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Says the man whose team got beat by Tennessee last go-round. Kentucky fans have proven what they would be like if they ever had any success. They are almost as bad as the UK basketball fans.
You need a job or a hobby or a girlfriend or boyfriend.
Nice deflection Nashville gator. Actually the "culture" begins and ends with the coach. You can make all the excused that you want but when the coach seems to be annoyed at the questioning then he is the problem.
They will go after the best coach in the country at the time. A lot of Bama fans I've spoken too aren't too high on Jeremy Pruitt unless he completely turns Tennessee around. The hire of Saban shows that they don't care about who is in "the family" or coaching tree. They can almost hire whoever they want although many have said that no one wants to be the one who follows Saban. Nowhere to go but down.
Agree... Especially after all the horrible things he said about Coach Pruitt!
Yes! making fun of the band, who supports you in all kinds of weather and conditions faithfully, is always a good call!
Ok then don't get on wifi. Also stop worrying about what others are doing or not doing. What's good for you may not be for someone else.
Tennessee beats SC this year. Mark my words. B&G still writes like a 2nd grader...mark my words.
B&G your command of the English language is terrible. Educate yourself.
Gatorboy..emphasis on BOY. I didn't have to use Google. I can remember what I read, saw and learned. If you are dumb enough to think that a few minutes of recreation halts any improvement, well then you are even more clueless that you appear to be. Might I suggest a hobby other than obsessing about what's going on on this page? What a sad, lonely and miserable life you must live.
Georgia fans love to go on and on about how poorly Tennessee fans treat them yet the conveniently forget about how badly Florida fans treat them at the swamp and how Bama fans routinely trash them on fan sites etc. But yes, let's focus on Tennessee! Lol
Gatorboy, "meanwhile" (that's two words not one) you allow a game.. a game played by 18-22 year olds to dominate the better part of your life. Get a hobby, take a trip.. do something other than obsess over college football. Surely are smart enough and can use Google to learn that all college football teams do stuff like this. Sometimes they go to movies. Sometimes they go as a group to play putt-putt golf. This is nothing new and Tennessee isn't the only school to do this. Besides, your time would be better spent worrying about Georgia and keeping your players out of jail.
Well cockfan...we were kind of relevant that year after Peyton left in 1998 when we won the natty. After that we had 3 or 4 10 win seasons and an 11 win season. That's kind of relevant, No?
Funny, you weren't saying that when he was on Georgia's staff...
Is there any doubt that if he had not been so successful recently, they would have dropped him like a hot potato?
These are all legit reasons why Bama doesn't hand over the program to him. First year coach or not, He has a long long way to go and a lot to accomplish before he's given the opportunity to be the face of Alabama football.
Pruitt is no Saban. Not even close. He would have to get Tennessee to where they are competing for at least SEC East Championships before the Bama faithful would not go bonkers over giving him the reigns. First he has to be able to beat Vandy, Mizzou on the regular and then handle Florida and Georgia next. This could take some time if it even happens. Don't get me wrong. I like the guy, but turning the #1 program over to Pruitt, who made some questionable decisions this past year would be a stretch at this point.
Haven't folks been wagering online since the 90's here in Tennessee?
Rick...scan the globe or at least the country and if there is someone who can help us immediately, GET THEM. Other schools seem to be able to find transfers that help their programs immediately. I realize that you just got a huge raise but we need you to recruit like your job depends on it.
Steak and Beans...much better than the leader of the free world's offer of lukewarm hamberders and cold fries.
You couldn't wait to try to make this a Democrat/Republican thing could you?
Not sure why you felt the need to argue with my comment, but I will try to explain so that even you can understand. Letting a coach go was an all encompassing phrase that means that they didn't do everything they could to keep said coach or firing that coach or as they so delicately put it "going in a different direction" as they did with Holly Warlick.
Not sure why Tennessee has not learned this yet, but for future reference...When you are considering "letting a coach go," Please have a list of 3 or 4 serious candidates who are ready to interview. Preferably one or two of these would be very interested in the position. Firing a coach and then starting your search does not work well and if 2 or 3 candidates turn down the offer then you look desperate. How soon we forgot the football coaching searches in recent years.
It means, give it a rest...find a hobby if you will.
I know there are people who will argue that the O-line isn't the issue but no quarterback can be his best when he's got 2 seconds to get the pass to his receiver.