From Chalmette and now live in Montgomery AL. The Gump sucks.

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Isn't as good as Nix? Have you watched Nix play against decent defenses?
You finished the bottle @ 2am and came up with this? Auburn will not stop this offense. Ensminger and Brady will use the field general and adjust to anything Steele throws at them. If Marshal wasn't back I'd agree it would be close. With Marshal back Auburn doesn't have enough defenders to cover him along with Jefferson, Chase and Thad Moss. Auburn will put up some points no doubt but the turnovers kill them. Nix is going to be a good QB, just not this year. Good Luck!
by November 9 the defense will be seen as a strength." I sense a lot of nervousness in that comment. After November 9th it will not be seen as a strength if it is before November 9th. It will be the same story as Florida's stout defense against LSU's offense. Yada Yada Yada....
Last week the ESPN SP+ went 3-4 straight up and 1-7 ATS. The may want to go back to the drawing board on the formula. Let's see how they do this week.
Right. LSU has scored more points in the first 5 games of the season than any other team in SEC history. To think that they aren't a top notch offense like argued through this thread is absurd.
You lost all credibility thinking LSU only puts up 17. Heck, the defense and special teams may put up 21 with Trask hurt and his butter fingers.
Nope, you need not say more. Good thing because you may be speechless Saturday night.