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Allowing the baseballs to roll as the should? Go out on Twitter and check the reverse angle of the bunt. A huge piece of sod did not take and completely came up. He almost rolled an ankle.. don’t think it was just the ball rolling funny.
I dont condone what he allegedly did, at all. The only way Ole Miss gets in a big name coach is if they have baggage. He will use Ole Miss as a stepping stone and be gone within a few years. Those of you that all the sudden have a strong moral compass and dont think you have players or coaches with a past are naive. Like I said, i dont condone it at all, but should we punish a guy that had charges dropped? I can name another coach in the SEC that is allowing a player to play during a murder investigation
They made a mistake firing Andy Kennedy. Ole Miss cant attract a top notch coach unless that coach has baggage. If they want to go after a big name they will have a past, like a Beard or Will Wade....but i bet they play it conservative and go with the FAU coach.
NIL is out of control and ruining college sports. I propose a NIL Cap for each team and MAX NIL deals for players. I mean even the NFL has max contracts for rookies.
Good night troll. Pleasure going back and forth, I hope next year is better but I would rather be hopeful than bitter.
Down 6 points with 45 seconds to go on the 15 yard line.. I expect to win. Must be hard to be so negative all the time.
While I am not a fan of the loss to Stare this year I hate the reliance that is put on 1 game. I don’t have an inferiority complex, I have confidence in the direction we are heading. I understand you frustration over the last part of the season. I personally believe the Alabama game broke us and if we win that game the ending of the season is completely different. Lane was a complete distraction at the end of the season and something I hope that does not happen again.
Man you are a horrible fan. While I don’t support Lane in all he does, he has been successful in the portal. Try supporting our team.. sounds like you are a closet state fan
I am using the combined rankings on 247 sports...OM is 20th with a 5 star kid and a healthy amount of 4 stars, and state is 32nd. Another L in Baseball? Last i checked we are defending champions, but you can double check me on that. Oh and good luck with Arnette, should be a fun experiment. OM has a 5 star transfer coming in at QB for 2024 so I think we are fine.
oh forgot to add..Congrats on the 29 3 stars you signed
LOL. check out the combined rankings including the portal....Welcome to NIL lil bro.
What happened with Rashada is the tip of the NIL iceberg. He was promised money by Florida and it fell through. Right or wrong this is continue to get worse where NIL deals will fall through and players will jet if all they are looking for is a money grab.
From what I have heard, the collective is pretty big so most of the kids are getting paid. I know in the instance of Howard, he took less to come to Ole Miss because he felt it was a right fit. With this kid from GT I would assume you don't have to pay that much to get a kid out of GT.
Your point is? Have you heard of a thing called NIL? Your comments are circa 2020
Here is assessment - Howard will be Q2 hands down..Lane has a deal with him and he is the future and starter for 2024 forward. He will not be on the scout team like at LSU. That means that Dart and Sanders will compete for the 2023 starting role. I assume Sanders is already the guy, hence why he transfered. At this point I see Dart lawyering up, winning, and granted permission to transfer. He will leave OM for BYU and finish up there. Regardless of the current situation, Howard is the future.
Howard will end up at OM..Not sure what Lane is doing entertaining Spencer Sanders but ideally, Dart is the starter next year and then Howard leads the team. Howard made an emotional pick with LSU since his dad went there. He has family at TCU...I heard he wants to make the best pick for him and that is why OM has come up. He is not insisting starting next year he just not want to be 3rd string like at LSU
Ole Mis never was the same after the Alabama broke them
I understand what you are saying but do you not think this is happening with every program? The portal has made tampering a million times worse. It’s very unfortunate on the timing but I doubt there are tons of coaches with high moral compasses.. like I mentioned I was a big fan of Leach
Emotions aside its the game..Unless the NCAA steps in and handles this in a special way these kids are up for grabs as are all the other kids from other teams.. I agree that the timing is horrible but the window is small.
Riley is not leaving to come to State...Lets address the elephant in the room. MSU does not have a strong NIL. That is not attractive for a new coach. I am not trying to be mean, just stating the facts.
Love the time that Leach walked by and popped Lanes mask.
Sounds like an illegal scheme doing done by State.. should be investigated by the NCAA… JK As an Ole Miss fan, Rodgers is a class act. Really cool story and well done.
USF hands down. Tons of kids to recruit and he is a Florida guy. He can then parlay this into a bigger job. Cincy is a sinking ship and has no NIL per many and that is why Fickell left. CU is a dumpster fire and Boulder and Sanders are completely different.
Because Lane was Auburns plan A. Hugh was only the plan B so its smart to go ahead and take the money. Also, teams need to have someone in place by Dec 1..Transfer portal opens Dec 5th and you need the new coach begging for players to stay.
Great hire by Auburn. He will fit in perfectly.. The only thing delaying this hire was Auburn Twitter.....note to Auburn, let Freeze coach and stay out of his way, or you will be paying another buyout.
Well said. Ole Miss got smoked but the blatant disrespect and rooting for Kiffin to leave is horrible and unprofessional.
He is staying.. Ole miss will be top 10 next year.. why go rebuild at Auburn. He will leave in a few years for sure but it won’t be this year to Auburn. While money is a factor.. he is happy.. media is a one track mind
He will put the rumor to bed soon. Ole Miss got their doors blown off plain and simple.. bad night. Media is always looking for a story. Lane has been saying he is staying for a.while and he has worked very hard to clean up his image problem.. I don’t think he is in the market for ruining that again.