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I hope that he gets the mental health medication and counseling he so desperately needs.
Nice false equivalency argument LegHumper.
Grand Funk Railroad didn't sing American Woman...The Guess Who did though.
No more guards or small forwards for next season unless they are the real deal. We need a big man in the middle who isn't skinny and doesn't get pushed around and has a nasty streak...Got it Coach Barnes?
Bags of cash? Still waiting on the proof since the allegation was made months ago. Maybe the NCAA will just ignore it like they did Will Wade.
Flounder down the stretch? I bet you personally have a lot of experience with that.
Tennessee fans are FAR from the worst. But I wouldn't expect any other response from someone from a school who refuses to fire Will Wade despite him being caught red-handed cheating. Before you bring up Jeremy Pruitt, we will take our punishment for that if and when it is decided. Meanwhile you can just keep ignoring your own transgressions with Wade and coach O and whine about mean fans. It's not like you guys have a long history of being nasty to opponents at Death Valley.
He is right. Meanwhile, Will "Hips Don't Lie" Wade is making strong ass offers.
Can't wear your school team fishing shirt? How petty!!! Sounds like a strong ass offer was made.
Are you serious Bcreek?? It was humor nothing more nothing less. The fact that it has some truth to it does not mean we are bragging. Please keep up.
Gotta crawl before you walk. I'd be happy with a QB who knows how to throw short passes. Our receivers don't get a lot of separation anyway and to keep throwing bombs is futile. Remember Guarantano? 3 and 8 and a bomb that never found it's target? It wasn't always because he was inaccurate. Either the receiver was not open or he would try to force a pass into double coverage. Success this season will come with slants and short passes, not Hail Marys!
Yet there Will Wade is. Why would anyone fear the NCAA when there are cases like his.
You're a Bama fan? How cute! Now you can go harass the Vandy fans too! One day your program will fall on hard times. I can't wait until it does.
Sorry for not being miserable enough for you mrtruth. Maybe take those jorts back to WalMart and exchange them for a sense of humor. The McDonalds bags full of money is fake news. Never happened. Several players have already said this. I'm sorry that you are so unhappy. Now go troll Georgia!
Makes sense, Clemson was going to steal Fulmer but after he won a Natty, No one wanted him. And please don't trot out that tired false narrative about Fulmer not wanting to coach after Tennessee.
Hahaha Corch's self worth and identity comes from a group of 18-22 year olds playing a game! HAHAHA he has nothing else going on in his miserable life. HAHAHA Corch's life revolves around Georgia football. How sad! Hahaha
Weagle99 Knows everything about why Gus did what he did. He knows his innermost thoughts! WOW
Tennessee made no offer to Mahlzan. NONE
Hard to take a guy with a size 13 1/2 neck seriously. Also Corch is a complete clown. No one likes him. His opinions are worthless, like him and the rest of his family.
Love how Georgia fans are always all over the Tennessee and Florida pages giving their 2 cents. Always negative name calling childish behavior.
Thank goodness! I was fearful that he might have to fly coach!
The allegations of giving kids cash in McDonalds bags is likely false. Several players have said that they have never heard of this happening. Pruitt and Niedermeyer are not dumb enough to allow this to happen and expect their career to go unscathed.They've been in this business too long to know better than that.
We just paid 2 million to get an AD who thinks that UCF won the National Championship just so he could promote his old coach whose seasons were on a downward trajectory...Why would you not at least consider Jeff Fisher or Hugh Freeze?
Most of us knew he was going to be a star when he stepped on campus. It wasn't really a secret. He was a five-star recruit and highly sought after. Put the best offensive line around him and voila!
I can't believe that when white called a teen meeting this guy's name was mentioned as someone they'd like to have as a coach. If the rumors are true and he is hired as our next coach I will truly believe that we aren't really serious about getting back to relevancy. This is not a good choice we've got two coaches who want to come here who I think would be a better choice, but we're just ignoring them so we can hire White's friend. FAIL
Is that all you do is try to make everything a political comment? Get some new material. I understand your man lost and you're angry and lashing out but please try not to look so pathetic while doing it.