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Halzbully loves throwing out trash from the cheap seats. You may soon find your Bulldogs to slip one spot to end below Vandy as all of the SEC figured out how to rush 3 and drop 8 to beat you going forward.
Bet you wish you could have that one back? Florida is not a good team.
Jimbo and A&M just announced they are going to run with a self-imposed ban of CFP for 2020-2021 season
Rooster... the difference between Aggies this year vs past years is we finally have an Offense this makes holes and protects the QB. I feel pretty good that Ags cover this game.
From Sports Writers to Gator fans this game was going to be a blowout... Whoops is about right! . Fisher 8-1 vs UF. #GigEm
Writer graduated from South Florida so is still upset about the two beat downs to start the year.
... and if our O line can block. QBR never looks good when Mond is on his back
Agree 100%. We already have one Roger Goodell and don’t want one in college football. Also, the NCAA is a joke on how they run the show today and we know they would screw something else up if they had more control.
Pac 12 and Big 12 must be stronger than what we see on TV
How is a 6-4 Iowa St team ranked so higher than a few SEC teams