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You never want to be the guy that replaces THE GUY. Go CATS!!!
I see this isn't the final standings but UK's performance still impressive. Go CATS!!!
And this ranking is with the men's basketball team embarrassing performance and subpar baseball season. Great job UK teams. Go CATS!!!
I'm usually a fan of undersell and over perform method but hopefully there is reason to be excited. Go CATS!!!
“Alabama head coach Nate Oats is the best coach in the SEC.” Far too early to make that claim. Is he great or does he have a great collection of players who play well together. Is this going to be the norm or a one hit wonder. Time will tell. Whatever the case, I hope Bama and the Hogs are playing for the title in the end. Go CATS!!!
MobileWildcat, could you please explain what you believe would have been Rupp's reason(s) for not playing black players from the 40's to 60's time period in the SEC?
True here as well, don't know what was more embarrassing, that action or the season. When people spend more time debating your protest method over what your protesting then you've chosen the wrong protest method. Go CATS!!!
Good article. Young man has a good head on his shoulders. Looking at his high school highlight film, really surprising he didn't have more offers. Their loss is our gain. He is more shifty and I think has more speed in the open field then people realize by looking at his size. Should have a big year as the primary back, sorry about your luck defenses. Go CATS!!!
Take advantage of the CATS SEC lodge brothers/sisters while you can. We are only going to have 5 or 6 players go pro so next year look out with all the experience that will take the floor. Man, this is the worst offensive UK team that I can remember. Go CATS!!!
Would it be crazy to dream back to back wins vs the Vols? I want to say no but as a long time CATS fan I've seen 20 or so years of a down UT program still beating my CATS consistently. But I'll go with yes it's likely we get the "W" this fall. Go CATS!!!
He's a great pickup for sure, although time will tell is he is the next Bowden. Hopefully one of the QB's is able to get him the ball (BIG ? mark). Downside is we will probably only have him one year if he does meet expectations. Go CATS!!!
Because there is nothing to find is the simple answer. Cal has a lot of national/local media that don't like his persona and have tried hard to find dirt on his recruiting tactics. All have come up with nothing. Perhaps, much like Saban, maybe great players want to play in great programs and for successful coaches who will get them in the league. Go CATS!!!
In an otherwise disappointing season, there were some great moments (see UT game). Hopefully this fall we'll be back to a normal football season and hopefully we'll have something that resembles a passing attack. Go CATS!!!
Congrats to Bama players and fans. Another impressive run to the title. Admire how the players play with class and are very business like on the field. Bama under Saban is like the Roman empire during their prime. Go CATS!!!
What does it say about a conference when their eight win team is still an underdog to a four win team from another conference? Hope the CATS prove Vegas right. Go CATS!!!
Much like a Hallmark Christmas movie, I hope this season follows pervious plots and they figure it out by March. I, and many (most?) UK fans are growing tired of this same pattern though year after year. No reason there can't be more consistence in the program from one year to the next. Go CATS!!!
C-. Failed to meet expectations. Report card narrative is on point. Still a chance to bring up the grade by winning the bowl (extra credit). Go CATS!!!
Harris ran like an all-American back. Very impressive player. Go CATS!!!
UK's is on point. Go CATS!!!
I believe Kentucky's offensive issues are more on Stoops than Gran. Stoops has publicly stated that he doesn't think a high scoring offense is a winning strategy for UK in the SEC. Would prefer low scoring games with a chance to pull them out at the end. Doesn't think UK can pull in enough high talent players to try to out race the upper level teams in the conference over 60 minutes. Compared to the mostly terrible football I've witnessed over the past 40 years, his plan has resulted in UK being competitive against teams that in the past would be up by 3-4 scores by the 4th quarter. I'm disappointed in how the season has played out (should be no worse than 4-2), but Stoops has more than earned the time to figure it out and I believe he will. Go CATS!!!
UT is the better job in every area except for pressure for results. UK much more willing to give a pass on bad seasons than UT. Hope Stoops never forgets that. Go CATS!!!
Ky has a tendency to start slow. They need those MAC games to figure out what they are and are not. SEC schools aren't a good place to do that. Go CATS!!!
Good job Hogs, the future looks bright. Go CATS!!!
Hope you're right. Go CATS!!!