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It could mean the coaches refuse to acknowledge my talent and someone else will.
Find a way to get Jimmy Holiday more involved. Not sure why he hasn't been given a real look at QB. A mobile QB with his speed could be a nightmare for opponents.
Unless Bailey is quick on his feet and can scramble and elude defenders when the pocket collapses then it won't matter if he can throw with pinpoint accuracy or has a cannon for an arm. Our receivers are never open enough often enough to complete those 40 yard bombs.
Jimmy Holiday can play the position. Plus he has 4.38 speed in the 40.
Even Tom Brady couldn't complete those 10-30 yard passes Guarantano threw. Our receivers are covered like a waffle house omelet 90% of the time. We need a mobile quarterback, not another stand-in-the-pocket-until it-collapses and get sacked statue. Jimmy Holiday is the only answer that makes sense at this point. I don't care how good Bailey's arm is. We've got guys who can throw it a mile. We have a QB who has 4.38 speed in the 40. Harrison would be awesome if we had elite receivers but since we don't, then I guess a QB with elite speed will just have to do.
Just hoping that Georgia players don't pull another Brandon Kublanow and dive at Cade's legs from behind. Stay classy Dawgs!
Pride cometh before the fall. Go ahead and get your excuses ready. Georgia may not win Saturday. But it won't have anything to do with your constant trolling.
If Tee Martin's grammar is your problem, then maybe you should focus on the fact that the phrase "Not so much." is not a sentence. I would expect more from a Georgia grad. I'm not sure why though. can still get a Sociology or Criminal Justice degree at Vandy so there's that. Let's not pretend that they are all getting math degrees. Not a lot of Dobbs clones running around on campus there.
I can't wait until you, for once in your miserable life, don't seem like a miserable, unhappy dolt!
Mikebbd, please work on your grammar. Just because you are a Bama fan doesn't mean you have to write like moron.
Worry about what Bama is doing. Stop wasting your tears on other schools.
Whine and cry about things not being fair... You must be a Trump supporter huh Mikebbd?
It's all fun and games until he starts losing. Then his cute quips become like nails on a chalkboard.
Who would a Kentucky fan care how fast we come out of the gate. Worry about the Mildcats brother.
Yet dawg fans act like a whipped pup with it's tail between it's legs when a Bama fan makes a comment. Georgia fans are so bitter and angry about life, it's funny really.
gwhite713 Both were bowl teams. Your a genius by the way, GSU is a division one school. They are in the Sun Belt. Gator education there. lol #1. *You're* not "your"... GENIUS and #2. "Gator education there." Is not a sentence. Did you sleep through your 4 years of 2nd and 3rd grade?
Can you imagine being in Negan's family and being stuck seated by him at the family get together? WOW NO THANKS! He canot just make a simple comment. Everything has to be a diatribe of epic proportions.
Most schools would have tried to distance themselves after the first incident.He was basically caught red handed then. Instead they stuck their head in the sand and pretended to ignore the allegations. It almost reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George was fired and he just kept on showing up at work anyway."Everyone else is doing it" has never worked as an excuse. I tried it many times in elementary school. It's as if he was daring them to do something. One would have thought he would have laid low after last time.
I'm just waiting on Negran and Corch's usual negative comments.
Bituli was definitely a bright spot on our defense. I wonder why King Negan feels the need to comment on EVERY SINGLE article...
Take off the scarf and just do it. Don't talk about what you're going to do...Just do it.
Ricker You are one of the many bitter,angry Georgia fans who just cannot shut up.