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Comes on a Tennessee fan page, stirs the pot then acts shocked when someone strikes back. Enjoy your win. It was a good game. Congrats. Now move along. Nothing else to see here. Go celebrate.
I haven't felt this much optimism in a Tennessee football team since the comeback wins against Georgia and South Carolina. Can this team win 4 more games?
If they said it, then name them... If not it didn't happen.sounds like they're trying to drum up publicity for what should be a pretty one sided game. I would think they could have found a better to game for prime time.
Haha...bitter much? You just want someone to take it out on.
He was referring to Karma. It is possible to be a top ranked team and win most of your games and still be humble.
Wins? Who needs em? We're 100 times better than last year!
That's because Saban keeps them on a short leash. Also, being a coordinator is vastly different than running a program. Some do ok, many do not.
Not really concerned about what our SEC East rivals think we ought to do. And yes it's a big difference. You fired a guy who won 9 and 10 games in a season. We have a guy who can't beat Georgia State...Yes Big difference.
Says the team that fired Richt after winning 9 and 10 games. Yeah, I'm sure you'd rather us just leave him be...give him a chance...Whatever
Both Georgia and Florida fired their coaches after 9 and 10 win seasons yet somehow Tennessee is being unrealistic when 0-2 with losses to Georgia State and BYU is something we should just live with. I'm old enough to remember the screams about firing their coaches from Bama and Georgia and Florida fans when their teams were nowhere near as bad as ours. I also remember folks saying..."who ya gonna get?" before Bama opened up the wallet and hired Saban. There is a coach out there who can lead us back to prominence. As much as you other fans would rather us just learn to deal with it, I say Thanks but no thanks.
Agree, Fulmer has too much pride to let him go this soon. Although back to back losses to BYU and UT Chattanooga might change his mind. But then what? it isn't like there's a ton of coaches who could come in here and change the program. I think the thing that makes most UT fans mad is not only the lack of effort that was apparent to everyone watching, but the nonchalant attitude that Jeremy Pruitt had about it. This is the same guy who was kicking the whiteboard on the sidelines last year out of anger and somehow losing to Georgia State who went 2-8 last year didn't seem to bother him too much. Like many I had hopes that we would see a definite improvement in team effort and speed. Watching Tennessee play Georgia State look like middle schoolers playing pros. I don't think we could have done much worse if we tried. If that makes me a Nega Vol, so be it. As far as offense goes I don't think anything changes until we get a quarterback who can scramble and extend plays. I don't know how many more times he can get blindsided and violently knocked to the ground and keep getting up. That was one thing that Dobbs was great at was knowing when the pocket was closing in and being able to scramble for an extra 8 to 10 yards.
When our coach acts like he cares, then maybe I will too. My monetary donation to UT each year stops now!
Remember last year when he kicked the whiteboard? Where was that passion yesterday? He acted as if the whole thing was just a minor annoyance.
Says the man whose team got beat by Tennessee last go-round. Kentucky fans have proven what they would be like if they ever had any success. They are almost as bad as the UK basketball fans.
You need a job or a hobby or a girlfriend or boyfriend.
Nice deflection Nashville gator. Actually the "culture" begins and ends with the coach. You can make all the excused that you want but when the coach seems to be annoyed at the questioning then he is the problem.
They will go after the best coach in the country at the time. A lot of Bama fans I've spoken too aren't too high on Jeremy Pruitt unless he completely turns Tennessee around. The hire of Saban shows that they don't care about who is in "the family" or coaching tree. They can almost hire whoever they want although many have said that no one wants to be the one who follows Saban. Nowhere to go but down.
Agree... Especially after all the horrible things he said about Coach Pruitt!
Yes! making fun of the band, who supports you in all kinds of weather and conditions faithfully, is always a good call!
Ok then don't get on wifi. Also stop worrying about what others are doing or not doing. What's good for you may not be for someone else.
Tennessee beats SC this year. Mark my words. B&G still writes like a 2nd grader...mark my words.
B&G your command of the English language is terrible. Educate yourself.
Gatorboy..emphasis on BOY. I didn't have to use Google. I can remember what I read, saw and learned. If you are dumb enough to think that a few minutes of recreation halts any improvement, well then you are even more clueless that you appear to be. Might I suggest a hobby other than obsessing about what's going on on this page? What a sad, lonely and miserable life you must live.
Georgia fans love to go on and on about how poorly Tennessee fans treat them yet the conveniently forget about how badly Florida fans treat them at the swamp and how Bama fans routinely trash them on fan sites etc. But yes, let's focus on Tennessee! Lol
Gatorboy, "meanwhile" (that's two words not one) you allow a game.. a game played by 18-22 year olds to dominate the better part of your life. Get a hobby, take a trip.. do something other than obsess over college football. Surely are smart enough and can use Google to learn that all college football teams do stuff like this. Sometimes they go to movies. Sometimes they go as a group to play putt-putt golf. This is nothing new and Tennessee isn't the only school to do this. Besides, your time would be better spent worrying about Georgia and keeping your players out of jail.