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Ole Miss has a much stronger RPI which is one of the main driving factors. Head 2 head does not factor in that much.. I believe Alabama had and RPI around 50 and I heard on a sports talk show the other day there are very few teams that get in above 50 if none at all.
TN is a classy fan group. While agree OM led the flop war. TN was in double digits that same night. But what can you do. We got the win.
Matt left big shoes to fill. While I think Dart is a great player there will be some growing pains. I think this is a 7-8 win team this season and everyone stays healthy, next season could be really solid.
LOL I did get a kick out of your propaganda comment. Lane has definitely turned into a social media monster. But i do have a thought on State. I think they spend so much time ripping on the school up north and the anti Ole Miss narrative that they dont focus on winning. I truly believe that State season is ranked on how the Egg Bowl game goes. Ole Miss has stepped outside that box a bit and tried to have a more national approach, not sure if it has worked but I think while the Egg Bowl is still important, getting to a NY6 bowl or another big bowl is priority, not stroking the in state ego.
He is coming from the hardest division in football. I think he will survive.
Lane is living rent free in most peoples head. He is just trolling, take it easy. If you look at the total faked injuries in the TN game, TN has their fair share as well.. As for any MIss St fan commenting…LOL he just whooped your butt with no injuries.
Rumor I heard is that Chris just had a change of heart and did not want to deal with the college recruiting grind. He never moved down to Oxford after the announcement and pretty early on realized this is not what he wanted to do again.
His comment was stupid. Chris worked for Lane at FAU and then chose to come back and work with Lane as of A few weeks ago...I would assume he knows what it is like to work with his brother. My guess is that he got a better offer in the NFL and I have read he prefers the NFL. But leave it to a TN fan to have ill feelings towards Lane.
Just another butt hurt TN fan stock piling mustard bottles for a rainy day.
Thanks for your family assessment from over a decade ago. Monty has worked with Lane for years and Chris came over to Ole Miss knowing his position so your thoughts dont really add up.