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The 16-17 and 18-19 teams were good teams. This team has more in common with the 15-16 and 17-18. Because there appears to be no team(s) heads above the others, they could get on a run in tournament, but as of now they could just as likely lose their second game. If you think this is a good team more power to you, but most of those I know see this as an under performing team. Time will tell which of us is right. As a CATS fan I hope you are. Go CATS!!!
By Kentucky standards this is a true observation. Beaten by Evansville (NIT ranking of 249), Utah (60), and S. Car. (109). Ohio St (17) is the only understandable loss. Good Kentucky teams don't get beat by these teams. Again, no great teams so they still have a chance to make a run. Now you make the case that I'm wrong. Go CATS!!!
This is not a good Kentucky team. The only thing going for them is there are no great teams this year. Go CATS!!!
True but not surprising. Despite the success of UK football over the last four season, we'll still be projected to finish in sixth place this coming season in the east at 6-6 overall and 2-6 in conference. We are the Charlie Brown in SEC football. Time to prove people wrong yet again. Go CATS!!!
That's great. Will look good on the wall of the man cave. Congrats LSU. Go CATS!!!
It would be a hard argument against this, as what LSU did this season is amazing. Congrats LSU, its fans, and the SEC. Go CATS!!!
This Kentucky resident most definitely wants the LSU Tigers to take it all. Go SEC and Go CATS!!!
Considering how UK shut Louisville down and Louisville is moving at will against MSU, good call keeping him around. Go CATS!!!
Going to assume UK-VT game should have been 26-25 {25???}. If UT shows up then no way they get beat by the Hoosiers. Go CATS!!!
A coaching staff that has proven apt at making connections to players, proven they can win in the best football league, proven the can develop players (four AP 1st team AA's in the past two years) that were not 4 and 5 star high school players and get players into the league.
The best of the best. Go ARMY, Go NAVY, Go US MILITARY.
Well deserved and expected. Go CATS!!!
Run the ball on the dirty birds. They don't do well at stopping it. Go CATS!!!
Not unlike a CNN or MSNBC story, this statement is incorrect. Go CATS!!!
I've learned not to get overly concerned about how the team is playing in Nov/Dec. If they are still playing poorly in Feb. than I'll start worrying about a short tournament run. With Cal, I've seen this movie before and it usually takes care of itself with the players growing up and learning the college game. Go CATS!!!
Arkansas should be last having not won a SEC game. Their fans would probably agree. Go CATS!!!
Great player and person, truly pray you recover 100% and return to what you love doing. Go CATS!!!
What if Bear Bryant had stayed at Kentucky? Go CATS!!!
Every single time. Every time I try to talk smack, we go down. It takes some of the joy out of sports when you can't talk smack knowing your team is going down if you do. Just unbelievable how many times I've been burned this way. Go CATS and I hope all the teams you follow have great seasons.
Until we take care of business on the field against you guys, can't really say nothing but congrats. Go CATS!!!
Look forward to the day when the CATS are on top of the football power rankings. Stoops has us on our way to that prize, just ask Paris for conformation. Until then though, I gladly take 1st in basketball. Go CATS!!!
Undefeated UK vs. undefeated dirty birds in late Dec. is very possible. Would be great to pluck their feathers in such a scenario. Go CATS!!!