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Tennessee was the better team that day. Go CATS!!!
I think this is wishful thinking on your part. Prepare to be disappointed. Go CATS!!!
Pulling for the Bulldogs Monday night. Nothing against Bama as I would be for them against anyone outside of the conference, but the east side needs a title. Most of all though, the Georgia program and its fans need a title. Here's hoping a bone is thrown your way Monday night Dog fans. Go Dogs And Go CATS!!!
I've watched decades of football where it would have been laughable to suggest that UT's best win was against Kentucky. My how things are changing. Hopefully I can live long enough to see my CATS consistently beat UT. Go CATS!!!
Hard to believe they continue to turn the ball over at the rate they do, yet have for the most part overcome those self destructive acts to get the win. But like the MSU game did, it will eventually catch up to you. Just hope it doesn't happen against the dirty birds. Go CATS!!!
I hope Florida gives Mullins more time as the coach, just needs more time to get his system in place. Has nothing to do with him being the only Florida coach that UK has been able to beat for most of my life. Nothing at all. Go CATS!!!
The two point play for the win put a smile on my face. Congrats. Go CATS!!!
Well done S. Carolina. Pulling for "W" against the Tigers next week. Go CATS!!!
This is painful to say, but congrats Vols. That's a very explosive offense, especially against a poor secondary (see every UK game this season for proof). You guys continue to get the best of us practically every year, regardless of the state of each program at the time. It getting freaken old. Go CATS!!!
SEC 195-422-20 Missouri 8-4-0 Arkansas 5-3-0 Vanderbilt 47-42-4 Mississippi State 24-24-0 South Carolina 14-18-1 Texas A&M 1-2-0 Ole Miss 14-29-1 LSU 17-40-1 Florida 19-53-0 Tennessee 26-81-9 Auburn 6-27-1 Georgia 12-61-2 Alabama 2-38-1 Show us some respect please. Go CATS!!!
Agree, had a great game against the Dogs even with all the drops from the receivers. Back to back sound games so hopefully he's getting into his groove. Go CATS!!!
Personally, would rather play someone in a bowl that we haven't just recently played in a bowl. I think the players would prefer and be more motivated playing against a new opponent as well. Go CATS!!!
No team outside of an NFL team is going to run the ball with any success against that Georgia line, and I don't think half of the NFL teams could. If we had to play again, we would abandon any hope of running and just call pass play after pass play. No reason to waste plays running. Go CATS!!!
Davis and his fellow linemen are as great as advertised, and perhaps even better than given credit for. They COMPLETELY shut down UK's run game. Just overwhelming. Go CATS!!!
This event isn't going to help those UK fans that want the AD to approve alcohol sells at the games, that is for sure. Go CATS!!!
Congrats Bulldogs, very deserving of that top ranking. Hoping UGa runs the table. Good for the conference to spread the natty around but mostly because you guys deserve it. Too great of a program to go this long without. Go Dogs and Go CATS!!!
If tickets are selling for 2-3 times face value then what a great compliment for where Stoops has taken the program. Most of my life the UK tickets would be 2-3 times less than face value at most road games. Go CATS!!!
Good article and very true. Go CATS!!!!
True, coach Brooks showed everyone that UK could be more than a basement dweller in football, even without the total backing of the administration (money wise). Coach Stoops has gotten the financial backing in facility upgrades, recruiting budget, and coaching salaries. You throw that together with great coaching and you see where we can go. Go CATS!!!
Watching the game, I thought going for two was the right call. At home, go for the extra point cause you have the fans help in OT, on the road go for the win. UA has had a great season so far and I hope the Hogs can finish strong. Go CATS!!!
Unfortunately, and until proven otherwise, I would have to completely agree with your statement. Until the offense can show it can score points throughout their games then I go into each game uneasy. Each side of the ball needs to do their part and as of now the offense is coming up short. Go CATS!!!
Florida and Tennessee are responsible for much of my football related PTSD over the last 40 years. The talent difference over the years has explained much of the disappointments, but even during the occasional tight game they have made the offensive, defensive, or had a favorable (or non) call from the officials that won the game for them. Gators have played better than I thought going into the season (going toe to toe with Bama is always impressive), so its hard to see my CATS coming out of top. Would gladly like to be wrong though. Go CATS!!!
Somebody apparently didn't get enough love from their grandparents. They have people you can talk with that might help you get through your resentment. I know who can get past your anger with a little help. Good luck. Go CATS!!!
Louisville doing Louisville things. Always giving you something to talk about and it's never good. Go CATS!!!
Well done Dores. Way to represent the SEC. Go CATS!!!
Outstanding job Hogs, can't imagine how many TX's fans, boosters, and administrators are thoroughly dejected and angry right now. Go CATS!!!