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Props to y'all by beating LSU...I look at it as an East win over West. That's ideal! (I still despise Gators, but I have a feeling that's mutual haha)
Haha agreed..."does anyone want to go to the playoff?" 😂
You're the one that thinks everything about that case? And you still said that to me? That's my issue.
I'm out of this conversation and SDS. You are one sick and twisted individual to think that I'll take a personal stab like that.
I was saying it was uncalled for to say to me, individually?
That last sentense is intense and completely uncalled for..
As much as I despise Florida and want so bad for our guys to go to Atlanta, it's comments like yours that make me want to root for the Gators to legit not let Gamecocks score, not one time.
Haha I noticed that too. Good job SDS!
He's a trip lol..."something ain't right, my mojo's off"
No disrespect, you can say and front all you want but there's not one doubt in my mind that if Nick Chubb did this yall would be a tad confused/ticked/impatient too.
I'm with you on that. It's not intriguing, it's just flat out odd. Looks like we'll just have to wait it out & see what in the hell happens haha!
Or would Kentucky need to lose one more game too? I'm confused bc KY/TN play each other next weekend.
Very slim chance for this scenario, but if Florida loses to both Arkansas and LSU, and Tennessee wins out, would Tennessee be the most likely to take the East?
Lol absolutely not & I definately didn't say that to begin with. I'm saying that our guys have gotten better in recent years, and they do deserve that.
You're too cool for school now that South Carolina beat Tennessee? It's an obvious we completely lost that game, fair enough & no excuses for us lol. But saying we've never been good since then and don't deserve it? Come on.
Yeah for sure and that's what I don't want to happen. I'm actually leaning more towards the fact that he's being lame. But, who knows! In a few days i'll wish him the best...but right now I'm just still irritated for the other guys lol
The tweets are what are confusing me. Pig Howard saying he's not surprised. Is he referring to Jalen Hurd being a tad cocky and deciding to leave? Or that it is common what Butch is doing and is ticking players off to that level? No idea.
What the hell do you mean a more deserving fanbase?