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Manning is not interested in being a HC. "People in Knoxville like me, if I became head coach immediately cut that in half." He said he may be interested in qb coach or something of that capacity "if they would ever call me". Did we ever call him??
I have defended CBJ for some time now. My main fear (as well as others I'm sure) is another quick hire, another doley Era, another destruction and dismantling of our power 5 division 1 legendary program. Everyone is pouting he is doing the best with what he has. The fact is HE IS. Thier is so much talent on our roster not being used to its full potential. What's the point of recruiting 5-3 star recruits if they are not in proper weight programs, eating right, practicing effectively, and avoiding (mental) errors (less than 3 minutes in most games I might add). CBJ Is doing the best he can and that's the problem. Gruden has gone on the record that Tennessee would be his dream job. He has been spotted wearing orange and white ties. He is looking for real estate in Knoxville (who could blame him). The subtle hints are there. Vol-nation, expecially the boosters and alumni, need to step up and speak up. As far as, just no. He hasn't even coached peewee football (that I know of). If, and IF, he did come it needs to be a recruiting style position. On debaord...... can't stand his play calling wasting talent. Stoops?... to predictable. However, Jones is wearing a headset. He has the option to say yes and no. Blaming coaches after the "f**k em all" incident was sad. Last night was bad, in my opinion letting those young men take the heat at the post press conference was the nail in the coffin and a sad show of "resilience, character, owning it, determination, champion at life, and what ever other one liner he has been feeding us. All of his suscess has been on the backs of our talent some how making horrible play calls work. Sad thing is, we will not know his true weight till 2018, but who want to wait that long. 👉Is there any more recruiting points left for TN at this point that any other sec team doesn't have?👈 Bowl games? Vandy has one. Thier is no battle of Bristol dangling out there. Honestly if my child was a 5 star all American I would ask them to reconsider Knoxville at this point. That's just my two cents on the matter but the fact is Jones has shown what he can do and what he can't do.
And when your seniors beat the most starting freshmen?
I was awarded a degree in molecular biology. It was not easy. However, Aerospace engineering has to take the cake!
Ever see varsity blues? Same color concept.
If the sore winning vol "fans" want to call plays, play ncaa on xbox/ps4. Other wise, a win is a win just as a loss is a loss. Why would we put it in the air if you can just walk it down the field and wear down a defence while you're at it? The CMG has the right idea. So does debord. (Sorry chip.)
Even Tuk can't help but watch Dobbs. :)
Or a bowl trophey. (You know what those are?) Or a few ncaa trophies. The roster for the all American /sec teams. Shall we continue? Maybe you're right maybe he showed up with an empty bag of money in it with manning, berry, price, whites, in it. We will call that the potential money bag. Stick to basketball. Enjoy cali...what's his face...crook. go Tigers. GO VOLS
Mad bro? Hardest schedule for last three years. Next!
Right on. And we all know archie asked DC to go to one miss.
Besides they should go to the police. Not the dean for free tuition. Matter of fact false claims she carry a dismissal from the University.
Tell that to AJ Johnson. Butches gem! The heart of our D. Didn't think twice about dissmissing him. For the record, a slap on the rear constitutes as sexual assault.
For the love of all that is holy! It refers to of all time. And, it's a video for recruits. And yes! It has earned the right to call itself a WRU school. The same people who argue this still complain Bama gets to play easy TN each year without realizing the rivaly overy, many, many years. Not just the last 10.
Doesn't deliver? Ok, that's why your HC looked like he would have rather had TN carry him off the field his last game?
Now we have a chance to win the east.....who is driving this hype train at sds anyway?
Now I'm in trestles in how much came cocks pay muschamp.
Missouri is still higher than any of the worse of any confernce. That right there speaks volumes
Let this be a lesson to recruits holding out till signing day. Lol
Got me. But it has family issues written all over it.
I should never reply on my phone. *greatest flaw was their greatest asset
UGA / UT will take on LSU / AL. Mark may be out the door but his recruits are still there. GOD do the VOLS sant this and can taste it. LSU'S biggest flaw IMO was their greatest it will be fixed. Finally, Bama has lost more recruits in the past. That gum is constantly oiled and reloaded. The foot ball world don't want you to lose interest. They make "way to early" and "Bold predictions" IS IT SEP. YET?!
Georgia's ranking is off to me as well. They should be higher.
He should at least get his diploma. His draft prospect can't be that great. He was our first "brick" along with pig. But, he hasn't touch/caught a ball in a while. The thing is I'm sure everyone has told this young man this and he refuses to listen.
This isn't Johnny footballs A&M plus we held the tide our last meet better than anyone. I honestly feel our game was more of a nail bitter than against Clemson. A win over Florida puts us in the drivers seat. And once the bus gets moving it's harder to stop it.
For the record though, Memphis has always been a basketball town. Football exploded last year and this year for the first time in decades! I give it to them to even be able to pull recruits for their program. The only reason they left conference USA was their tiger basketball. But that will come to an end soon I hear their head coach is leaving after his very very short stay.
Not fair to say really. He was a key player but they put up points against us that game as well. I think it was a break down in the upper management dept. It sounds like they will have it together next year. OR they will be like us and take a three year rebuilding phase. But do the talent down there I doubt it will be long before I am dreading the UGA game. I love it. GO VOLS