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UGA did have a history of that BEFORE Kirby took over and got to his second year. The only 2 teams UGA has lost to in the last two years during the regular season are AU and LSU, both of which aren't games one would expect UGA to definitely win. You know, UT has a history of winning, but it's something they rarely do nowadays.
Actually it is. Did you not hear the announcers say they get an unsportsman like conduct penalty if they get caught doing it? They even said it's hard to call cause you never know when they're faking and when it's real while they're always concerned about the players health (they said that when the ND player took a knee for dust or whatever in his eye). 0. .
@tonytiger Only comparing the first two years? Okay. KS won a SEC Championship and played for a national championship in his second year as coach in the playoff era. MR only won a SEC Championship in his second year and NEVER played for a national championship in the BCS era. But yes, their records are basically the same after 3 years.
I was thinking the same thing. They basically gave Kirby free reign on what should happen.
You Florida fans only have memory dating back to 1990 when it comes to the Georgia-Florida Game win-loss record.
No, 2020 is. UGA has too many underclassmen. Heck, I was surprised they were leading Bama in the SECCG and just crumbled.
At least Kirby at UGA has played for a Natty, something Richt never did.
Did you miss the part where LSU was missing 8-9 starters from the beginning? That makes a bigger difference.
UM hires Richt. UM fans: UGA was stupid to fire Richt! 3 years later UGA has played for the national championship once and been in the talks a second time while UM is mediocre. UM fans: Richt needs to go! No, y'all need to keep Richt. UGA fired him for a reason and the fans warned y'all yet UM fans were still saying he was a great hire the first year.
I'll go along with your idea. Urban Meyer is a grown man who didn't owe anyone anything. Whether he was right or wrong, he did what he thought best for him by "feigning illness" then going to OSU. Your logic can literally be applied to anyone in any situation. Fact is, he went against his word if he does transfer and people, especially Georgia fans, have free speech to point that out and criticize him for it.
Athens > Auburn So, guess it'd be Boulder >>>>> Auburn
It doesn't help when it's run, run, pass and receiver drops the ball or doesn't make the catch. He does need a little blame but not a lot.Defense also deserves more of the blame
Don't you mean what the refs and Kirby did? No PI or holding call against Bama and Kirby with the stupid fake field goal. Keep paying the refs.
It's also why Richt got fired and Kirby got hired. Look what he's done. 8-5, 13-2, 11-1 (so far. will probably be 12-2 or 11-3 since I don't think UGA will beat Bama). I'll keep Kirby over rehiring Richt any day if Kirby can keep this up. As far as I'm concerned, I'm happy as long as UGA can keep winning the East every year since Bama has Saban who's the best coach in college.
Shows you're the true idiot. 2007, Mark Richt's UGA team beat Saban's Bama team.
Who's fault is it that these "cupcakes" suck? UMass is an Independent so why can't they be as good as Notre Dame? If Bama had scheduled UCF, would that still be considered a "cupcake"? Schedules are made years in advance. No one knows if a "cupcake" will be an actual cupcake game or not. Look at UCF. 4 years ago, they were winless. Now, they unbeaten 2 years straight. GSU beat UF when GSU was a FCS team. You never know how good a team will be years later after you schedule them.
"The Bulldogs came into the game as a 41-point favorite against UMass, an FCS team that’s only won four games all year, and rolled to an 66-27 win." Correction. UMass is an Independent FBS team just like Notre Dame, BYU, Army, Liberty, and New Mexico State. It always amazes me how people complain about the SEC scheduling FCS teams when a lot of those teams are just FBS teams from other conferences other than Power 5. I'm not saying UMass is a good team because they're not. People can at least learn which teams are FBS or FCS though. It only takes a few minutes to look the team up.
My preference if for Tenn to only play top tier Power 5 teams like OKL, OSU, etc. so they lose all their non conference games. Don't just schedule the bottom tier of other Power 5. Also, these "cupcakes" can always pull an upset which is always exciting. Remember when GSU was a FCS team but beat UF?
Shows how much you know. UMass is part of the Mid-American Conference which is Division I and part of the FBS. Liberty is a Division I independent team. UAB and Rice play in the West Division of Conference USA in the FBS. MTSU is in the East Division of Conference USA. IDA, CIT and CHAT are the only FCS teams that are playing against SEC teams this week.
Stupid to use your argument as well. Look at what Georgia did to UF's defense that held LSU in check.
Ho can you put "reshuffled offensive line still not perfect" under things you didn't like? You mention they have several key injuries and still doing great in run and pass protection for the most part. It's almost a miracle the o-line is doing so good with these injuries. If anything, that should be under things you like as it goes to show Pittman can really coach these guys.
Let's see what Mizzou does in the SEC Championship game...Oh right. They're not in it and can't win their division. Talk when your team does something instead of talking about what another team will do against another team. Mizzou fans have no room to talk.
UK fortunate: several of UGA's starting and even backup o-linemen were injured (still couldn't do anything to a banged up o-line) an over snapped ball a fumbled handoff a bounced ball from a defender was caught and ran for a TD (basically same as Prayer at Jordan Hare) an offense pass interference was called a defense pass interference.