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Thanks for the ideas guys but we wait until there are no decent Pwer 5 level coaches left and then go for the next Derrick Dooley type.
Unless I'm missing something, this kid is a perfect fit in Tennessee's backfield. This kid can fly which adds a whole other option/weapon. I just don't see how a stand in the pocket passer compares to a guy who can easily get 6 or 7 yards in a pinch.
As the ship is sinking Fulmer pretends that all is well because he is too proud to admit that he made the wrong hire. If he doesn't do something soon our coaching search will again be from the bargain bin of MAC and Sunbelt offerings.
I'm waiting on Pruitt and company to try and move Salter to a defensive position next year. We cannot have a mobile QB! We want a QB who stands there as the pocket collapses and goes down without a fight.
That's not how it works. Please educate yourself.
Changing coaches every 4 years or so, sometimes after just one bad season, is one of the reasons Tennessee is where they are..says the team who went through 3 or 4 coaches before they hired Saban... BuT tHat'S DiFFerEnT!
The only thing less like than Tennessee giving Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky or West Virginia a good game is Phil Fulmer admitting that he made a mistake in the Pruitt hire. He's way too proud to proud to admit he was wrong. Pruitt will land on his feet no matter what happens. Those two concepts are a deadly combination. Fulmer is still trying to maintain the narrarative where people say, "We shouldn't have fired Fulmer back then." The rest of the powers that be have zero interest in doing anything about the current state. They remember the last coaching search and are happy to just let things be and blame it all on COVId19 even though every other school dealt with it and some schools were affected far worse.
There were reports earlier that he was very interested in the Tennessee job. Not sure if that was rumor or fact.
There are probably 4 or 5 coaches in the country who could come in and have us competitive in year one. That being said, if we don't indentify and hire one, we have really placed having a winning program in the back burner.
It's the exact same thing Bama went through during the Shula, Franchione Price etc phase. It was almost like Bama was hurting the coaches then too!
I''m not on the internet! But my assistants are and they report to me what's being said when they bring me my Oatmeal Cream Pie!
Very possible. You don't have to be as good of a coach when you have a stable full of 4 and 5 stars. Pruitt struggles when the table isn't set for him already. His award winning personality and genius level coaching mind just don't seem to be enough alone. Saban only gives them enough to get done what he wants. He's not equipping them with everything they could ever need to get snatched up and become a thorn in his side by folks who think that all things Bama equal coaching success.
If Phil and the powers that be don't care about winning, why should anyone else? No one gets 3 years to prove that they are headed in the right direction. Not in The SEC. We are not progressing as we should be. Too many excuses, too many signs that we will keep doing the same thing and never getting better results. Funny how Tennessee fans are heavily criticized for wanting a proven coach and no one bats an eye when Auburn fires Malzahn with a winning record.
DON'T FIRE PRUITT!! No, let's wait until all the other teams make their moves and get the guys they want...then we will be left fighting for someone who hasn't proven that they can win in the SEC. Maybe if we are lucky we can get an unproven coach from The MAC or Sunbelt conference! That way of thinking has worked so well for us! WAKE UP FULMER!! IF YOU LOVE THIS PROGRAM AS YOU SAY YOU DO, YOU WILL PUT YOUR EGO ASIDE, ADMIT THAT PRUITT WASN'T READY FOR THE BIG LEAGUES AND GO HIRE A COACH WHO CAN GET US BACK TO BEING RELEVANT. ANYTHING ELSE SAYS THAT YOU ARE SPITEFUL ABOUT BEING FIRED AND TOO PROUD TO ADMIT THAT YOU SCREWED UP. THE TIME IS NOW. NOT 2 YEARS DOWN THE ROAD!!!!
Same. I'm a 20 year donor but no longer after today. When Tennessee shows me that they are serious about football again, I will pay attention. Until then, I will spend my time and money elsewhere. Not pitching a fit here but 10 years from relevance is far far too long.I wish UT the best but this once proud program deserves better than what we've seen. This is downright embarrassing. Everyone else can see it but not Phil.
If you think anyone is skeert of JP you are sadly mistaken. You might be shaking but no one else is!
I could not care any less about where a coach grew up or his lineage. I want a proven winner. We the fans, the ones who support byour program are tired of second rate bargain basement coaches. Get off your ass and hire a winner Fulmer.
Fulmer is too proud to admit that he made a mistake. He will blame Covid19 as an excuse for the Vols continued woes although EVERY SINGLE OTHER TEAM had to deal with the same issues. Pruitt is in over his head. Everyone knows this except Pruitt and Fulmer. The only hope is to bite the bullet, fire Pruitt and hire Freeze. If we don't we will lose out on a proven Power 5 coach and we will have to pick from the list of possible up-and-comers from the Sun Belt AAC or MAC conferences. They will likely not be up to the task and we will be in the same position 5 years from now. You can't keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results.
Please!!! no more infomercials in place or actual articles about the teams.
For Fulmer to make a change that would mean admitting that maybe he made a mistake. That will NEVER happen. So, what will happen is this. We will finish the season with 2, maybe 3 wins if we're lucky. Fulmer will blame it on Covid19 and Pruitt will let someone on staff go. Then we will do just as badly next year and the decide to look elsewhere. By that time any of the coaches who could have led us back to prominence will be snatched up, most likely by our rivals, and then we will search for our next unproven coach and start this whole mess over again.
We aren't interested in Freeze. We are looking for a coach with no Power 5 experience and only limited success in the SunBelt or AAC.
I'll tell you what Tennessee fans are expecting...improvement from year to year, ability to finish a game and score points in the second half, a coach who doesn't get his feelings hurt when asked about his on the field product and results. We take one step forward and 5 steps back.
If losing this game means an earlier exit for Pruitt, I'm all for it! We have shown zero improvement and our players are going through the motions in the 2nd half. This is on the coach. We have talent and we have 1st class facilities. Now we need a fire in his gut coach who has proven that he can win at this level. No more first time, learn on the job coaches at UT. If the University acts like being competitive, improving each year and competing for titles is not important, then the fans will stop caring too. It's time to get serious about our football team aka one of our biggest sources of revenue. This program is a sinking ship. If nothing is done then we will just assume that it's not important to the powers that be.
This team hasn't done anything yet and I'm not completely sold on Barnes yet. He tried to jump ship for UCLA and he struggles against Will Wade and Bruce Pearl coached teams. Yes we look good on paper but there are too many unknowns. We have a 7 footer who gets pushed around and no team leaders like Schofield and Grant. I'm not expecting anything other than what we've seen. Lots of promise followed by maybe next year.
Odd that character, and integrity weren't mentioned as qualifications.
Why didn't Georgia get rid of him if he was so awful?