growing up there was ONE college game a week, shown on ABC. That was it! It was always the big market teams, Ohio State, USC, Michigan, UCLA and the King, Notre Dame. You did not see any SEC teams unless they were playing second banana to one of those Glory teams.
It became a LOT easier to criticize going away from an LSU vs Bama night game when LSU came out like a house on fire. I am a lifetime LSU fan 66 years old and I have seen quite a bit over the years. We kept hearing about this "new LSU offense", but, we have heard that before. This time, it is TRUE and not only is it TRUE, it is far better than we even hoped for (thus far). If LSU stays healthy, plays up to potential and finds a defense, this could very well be the year to take bama down and even go all the way.
There is nothing wrong with giving credit where credit is due. Saban did turn around a struggling program and left some good things behind. Saban is obviously a VERY smart guy and coach and he knew that he could have great success with LSU. I remember him saying that Louisiana had the highest percentage of NFL Players per capita of any other state and that if he could keep that talent in state, that he could win a National Championship, and then he did it.
LSU is not going to show much of their "New and Improved" offense. They will save that for Texas. That being said, they need to look like they are in sync without stupid mistakes and penalties. They should be able to look like a well oiled machine against this opponent.
OK, that's good. That is the first semi-intelligent thing that you have said so far. Stay with it.
Saban could have done the same at any of the top level SEC teams. Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Auburn, LSU and Bama have all won Championships when they had Championship Coaches.
"Weirdly aggressive"? Tell me what Saban said about leaving LSU. Do you think that you know more about Saban's leaving LSU than someone who was living in Baton Rouge when that happened?
LSU's program was in the doldrums when he got there. How long did it take him to win a National Championship there? Do you think that that is the only one that he would have won, especially considering that that dunce Miles won one there with the team that Saban left him?
OK, since you don't get it, I will 'splain it to you. Look how quickly Saban won a National Championship when he came to LSU. He could have won just as many, if not more Championships at LSU than he was won at bama, especially when you consider his wasted time at Miami. Even that dunce, Les Miles was able to win a National Championship with the talent that he left behind. If you are bright enough, you will "get it" now.
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Clemson has proven that bama is not invincible.