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Very sad. One of my favorite UK athletes/personalities regardless of sport. They don't make many of his type and it hurts to lose one. Go CATS!!!
Great showing by the CATS. Bottom half of available budget, top half of results. Go CATS!!!
Dirty birds being dirty birds. Go CATS!!!
Hard to argue with any of this. Unless there are major surprises with some new players in the secondary, then the defense will most likely take a step back. Hopefully, no more than allowing 24 points a game. And like he said, hopefully the offense can offset this with more points themselves. Go CATS!!!
QB play will be better, running back will take a step back, O-line will be equal to or better, and receiving group is a big question mark and key to how well the offense does. Fourth in the east at worst. Go CATS!!!
It's time to live up to your potential Nick, for your sake and UK's. Go CATS!!!
Someone says UK won't be good at football, and in other news the sky is blue. People still think this is the traditional UK football program. False. Stoops is creating a new tradition. Go CATS!!!
Wilson should have at least been in the tier four group. Go CATS!!!
Well deserved award without question. Has improved, and in some cases, greatly improved every team and their facilities. UK is currently tied for sixth in the Learfield IMG College Directors’ Cup standings, which is on pace to be their highest finish ever. Prior to Mitch, UK would have needed binoculars to see sixth place. Go CATS!!!
MOST years it still is Kentucky and than the others. But the increase emphasis by the league schools is good for Kentucky. Go CATS!!!
I believe he grew up a OSU fan and if you are going to be a backup, I guess it's better to be one at the school you are a fan of. Good luck to him and Go CATS!!!
Allen, is a five star player with five star character. Got stronger and more fearsome for QB's as the game went on. Will be successful at the next level. Go CATS!!!
Indiana basketball sure ain't what she used to be as well. Go CATS!!!
I would agree that the secondary is the biggest concern, followed by receivers and defensive ends (can anyone come anywhere close to putting pressure on the QB like Allen). Schedule appears favorable for al least 6, maybe 7 wins if new guys are descent. If they are better than descent or the football bounces our way, 8 or 9 is possible. With all the new guys hitting the field I'll be content with 7 and hope for better. Go CATS!!!
One fact not mentioned, last years games were on TBS. More people have access to network games than the cable games. Go CATS!!!
I certainly think and hope the Tigers can win. Make Virginia beat you at your best, don't help them by not playing to your potential (see CATS free throw shooting in their last game for example). If they play how they have and don't get caught up in the spectacle, they very well could be playing Monday night. Go Tigers, and Go CATS!!
I think someone copied my bracket, except for Houston over UK, not going to happen. Go CATS!!!
Hopefully we can remain first on this list for years to come. Go CATS!!!