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Noticeably missing is the 1966 Alabama team, undefeated & purposely by-passed for the National Champions by the college football gurus of the day. Formulas are fun but they don't measure heart, will, & focus. It's always best to play the game on the field instead of on paper.
Whoa...the undefeated 1966 team should be there somewhere, even though the experts/media/Yankees/ didn't rank us #1.
Cooper & Jones, Wizard of Oz, maybe Hall & Palmer...Don Hutson & Dennis Homan were just as good as anybody during their hey day at Bama.
The NCAA basketball tournament is fabulous. So glad they are finally scrapping the popularity poll/BCS system & heading into a college football playoff system. A few years from now folks will be wondering why it took so long (just like Bama fans have been wondering since 1966).
Uh oh. He just got a dose of real world reality that he has never experienced in Beaumont. Either he will get right or prepare to transfer to Bama State soon...
Seasons are changing, but there are exciting times ahead for us in Tuscaloosa. Looking forward to it!
No LSU - he must have attended a day game in Death Valley - on a Sunday morning. And Florida at # 13? Better check out the Swamp in person & re-do the list. Maryland fans probably raised the roof just from laughing at those so called uniforms. All 427 Harvard fans must make a lot of noise to make this list....
I agree. It's not right to fire a man after he HAD TO de-thug the mess some of his players evolved to.
After that game tonight, he gets my vote!
Hats off to Texas A&M. I agree with the statement that they beat us at our on game, straight up. That wide open offense works when someone like Manziel, Evans, & Swoops are out there. It's interesting how the game of football is changing right before our eyes...
The Big 12 is a good conference, but the SEC is light years ahead of them in football, top to bottom. Coach Tub knows this, but you can't blame him for trying to hype up his team.
"Georgia boasts the top front seven in college football"...hmmmmmm, we'll see about that.
They don't need money. They need prayers.
Good article. College football is so much better than the NFL to me.
If he can get his knee healthy, he'll bounce back strong. He's a football player.
I hate this for Coach Richt & the Dawg fans. UGA has a chance to rise to the upper deck of the SEC but sorry, stupid choices like this keep cropping up. Kids are a product of their environment. Hopefully, he will be dealt with appropriately & the team can move on & jell.
About time. I believe we lobbied for something like this in 1966...
Poor taste & no class to whoever thought up & designed this shirt - & anyone who buys/wears it.
We've got to keep playing UT, & hopefully on the 3rd Saturday in October. The 6-1-1 deal sounds good - until 2 more teams join the SEC...
They left off Jessica Dowell.
I can see West Virginia coming to the SEC soon, & would like to see a North Carolina school (preferably NC State) or Va. Tech also come aboard, although I wouldn't think they'd leave the ACC now. Navy is a possibility... I don't want Miami, of all people.UNC or GT would be fine, but do they want to leave the basketball conference? FSU needs their own identity away from UF. Time will tell.
Good game. West Virginia may still wind up in the SEC before long.
One day they'll realize how deserving DERRICK THOMAS is to be in the Coillege football Hall of Fame.
Don't blame football for Seau's suicide. Blame his lack of salvation & personal weaknesses.
The New York/Boston/DC media needs to realize that life goes on outside of their area. Just because you're from the big city doesn't mean you 're superior to others. At least that's the attitude I've gotten from their news stories & comments in the past.
I think UGA is the team to beat in the east, with Florida right behind them & SC a distant 3rd. Can't wait to play ball again this fall!