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Bituli was definitely a bright spot on our defense. I wonder why King Negan feels the need to comment on EVERY SINGLE article...
Take off the scarf and just do it. Don't talk about what you're going to do...Just do it.
Ricker You are one of the many bitter,angry Georgia fans who just cannot shut up.
Waiting on Negron to impart his usual dose of 5 page soliloquy all in caps!
Meanwhile fans of other schools will chastise us for letting him go just like they did Fulmer. But oddly enough, neither was picked up or offered a real job at a power 5 school. Which leads me to ask..If they were such good coaches, why didn't other schools jump at the chance to hire them?
Perfect hair for a Georgia recruit, although he'll probably end up at Florida where the hair will match the jorts.
Maybe you should re-read the article about the issue. Educate yourself a little. Your blind hate for all things Tennessee is laughable. Kinda like your mom.
You need help.. Seriously. Please get back on your meds.
Georgia fans sure are salty! Most miserable bunch of fans in the SEC hands down!
I agree with the QB analysis but it seriously sucks when Florida beats us with a first time QB twice in the last few years. I still think that Holiday is our ace in the hole.
Hype has not been our friend in the last decade. Most true Vol fans are cautiously optimistic but then you have the ones who say This is our year" every year. I'll be happy when we are on the same level as Georgia and Florida in the East year in and year out.
You mean Brad Paisley whose net worth is like 95 million? You sir are the no-name.
Nerd:Noun (Nurd) a name Georgia folks give to anyone who passes college algebra..I mean kollij aljebra.
We should ask ourselves, What would Nick Saban do in a situation like this? Nothing? Cool!
USMC I'll bet you're the type of guy who wears his USMC hat to restaurants in hopes that someone will say "thanks for your service." and buy your meal.
Ditto, I love comedy but funny maine is not really funny at all. I've tried to listen with an open mind but that guy is LAME
Because boxter being the Georgia fan is always about fairness and fair play LOL
What's odd is that all of the other SEC programs are doing work, signing high caliber players etc but the focus has been on UT. I think it's because instead of the usual 3 star recruits, we are starting to become attractive to a few 4 and 5 star players. But it's still early and a lot can happen in the coming months. I still cringe when I see folks proclaiming " We're back!" I guess some didn't learn anything from the past decade. Stay humble Vol fans. Yes we are on the right track but until we win the East, we are not "Back."
Thanks for the kind words Geaux Long. True Vol fans know that we still have a way to go to get back to relevance. We are getting closer every year. Congrats on your Natty and Heisman winner. Geaux Tigahs!
They just aren't used to Tennessee having this much good fortune recruiting wise. This kind of success and recognition is old hat for programs like Bama, Ohio State and Georgia. Time will tell how it all pans out. No one who knows football is saying "We're back!" yet. Still a few years away from that.
Agree, he is a complete jerk. He is the drunk uncle that no one wants to be around at Thanksgiving. His retorts are childish.