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Look forward to the day when the CATS are on top of the football power rankings. Stoops has us on our way to that prize, just ask Paris for conformation. Until then though, I gladly take 1st in basketball. Go CATS!!!
Undefeated UK vs. undefeated dirty birds in late Dec. is very possible. Would be great to pluck their feathers in such a scenario. Go CATS!!!
Tough game right out of the gate. Would like to pick the CATS, but in truth I think MSU's experience will get the better of the CATS. Come March, different story. Go CATS!!!
Louisville-no way that's happening. No thought put into that pick. Go CATS!!!
Very big and needed win for the Cats. Lynn and Max playing like first team AA's. Defense gets better every week. For all those who predicted Missouri would win big(and there were many of you who did), please don't gamble. You work too hard for your money to flush it away. Go CATS!!!
Paris10, if you have lived your entire life with the same exceptions of all others as you have for UK football, then 1) you've had a lot of disappointments or 2) you've had a blessed life. I suspect I know the answer but I hope for your sake I'm wrong. Go CATS!!!
Paris, my expectations are rational, unlike yours. We aren't going to be Alabama in football. Or Clemson, or Ohio State. Ask UT, Nebraska, Mich. or USC fans how hard it is to play at that level and they even have the history and resources behind them. But we can and should field a competitive team against most of our opponents. We should win 6 to 8 games most years. We should be able to win 9-11 games every 4-7 years. And we are. EVERY SEC school plays 2-3 cupcakes, not just UK. How do you not know this? What does it matter if they are MAC schools or Sun Belt or Conf. USA. They all do it. That's a poor complaint. We've lost a lot of games to UT and Fl. in a roll but for most of those years UK put little money into the football program. Barnhart has changed that and the positive results are apparent to most UK fans. Most if not all of those 80 bowl games coaches would not have been fighting to get the UK job. Who fights to get be the coach that competes against Vandy for last place in the toughest football league. Besides, Stoops has been to three straight bowls so he would be one of those "bowl coaches" now. Also, Urban, Dabo, nor Nick are coming to UK, no matter how much UK pays. "I do expect a product on the field that won’t keep embarrassing us". If you've been embarrassed with the product on the field over the last three years, I can't imagine how you coped during the 90's, 2000's, and the first half of this decade. Finally, to answer your question, I didn't think nine wins were doable. I said at the start that I thought 7-5 would be our floor. That was before we lost our QB and had to play a receiver at QB. Injuries can destroy a teams win total, especially a team that doesn't have 4 and 5 star players stacked on top of each other. I have been following the team since 79 and I see the improvement in the program, even if you don't. I am pleased with the direction Stoops and Barnhart are taking the program and find it hard to believe that anyone who claims to be a UK fan for as long as you say you've been can't see the improvement. Now again, if you expect UK to be Alabama, then you're not going to be happy now and most likely ever. Go CATS!!!
True. Also true, we gave Florida a closer game than the Cocks did Saturday. But we both lost so why so salty. Go CATS!!!
"Kentucky’s mediocre front 7", you just took a dig at your "O" line while trying to take a dig at Kentucky's "D" line. Go CATS!!!
This guy is a UK hater and gets his kicks with posts like this. Until our QB situation is stabilized, not team outside of UT-Martin is a lock win. Go CATS!!!
This UK fan has no problem with Mizzou being in the league. The Tigers have done more than enough to prove they belong and can hold their own. Just do me a favor and drop the game in Lexington though. Thanks. Go CATS!!!
Unfortunately, I can. This teams margin for error is much less than last years and they have had a bad habit of hurting their chances (missed field goals and dropped passes in the end zone). Plus, its seems they have turned the ball over much more this year than last (to lazy to look it up). Anyway, Go CATS!!!
The only "UK fan" I know of who takes more glee form loses than wins. Make of the what you will. UK lost much off of last years roster and than lost its QB. They are finding their way right now. I said 7-5 at worst before the season started and still feel that way. Sould be a tight game with whoever makes the fewest turnovers coming out on top. Go CATS!!!
I agree, this "twist" is far less than what my brothers/cousins/friends and I would do to one another growing up playing wrestling. Kash is guilty about not being honest on what he did, but he's not guilty of twisting the guys foot. Go CATS!!!
Paris10 is your crazy family member who sits in the corner of the room talking to himself, saying the same things over and over (Stoops can't coach, Barnhart's a bad AD, football schedule is weak, etc.) He has 3-4 issues that he repeats over and over, post to post. Don't know if he's a dirty bird fan trolling or just had several small strokes that he's unaware of. If it's the former than that's normal behavior for that fan base, if it's the later than hopefully someone helps him get the medical attention he deserves. To my fellow SEC lodge brothers/sisters on this site, know that the vast majority of UK fans are very happy with where Barnhart and Stoops have the program. Go CATS!!!
Sadly, this video is all too true and reflects how many long time UK football fans feel. At least it's not 33 and counting. Go CATS!!!
You make some valid points, I also don't understand how UK isn't at least receiving some AP voting love. Terry also passed well considering it was the first game of the season and he didn't get the opportunity to do much of that last year. Not sure about the 11 wins (like your confidence though)as that a challenge even for the powers of college football. Go CATS!!!
So true about Leonard's losers. Even though more often than not he usually said "Leonard's loser, Kentucky", I still listen for in the hope that we would pick the other team. I wish he were around now because I believe the CATS would fair better with his predictions. Go CATS!!!
Paris10, your post remind me of the saying that if you remain silent people may think you're an idiot, but if you speak you could remove all doubt. Go CATS!!!
I have no problem at all with the AP poll. Motivation. Go CATS!!!
Unless your speaking of basketball, than UK has never had a top ten football recruiting class. Maybe only once, top twenty, not sure. Go CATS!!!
More than A&M, SC, UM, UA, MSU, and Vandy combined. Football school. Go CATS!!!
If I was a betting man I would fill pretty confident on the over. Go CATS!!!