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There should be at least ONE UK player on this list!!!!! We return all our starter besides Jon Toth on the OL and we had TWO 1,000 yard rushers!!!!! Has SDS forgotten that Kentucky plays in the SEC?
Agreed!!! I guess getting hammered
Why can't Kentucky do it? We did it last year and although Boom Williams is gone we have a really good redshirt freshman in AJ Rose. Rose has the same playing style as Boom and from what I hear, he's faster than Boom. We also have 4 star ATH Lynn Bowden who will probably get a lot of snaps out of the wildcat formation. We lose our center Jon Toth but the coaching staff is really high on our new cent Butchy Stallings.
Coaches deserting like rats? 2 people left!!!!! You obviously don't have a clue what your talking about!!!!! When we win the east this year I hope you shove this nonsense up your ass!!!!!!
Do what Kentucky did and make your own title.
We all know this is a shot at UK. Just go ahead and say it please.
I'm not trying to be a homer but I seriously believe Kentucky will be in the top 25 some point next year. We return most of starters and we bring in a top 20 recruiting class. Watch out guys
GT has the dirtiest team in CFP!!!! Tennessee will eat them alive!!!!
True Kentucky Legend!!!!!! Thank you Boom!!!!
Very proud of this team!!!!!!! We can only build on this and get better!!!! I have a good feeling about next year #BBN
He was angry at the refs for not calling a chop block that hurt 2 of our players
Not only is the BIG 12 the worst league in CFB...THEY HAVE THE WORST REFS TOO!!!!! Who would have ever thought!!!!!!!
So if nothing happens what would that mean for Washington State????
If you actually knew how to read then you would have noticed that the article said the stat was taken for people who played 50% of their teams stats. Just goes to show your true stupidity.
Did anybody see when he was asked about UGA and he said "we'll see the Nov. 18th"? Calling out UGA I like it!!!!!!
Come to UK and keep the recruiting success going!!!!!
This isn't team awards it's individual awards.
Paris your that guy who sits at the back of the bar with nothing positive to say. Let's see Kentucky was the only team in the SEC with TWO 1,000 yard rushers. Gran also had to quickly change the offense from a pass first with Drew Barker to a run first with Stephen Johnson. Also, it's not a fluke that Kentucky put up 581 yards against one of the best defenses in the country in Louisville. Your just mad that somebody can actually succeed at Kentucky.
Sorry, accidentally hit the send button while typing. What I was trying to say was I understand why Alabama gets all these awards and don't get me wrong, all of them are deserving. But why can't a Mason or Stoops be coach of the year or maybe a Snell or Bentley be Freshman of the year. Might as well just rename this the Alabama awards.
I understand why Alabama
I feel feel bad for you Hogs fans. Ed Cunningham and Mike Patrick are the worst.
In my opinion you could pick Nick Saban for coach of the year every year it how about about other people like Muschamp, Stoops, or Mason. Also how didn't AT LEAST 1 UK player make any of the lists. Just goes to show how much disrespect this program still gets.