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At least UGA didn't lose to a team that was only playing with basically 3rd stringers and only had around 34 players at the time on the team (LSU).
"They lost to the defending national champs" The defending national champs suck this year. UF lost to a team with only 34 odd players and a bunch of third strings. You can't justify that loss by saying LSU is the defending national champs, especially when they lost most of those players from that championship team.
"But it’d have to be the perfect, perfect situation and it’d have to be something that I was confident that the health issues I could overcome." Translation: "It has to be somewhere I can win a national title easily. Also, Saban has to retire first. If I face him again, my health will definitely decline and I'll lose years off of my life."
What a joke. UF beat a UGA team that had at least 6 starters out from before the game started. Then, there were several injuries in the game, like the receiver who got hurt on his touchdown catch. UF hasn't surpassed anyone and just got lucky to get face an injured UGA team. Also, if UF has surpassed UGA then UF should beat Bama, which definitely won't happen.
@BamaTime Just because you test positive doesn't mean you're sick. I know a lot of people who tested positive but was never sick. They were fine with no symptoms except tested positive. In fact, they hated that they had to stay home since they felt so fine.
At least those Georgia fans crown themselves as actual champions. Keep enjoying being Champions of Life.
Power 5 conference champions shouldn't get automatic bids. you might have 12-0 Clemson lose to 8-4 or 9-3 team in ACC Conference Championship. That ACC Champion wouldn't deserve to be in the playoff then. In fact, that happened some years ago to 2 or 3 conferences. It screwed the entire post season up with bad matchups cause conference champs had automatic bid to certain bowl games and those conference champions that year weren't good teams but got matched up against a lot better teams for that reason.
He can if he eats a lot and suffer from over growth hormone.
What about the refs calling PI on UF's TD but it was actually offense PI and the UF player got away with it and scored a TD by pushing off the UGA defender? Why aren't any UF fans complaining about that wrong call? right, because it's supposed to be against them and they don't want to acknowledge that.
Need y'all to pick against UGA more so UGA will win.
UGA did have a history of that BEFORE Kirby took over and got to his second year. The only 2 teams UGA has lost to in the last two years during the regular season are AU and LSU, both of which aren't games one would expect UGA to definitely win. You know, UT has a history of winning, but it's something they rarely do nowadays.
Actually it is. Did you not hear the announcers say they get an unsportsman like conduct penalty if they get caught doing it? They even said it's hard to call cause you never know when they're faking and when it's real while they're always concerned about the players health (they said that when the ND player took a knee for dust or whatever in his eye). 0. .
@tonytiger Only comparing the first two years? Okay. KS won a SEC Championship and played for a national championship in his second year as coach in the playoff era. MR only won a SEC Championship in his second year and NEVER played for a national championship in the BCS era. But yes, their records are basically the same after 3 years.
I was thinking the same thing. They basically gave Kirby free reign on what should happen.
You Florida fans only have memory dating back to 1990 when it comes to the Georgia-Florida Game win-loss record.
No, 2020 is. UGA has too many underclassmen. Heck, I was surprised they were leading Bama in the SECCG and just crumbled.
At least Kirby at UGA has played for a Natty, something Richt never did.
Did you miss the part where LSU was missing 8-9 starters from the beginning? That makes a bigger difference.
UM hires Richt. UM fans: UGA was stupid to fire Richt! 3 years later UGA has played for the national championship once and been in the talks a second time while UM is mediocre. UM fans: Richt needs to go! No, y'all need to keep Richt. UGA fired him for a reason and the fans warned y'all yet UM fans were still saying he was a great hire the first year.
I'll go along with your idea. Urban Meyer is a grown man who didn't owe anyone anything. Whether he was right or wrong, he did what he thought best for him by "feigning illness" then going to OSU. Your logic can literally be applied to anyone in any situation. Fact is, he went against his word if he does transfer and people, especially Georgia fans, have free speech to point that out and criticize him for it.
Athens > Auburn So, guess it'd be Boulder >>>>> Auburn