Lane Taylor

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Why would Corral not try Alabama, Arkansas, LSU, Auburn, A&M, they are all in the SEC west and not on NCAA probation.
I hardly think the defense was gassed in the Championship Game Clemson run a pick, which is illegal by the way and won on the last play of game. All you can say is Clemson our lasted Bama but I am happy for them and proud of our former player and now head coach Dabo Sweeny. Don't ya'll get your hope's up about Saban retiring cause Dabo said he would come to Bama if mama calls !
This is crazy. Why does it take a person a year to decide where he wants to play football. You either like a certain school and their coaches or you don't. Many of them have been recruited for years so why do they need so long to make up their minds. Once you are offered by an elite program like Alabama you better snap up the chance or it will be gone on to the next guy who knows what he wants.
What about Lane Kiffin he doesn't seem to happy at FAU? He would very much like to be back at Bama from what I have read
Coach Saban is obviously a good man he is always willing to give someone a second chance. I noticed some rival teams making negative comments about Sarkisian's alcohol problem. I guess they wouldn't give someone a second chance( unless of course if was benefiting their team.) If he doesn't stay on the straight and narrow I am sure he want be at Bama long.
Hope Coach Saban can help him get his life back on track. He could be a great addition for Alabama's football team. Coach usually makes the right decision on this matters. ROLL TIDE>
Sounds like they are avoiding the tough games.
I can see a good possibility of a HC job for Kiffin at Auburn, the powers that B over there will jump at the chance. They dove right in for Gus after Chizik and look who's team is doing so much better now. North Carolina has made great strides in their program since Chizik has been there. Yep, Auburn would take the plunge with Kiffin.
The best prediction is Dabo come home and coach the Tide ! ! ! !