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Yes, it was a fumble, but it shouldn't have been - it's a weird rule. If a throw that lands behind the point from which it's thrown is a fumble whether the ball was held firmly by the passer or not, why isn't a throw that lands in front of the point from which it's thrown an incompletion whether the ball was held firmly by the passer or not?
There was no way that an E.T. sequel could have rivaled the original or added to its legacy, so Spielberg decided that it wouldn't be made. Likewise, Stetson's star can never be as high as it is right now. It's time for him to mount his horse, look into the camera and say "My work here is done," ride off into an NFL training camp sunset, and wind up as a 10-time all-star and Hall of Famer in the CFL.
How many baby boys in Georgia are going to be named Stetson in the next few years?
The two most iconic sports adages: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” “When you go to the dance, you dance with the one that brung ya.” UGA’s answer to both is Stetson Bennett.
That'd have to be one bodacious bug to take on THAT stomach!
Right. He's amassed those stats on his own; the only help his defense provides him is the fact that the other team's defense has to spend an inordinate amount of time on the field.
Vandagriff would be running the Oklahoma offense??? Ahead of Caleb Williams??? When Brock hasn't even beaten out Carson Beck as the third-string Georgia QB??? I think I'm going to take Kirby Smart's opinion over yours. Kirby has faith in Stetson, and so do I.
I'd love to see Andrew blocking for Nick. Kind of like Isaiah Wynn blocking for Sony!
Self-reporting Level III violations is an inevitable part of administering any college athletic program. If you never had any of these violations, it'd look very suspicious. These violations could involve such things as bumping into a recruited athlete somewhere outside of a designated window of recruitment dates and sharing normal, cordial greetings, or offering to share some of the cookies that Mom sent you with the people who are standing around the cookie jar. The NCAA would often never know about these unless the school self-reported. The school makes a report to their conference and recommends self-imposed minor penalties, the conference typically accepts the school's recommendations, and that's all there is to it.
Had to be tempting to try to recruit him by saying "Here McKitty, Kitty, Kitty."
Multiply all those percentages and you get a 20% chance that UGA runs the table. That sounds a bit low to me, but 11-1 with a loss at Auburn still sets up the SEC Championship Game as a Final Four play-in.