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Although no one wants him here, he thinks he's funny and just a troll. Reminds me of that South Park episode where Randy was a troll and caught up in his own self. That's Negan.
I think it's just Negan with different accounts. He only tries to make it look like he's different by not typing as much on some of his accounts like he does on his Georgia fan one.
Bama gave up 80.8 rushing yards per game. UGA gave up 78.9 rushing yards per game. Sorry, but UGA's defense gave up fewer rushing yards per game than Bama's defense.
Agree and disagree. Bowers didn't have experience at the beginning of the year yet he turned into UGA's best catcher. AD Mitchell is the same but not as good as Bowers.
I love how Negan acts like a troll and your response of "Poor Negan" or "Poor poor Negan" seems to just drive him crazy, lol.
For a mistake? So, are you perfect? Probably not since you can't spell "please".
SDS don't make things clear. Not the first nor last time. You must not be the smartest either. Ain't doesn't go with plural subjects, they only go with singular subjects.
Like what happened to the 2019 LSU team, right? Except, UGA won't fall as far as LSU did after 2019.
@Tim Rupert It's obvious he's a Bidan voter. One of the most hated commentators on this site to go along with one of the most hated presidents. #LetsGoBrandon
You're an idiot. It's well known the team nor university knew of the allegations BEFORE they had already left for the game. You should worry about whether UF will keep Dan the clown or not. Y'all sure deserve him.
The ‘Dores have 2 games remaining, both on the road. This has been your Vanderbilt Update. I just find this really funny for some reason.
People have been saying UGA hasn't been as good as advertised every week. That's fine though. Because, UGA has shown they can stop all of those good offenses. As stated, UGA hasn't allowed more than 13 points in any game yet. No other team can say that. I screen shotted this just to prove you wrong when UGA wins the natty. Then, you can become famous on Twitter.
"Mizzou managed to hold a 3-0 lead on Georgia for 5 minutes and 8 seconds, nearly doubling the amount of time the Bulldogs have spent trailing this season. (They trailed 3-0 at Auburn for 5 minutes and 19 seconds.)" I'm not sure if that's accurate or not. But, how is 5 minutes and 8 seconds nearly double 5 minutes and 19 seconds?
Most of the nation is sick of the fact that the SEC is the best conference. Granted, only 4 SEC teams have won national championships this century, but even the other bowl games have been dominated by SEC teams. Hopefully, UGA can finally get over the 41 year drought this year and add their name to that list as well.
I guess Bama's new thing is losing to unranked bad teams. Roll Roll.
Best defense in the nation and the defensive backfield doesn't have to do much. Good thing since they're so thin after the offseason and injuries.
No, they're using total points scored against UGA and not the defense. Nowhere on any stat site I looked does it say that the defense has given up 33 points. It only says the total points scored against UGA. When it's SDS specifically saying defense and not totally points given up, it is on them.
"The Bulldogs’ defense has been dominant, allowing only 5.5 points per game" The Bulldogs' defense has allowed 26 points thru 6 games. 26 / 6 = 4.333. How many times do people have to remind SDS that UAB's touchdown came off a pick-6? Was UGA's defense the ones who threw the pick-6 somehow?
He's definitely not ready. Although he wasn't hurting the last few practices, he only managed to throw the ball 30 yards. That's not like him so he should rest until he's 100% then come back. I hope he can for the WLOCP as well.
Not to be an a-hole, but why are y'all blaming him? Isn't the defense Saban's? That's what most Bama fans were saying when Georgia hired Kirby. That the defense was Saban's and not ran by Kirby. So, shouldn't you be blaming Saban for the defense here?
I have to agree with BamaTime. I don't really comment much but read the articles and comments. This guy is definitely the same Negan.
"Georgia’s defense is elite, allowing only 23 points through 5 games so far this season." I don't know how many times you guys need to be told this. Georgia's defense has only given up 16 points through 5 games. UAB's touchdown came off a pick-six. Only South Carolina has scored a touchdown against Georgia's defense and that was the second and third stringers.
Yes, Georgia has given up 23 points, but the defense has only given up 16 as UAB's touchdown was a pick-six. The lone touchdown allowed by the defense was against the second or third string players as well.
It might be the best defense anyone on here has seen. Only 2011 UA and 2011 LSU can compare. Even then, this UGA defense might be better than both of those. But, that's still up for debate right now.
You and the other Tide fan only see production as touchdowns? Did both of y'all miss the that the passing and running game had 100+ each on a really good defense? B- is correct.
Because Clemson's D is really good while UGA's top 3-4 WRs didn't even play and the o-line had injuries as well.
At least UGA didn't lose to a team that was only playing with basically 3rd stringers and only had around 34 players at the time on the team (LSU).
"They lost to the defending national champs" The defending national champs suck this year. UF lost to a team with only 34 odd players and a bunch of third strings. You can't justify that loss by saying LSU is the defending national champs, especially when they lost most of those players from that championship team.