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It seemed like the powers that be at LSU had already decided that they weren't willing to distance themselves from Wade even before they heard all the evidence. They had a coach who was doing well and they didn't want to give that up. Please spare me the "whatabout this team or that team?" responses... We're talking about big hips Will Wade here! LOL
Sorry to hear this! They seemed like such a happy couple on tv. She definitely seemed supportive of him during the season but I guess it goes to show that you never know what goes on behind closed doors.
“Many in the liberal media are using coronavirus in an attempt to demonize and destroy the president”....except he does a pretty good job of demonizing himself.
Agree, the virus is out of control with no vaccine yet.It's not the virus so much as the strain on medical resources.
Why you so salty Booches? Focus on what Mizzou is doing or not doing and don't worry bout Tennessee so much.
I have heard that he has already apologized to the girlfriend and she requested that he keep her name and anything related to her out of the media and social media.
It can only help if we start holding these "kids" to their decisions without always having a saftey net. It's just good preparation for the real world that isn't so accommodating.
We'e all done stuff like that is NOT an excuse. try again.
This shouldn't be a story...Yeah we should hide stuff like that and sweep it under the rug!
Yeah's all a conspiracy. If it were true then the SEC would have made us fix the field long ago.
Kind of like you guys did when Brandon Kublanow cheap shotted Tuttle. You cannot be serious if you are trying to compare the two. Kublanow hunted him down and lunged at Tuttle's knees. Chubb was in the middle of being tackled. Again Kublanow dove at Tuttle's knees when he had his back to him. Until you can admit that these two circumstances are completely different then you have ZERO credibility.
Ha we own crotch irvin. We occupy his thoughts. Look at the amount of time he spends on our page. A secure person wouldn't even waste their time typing out message after message. Keep frequenting The Tennessee Vols page crotch. It just makes you look really insecure and desperate for attention. Spending as much time as you do on SDS shows the quality of life you must have. Maybe you should get a hobby. I'm sorry your mommy didn't show you enough attention growing up.
Ok Bama without a Championship. Oh yeah.. Mahomes father was in 5th grade the last time Georgia won a Natty so there's that. Now, crawl back under your rock troll!
Bitter much Class of 98? I'm sorry you're so miserable.
This was the worst acting job ever. That ref has an obvious chip on his shoulder. Rumor has it that he's a big Penny supporter, so that may explain his actions.
BBall player No one is blaming the loss on this. Please pay attention and try to keep up here. We are discussing the bump that allegedly happened. Please try to be relevant with your comments.
I don't think he'll be a Vol. I get the feeling that he doesn't consider them big time enough for his liking.
I hardly think that voicing his frustration during the end of the Butch Jones era makes him "problematic" off field. He apologized which is a huge first step, then he made things right by being a stellar team mate and leader.
Dirty South knows everything! Don't believe it? Just ask him!
He's no Jameis Winston...I hope he gets another shot.
Georgia focuses on Tennessee instead of Florida. That's SMART!
"This stories" are nothing. Y'all are still ok. You get elite talent year after year. You've beaten us 3 years in a row but somehow WE'RE the biggest enemy/rival you have? That may be your problem. You guys need to focus on Florida and Bama. We're just a little puppy yet.
Gatorboy you might want to reconsider coming to Knoxville that day. Both of the Motel 6's and the Super 8 are being remodeled and won't be available.
Let me be clear about this...No one or should I say no credible fans with half a brain think that Tennessee is going to win the East next year. That being said, if a few miracles happen and the stars line up correctly, we might have an outside shot at best. We have to beat Florida and Georgia first. Until that happens, please, as much as you would like to believe it, do not believe for a second that all us Vols fans think that we will be in The SEC championship game next year. We have our share of idiot fans too.