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I actually think Gatorboy14 wishes he could be a Vol. I also would love to see a post where he is the first to post, and NO ONE RESPONDS!
This young man is so special! He work ethic, attitude, and likeability! After getting off the field, he is always coaching up and talking up the players (both sides of the ball) on the sidelines. Ever since he caught the up for grabs ball against GA, he has been one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES!!! He is a true example for all!
Hhhmmmm.....Did ANYONE catch the botched refereeing in TN/AL game? What about stopping the clock when TN was in hurry up offense at the goal line in wildcat formation, and the ref just blows the whistle to stop play???? There was no explanation from the refs...missed targeting that took off the helmet of Guarantano? Target call on Bituli....AL gets calls just given to them. I so agree that officiating in SEC has been HORRIBLE across the board!!