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Interesting but…..any capable defense has a lot to say about it. If the opponent can get out and up in our face that leads to the sub-30% games. We’ve improved the half court but Cal can get beat by any top notch coach. Go Cats
Yeah ha Cats Wish Cal was sitting next to Saban…haha. Coach Vol: Nobody cares! Bama is still your daddy even after 150 penalties and 53 turnovers this year
Thank you Tennessee for screwing up like we knew you would!!! Had the world in your hands. The NCAA Chip heading to Rocky Top! …and here we are crying and blaming its not fair. Better luck next year
Bamas got their spot for the CFP….and its on the coach. Better luck next year
Sad goodbye to the Top 25 for UK Cats. Need a few miracles to get there again…..ahem
KYHoosier please go back to KSR comments. Great weekend of SEC FB. Lay back and soak it all in …… KY injury reports are pretty F’d up hoping we have our QB1.
With that O Line we’ll need a QB that can move well. I think the Frosh is a slinger not a runner. If the O Line improves UK can roll the Cocks
Im sure nobody cares but i grew up in Columbus to passionate Ohio State parent grads. Will never forget seeing my first SEC game and the creative plays and speed hell this was in the 1960s!!!! Been to the Big House for THE game but what we do is special. Just happy to be a small part of it at Kentucky
Isnt the KY job infinitely easier/less risky less stressful and only marginally more cash?? I know its a stepping stone to head coach but quality of life wise changing families lives etc. Guess we’ll see how ambitious he is and cannot blame him either.
Yes Vince is a big dude. Looks like he has a good frame hoping he has OSU talent and speed. OSU huge talent pool. Remember a guy named Joe Burrow???
Word Tnaylor. We are getting talent. Go Cats!!
Doesn't sound right coming from an eastern KY kid….did he move to Corbin from Knoxville ??? Lol
LDelle Wright looks like a monster. No wonder Tisdale didnt play. Good luck kid. Its a tough world sometimes.
Liam Cohen is more likely to leave than Stoops. Hope he’s happy in Lexington
Lol. We are a hopelessly proud, but football deficient, fan base. Tough to read sometimes but we have built up some bragging rights on the gridiron.
Should set up to be an entertaining game….Cats need to dial up the blitzes and generally contain that Card QB. Seniors should be motivated to get the W. Go Cats!
Texas Pete Is the Comment Section worthy of this banter ? Doubt it!
Awesome! Some great news for the weekend … helps offset the chatter coming out if Knoxvull. Go Cats
Have the pregame show! It will be fun. Then show the Cincy game in Ohio and A&M game to the rest of the nation!
Sorry for the Negative Nancies folks. Levis has exceeded all expectations and is accurate on deep throws where there is a proper play. We will have to throw deep …. And mid field. Hoping Stoops wont fold the tent and go full run….which is his style, conservative that is. Go Cats
Sure looks like Coach Stoops had his nose in the playcalling Saturday… sure Coen appreciates that