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Funny, Texas and Oklahoma act like they know without a doubt that they are already in the SEC yet Sankey isn't so sure.
What if you left your conference to join the SEC and they decided not to let you join?
It’s curious why Vol Nation takes for granted it will beat Pitt. I wonder why you care...
Vitello has zero interest in LSU according to sources. He is happy with what he has accomplished at UT thus far and is optimistic about his future here and the stadium upgrades.
Sounds more like he's giving Tennessee fans props rather than whining about it.
Is he really that bad? Who would you rather see calling the games?
The fact that we have so many GA and Fla fans spending so much time arguing about an article of opinions about a team that is so far down that these GA and Fla and SC fans say they have no chance of doing anything of note is laughable!
No one with a brain thinks this league will do anything other than fold after a season or two.
I for one am tired of listening to Stephen A Smith yell. All that fake misplaced anger!
You can tell the character of a man when he tries to kick a program that's been down.
Negan, Undergrad at UT Grad school at Duke. Please try to keep up.
Is your mom ok? She was last time I was with her.
This would be the most Atlanta Falcons thing to do. And they wonder why they can't progress to the elite level.
Pro style QB? How about one who can create plays with his feet? THAT'S what we really need.
I hope that he gets the mental health medication and counseling he so desperately needs.
Nice false equivalency argument LegHumper.
Grand Funk Railroad didn't sing American Woman...The Guess Who did though.
No more guards or small forwards for next season unless they are the real deal. We need a big man in the middle who isn't skinny and doesn't get pushed around and has a nasty streak...Got it Coach Barnes?
Bags of cash? Still waiting on the proof since the allegation was made months ago. Maybe the NCAA will just ignore it like they did Will Wade.
Flounder down the stretch? I bet you personally have a lot of experience with that.
Tennessee fans are FAR from the worst. But I wouldn't expect any other response from someone from a school who refuses to fire Will Wade despite him being caught red-handed cheating. Before you bring up Jeremy Pruitt, we will take our punishment for that if and when it is decided. Meanwhile you can just keep ignoring your own transgressions with Wade and coach O and whine about mean fans. It's not like you guys have a long history of being nasty to opponents at Death Valley.
He is right. Meanwhile, Will "Hips Don't Lie" Wade is making strong ass offers.
Can't wear your school team fishing shirt? How petty!!! Sounds like a strong ass offer was made.
Are you serious Bcreek?? It was humor nothing more nothing less. The fact that it has some truth to it does not mean we are bragging. Please keep up.
Gotta crawl before you walk. I'd be happy with a QB who knows how to throw short passes. Our receivers don't get a lot of separation anyway and to keep throwing bombs is futile. Remember Guarantano? 3 and 8 and a bomb that never found it's target? It wasn't always because he was inaccurate. Either the receiver was not open or he would try to force a pass into double coverage. Success this season will come with slants and short passes, not Hail Marys!