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Haven't folks been wagering online since the 90's here in Tennessee?
Rick...scan the globe or at least the country and if there is someone who can help us immediately, GET THEM. Other schools seem to be able to find transfers that help their programs immediately. I realize that you just got a huge raise but we need you to recruit like your job depends on it.
Steak and Beans...much better than the leader of the free world's offer of lukewarm hamberders and cold fries.
You couldn't wait to try to make this a Democrat/Republican thing could you?
Not sure why you felt the need to argue with my comment, but I will try to explain so that even you can understand. Letting a coach go was an all encompassing phrase that means that they didn't do everything they could to keep said coach or firing that coach or as they so delicately put it "going in a different direction" as they did with Holly Warlick.
Not sure why Tennessee has not learned this yet, but for future reference...When you are considering "letting a coach go," Please have a list of 3 or 4 serious candidates who are ready to interview. Preferably one or two of these would be very interested in the position. Firing a coach and then starting your search does not work well and if 2 or 3 candidates turn down the offer then you look desperate. How soon we forgot the football coaching searches in recent years.
It means, give it a rest...find a hobby if you will.
I know there are people who will argue that the O-line isn't the issue but no quarterback can be his best when he's got 2 seconds to get the pass to his receiver.
Is it really necessary to say "I don't like the Vols?" You could have just said, "I hope he gets better." Try to be a little more human. We're talking 18-23 year olds playing a game here.
Yeah idiot...3 conference championships and one Natty during the 90's= "some success" Still butthurt over the whipping we gave you and your one man team... aka Snell? Expect worse next year. (And I didn't even mention the 2-1 record in basketball this year against the ALMIGHTY MILDCATS." You sir, are pathetic.
FormerDawg..stalk, follow obsess with what's going on at Tennessee much? LOL Get a worthwhile hobby. You need to be worried about Florida. They're much more likely to beat you.
He's going to Tennessee...not Missouri. In fact they have their own fan page here...go find it!
smsatUGA ...when you lurk on Tennessee's page just waiting to troll because you have nothing going on in your own life, that's pathetic boss!
And to save our Bama friends from typing... wHo careS abOut bAskitBall? Row TiEd!'s Jussie Smollett. Please wake up and pay attention.
Let me see if I explain it to you without crayons...We were once a top tier football team. We had some bad coaching hires (not unlike Bama) and have suffered the consequences for a decade or so. We are doing whatever we have to to get back to prominence. We will get there. This shouldn't bother you so much! We will surpass Missouri and will beat them on a regular basis sooner rather than later. Meanwhile you can revel in the past glory of Chase Daniels and Michael Sam. Also, maybe attend some anger management courses since Tennessee seems to bother you so much.
Hardly... he's only a legend in your minds. If you think he makes us crazy because we respond to your feeble trolling attempts, think again. Florida fans proving again how classless and bitter they are.
Vandy for sure does not look like an 0-13 team in the conference. I am quite sure that this would be a very different team with Garland in the lineup.
It's sad really. After all these years Tennessee still lives rent free in his head.
One would have thought that you would have learned in second grade that "a lot" is two words, after all you spent 2 years there! Tell that to "light in the loafers" Mullen...
Odom's anger is misplaced...he should be mad at the folks who put his program in this position. I guess it's just easier and safer to be mad at "that other school" rather than blame the people who broke the rules in the first place. Secondly, Tennessee isn't the only school trying to poach their players. Not by a long shot.
boxster fine..visit the UT page. Maybe you could try not being such a d-bag all the time though.
Kind of like SC fans did when all they had was their baseball team... The days of UT losing to SC in football are coming to an end...SOON!
With a number 1 ranking, we will get every team's absolute best effort. All SEC teams have the Tennessee game circled on their calendar. Everyone wants to be the team that beats us.
Laughing at all these Bama and Florida fans with nothing going on in their lives that they come to a Tennessee page to argue. Maybe time for a legit hobby.
Why are you so worried about Tennessee and what they're doing?
From all indications, he's glad to have him around. Fulmer doesn't loom over him like Trump did Clinton during the debates. He gives his full support and lets Pruitt run the show. However he was a head coach and I'm sure it's difficult not to want to help whenever possible. There are many who would love to believe that Pruitt is just a puppet and Fulmer is always second guessing him. It makes for a good story. Having a relative that works in the athletic department that assures me that Fulmer isn't trying to run things leads me to believe just that.