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I hardly think that voicing his frustration during the end of the Butch Jones era makes him "problematic" off field. He apologized which is a huge first step, then he made things right by being a stellar team mate and leader.
Dirty South knows everything! Don't believe it? Just ask him!
He's no Jameis Winston...I hope he gets another shot.
Georgia focuses on Tennessee instead of Florida. That's SMART!
"This stories" are nothing. Y'all are still ok. You get elite talent year after year. You've beaten us 3 years in a row but somehow WE'RE the biggest enemy/rival you have? That may be your problem. You guys need to focus on Florida and Bama. We're just a little puppy yet.
Gatorboy you might want to reconsider coming to Knoxville that day. Both of the Motel 6's and the Super 8 are being remodeled and won't be available.
Let me be clear about this...No one or should I say no credible fans with half a brain think that Tennessee is going to win the East next year. That being said, if a few miracles happen and the stars line up correctly, we might have an outside shot at best. We have to beat Florida and Georgia first. Until that happens, please, as much as you would like to believe it, do not believe for a second that all us Vols fans think that we will be in The SEC championship game next year. We have our share of idiot fans too.
Blaming this on Phil? Let me blame all of the world's problems on the Obamas right?
No worse than Brandon Kublanow going after Tuttle and ending his season.
True. I'm pretty sure he and maybe Cooper as well will play on Sundays no matter where they go.
Yeah, that speed and elusiveness is just smoke and mirrors.
Yeah that's what happened. Ol Phil got on the phone and shed some tears and they invited us instead. That's exactly how it went down. Are we not allowed to voice a preference? And if we speak up for our preferences, is that crying? If that's the case it sounds like maybe you guys should have done a little more advocating for what you wanted. whoever or however the decision was made I'm sure it's not because someone cried.
All these other fans worried about what bowl we're going to. #petty
The fact that you troll this page tells me that you're worried. We will surpass the Gators soon. Mark my words.
Ha! A salty Arkansas fan who is mad at the world because of their teams ineptitude.
He was completely looking the other way when this happened. Lemme guess, he has pinpoint accuracy when he can't even see.
When some programs fire their coaches, they immediately get lambasted for doing so... When Missouri does it they're just refusing to settle for mediocrity.
Play Simmons against Missouri and if we win, hold him out against Vandy and save him for the bowl game. This kid has a huge upside, has high moral character and is a leader. We're going to be hearing a lot more from Mr. Simmons.
Never thought I'd say this but Gromit your opinion is WRONG on so many levels. Pruitt does not throw his players under the bus. He continued to speak highly of Guarantano even after he went rogue and called his own number against Bama. If Butch was such a good coach then why didn't some other school snatch him up when he was let go at Tennessee?? Think you're right? Well, literally no one else agrees with you at all!! But I guess we're all wrong and you are right LOL. Everyone, even the usual Tennessee naysayers have said that Tennessee is in a much better place now than they were under Butch. Time will prove you wrong. Butch going 0-8 in the conference and 4-6 overall in year 3 showed that he was going backwards. Butch never beat an SEC west team and never beat Muschamp...Guess who has? I'm not ready to crown Pruitt king of all Tennessee coaches but even Ray Charles could see that this team is better. If Champions Of Life, 5 star hearts and all that jazz seems like something a better coach would say then by all means hire him at Arkansas.
So we're supposed to let you trash Georgia fans just say whatever you want without a reply? You guys have thought you were an elite program for years but you can't win a Natty, can't with the games that $%$# the bed every time you're on the big stage. You recently lost 2 years in a row to a mediocre Tennessee team. We know we've been awful lately. We don't try to pretend that we were'nt. You on the other hand, need to learn some humility. Remember, pride comes before the downfall. Your day is coming. You can only have the best recruits year after year with nothing to show for it for so long...