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No need to look any further than Alejandro Villanueva of the Steelers to see how an Army Ranger, decorated with a Bronze Star for valor reacts when the anthem is played.
I can't figure SEC NATION not wanting want to be in College Station in 2 weeks. Looking at there being a chance of 2 undefeated SEC teams playing.
So there is no confusion on what conference is being renamed, you should go with "MERICA"!
This isn't a story. There are 100s of kids busted for the same thing every night. He is like every other college kid away from mom and dad. Not saying he shouldn't have been picked up, just no need to write a news story about it. He is 18 yrs old kid for God sake.
I agree Hurd's production is down, but my issue is people still calling Tennessee's o-line "so-so". Just look what they were able to do against Alabama. The Vols had 132 total rushing yards against what most everyone calls the very best run defense in the country. By comparison Arkansas, with what some say is the best o-line in the SEC, had a grand total of 44 rushing yards. Tennessee's line did that with 2 true freshman on the right side, in their very first start. I don't know if they have started the same 5 guys in more than 2 games in a row. That group is not getting the credit they deserve this year! They are not the same o-line of last year.
I know the o-line was inexperienced, but I wonder how much is the fault of the line coach. Look at how the mostly senior line "disappointed" last year, after being one of the best groups in the nation under Pittman, they never performed the way they did the previous year.
Oh my God! A college guy flirting with a hot girl! This is news?
The glaring weak point of this years Volunteer football team is the Offensive line. I know they are a young group that came in into this season with little to no experience. But they have not shown much, if any improvement over 5 games this year. You add the fact that besides Ja'waun James, last years group was not nearly as dominant as they were under Sam Pittman. Mahoney seems to be well liked by the players, but doesn't seem capable to get them ready for SEC football. I just hope Coach Jones is not loyal to a fault. Something had to change for the Vols to be competitive in SEC. More importantly, something needs to change before Worley gets seriously hurt. As tough as he has become this year, he can only take so much of the pounding he has taken so far this year.