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Good 3rd down defense, but was was our 4th down defense rated? Spying on 4th and 14 against Will Grier with the game on the line may have been the best example of why this is happening.
"In fact, Tennessee entered this season having lost their last contests against 10 of its 2015 opponents." I might be reading this incorrectly, but I think it's supposed to mean "ten of Tennessee's twelve opponents on the Vols' 2015 schedule beat the Vols the last time the teams played." If that is what it's supposed to mean, that's very wrong. There's an incredible amount of sheer logic that makes it extremely improbable anyways, but the easiest way is we won 3 East games last year and play those 3 teams again which only leaves 9 games to consider. Then we played Bowling Green for the first time ever this year and will play WCU for the first time ever in a few weeks... down to 7. Then there's the irrelevant loss to North Texas in 1975. But I'm probably just reading that line wrong.
I'm not sure what point you were trying to make, but Tennessee has two quarterbacks in the NFL (Manning, Bray - on IR).
"Georgia surrendered a punt return for a touchdown by Minkah Fitzpatrick last week." Fan-TAS-tic. Punt block scores count as returns, aye?
There's something pretty funny about calling a 32 year old man a "brat".
Unrelated to the point of the article... does anyone proofread these before they're published to SDS?
Yeah, call me a homer, but I see it making more since to stay ranked at #25 by losing to #19 by a touchdown in double OT than being ranked #6 and and beating an unranked FCS team by a touchdown in OT. That thought expands to the actual rankings as well as these theoretical rankings.
I was going to say, that reminded me of that Key and Peele skit, and sure enough that skit showed up as a related video when the video ended.
Hahaha, K. If you believe that "Henry not being number 1 was made by several people on here from different fan bases" is true, then there's no point in talking to you - hit Ctrl+F, type "Henry" and start hitting Enter and see what emblem is beside every "Henry should be #1" comment. I think you'll find all of them but three have an Alabama icon next to their name, and one of the two that doesn't have one is named crymsontyde3. Some how I feel like you'll still find a way to argue that inarguable concrete fact. Then consider the bammer mentality that 30014 mentioned... you encompass. You are literally still complaining because Derrick Henry wasn't #1 on the list. You are a picture perfect example of what I am talking about. I appreciate you proving my point. I'm done. Not going to discuss anything with anyone that can't make those basic observations and feels entitled enough to decide how to weigh categories in a ranking system that was completely made up by the writer.
Stewart Mandel - Born in Ohio, graduates from Northwestern, beats Stanford, starts beating chest like a Twitter gorilla. Nothing to see here.
First, Alvin Kamara should be on this list just looking at week 1 production, but it's hard to debate which player should be dropped from the list based on the full criteria of the post in order to make up for an impressive showing against a solid but less talented Bowling Green team. Second, Nick Chubb is the best running back in the SEC and probably the country, period. There's no debating it. Derrick Henry had a better day than Chubb against a better opponent, but that's not the only criteria. 1. Past performance (career): Chubb - 9 100+ yard games (2 200+ yard games); Henry - 6 100+ yard games 2. Production (career): Chubb - 1667 yards, 16 TDs on 235 carries (7.09 YPC) | 18 receptions for 213 yards, 2 TDs; Henry - 1519 yards, 17 TDs on 221 carries (6.87 YPC) | 8 receptions for 206 yards, 3 TDs 3. Outlook(potential remaining games assumes the players play their full remaining eligibility and play in the regular season plus one bowl game per year. Obviously, the SEC Championship game and playoffs are strong possibilities for both players, but it is much less practical to forecast those than a single preseason game per year.) : Chubb - Sophomore with the potential to play 38 more games. At his current rate, look for Chubb to add around 4,500 yards and 43 more touchdowns to his career total by the time he's done at UGA. Henry - Junior with the potential to play 25 more games. At his current rate, Henry should add just over 1,580 yards and 18 TDs. It's safe to assume that Henry will add more than 1,580 yards now that he's appears the feature back for the next 2 seasons, but the wide deviation in projected totals should be noted. I left out the talent section because that's subjective. Some people would say barreling through a line for 5 yards to get to a clear 50 yards path to a touchdown is the greater talent. Some people would say that making moves in space and making defenders miss is better. Some would go for the guy that just flat out outruns every defender on the field. There's too much that isn't based in tangible data to use. All of the above is based strictly on stats. If you made it this far, congrats on reading it all and remember... this argument seriously started because an Alabama fan was upset at not getting first place, even if it was just a Saturday Down South article that doesn't affect the shape of college football in anyway. Whoddathunkit?