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Bo Pelini is/was a hard nosed guy who you want on your side in a fight and he is the kind of guy who could once again could become a valuable part of a top notch program. however, my view of bo soured at his time in nebraska. he did things that a coach (or any decent person) simply should not do. he acted like a spoiled little brat and he got paid for it even after he got fired and went to YSU where, rather than dominate at that classification he sleep walked to a mediocre 33-28 record. for such a highly touted head coach, that's extremely disappointing. how will the next chapter read for bo? if he returns to lsu with the same attitude he has had since he left, he will be more like a cancer to orgeron than a help. but, if coaching at lsu is his true desire (and he is more fitted as a dc) he could be a strong asset to ed, as long as he realizes what his job is. i suspect he may initially seem like a good hire, maybe he's hoping to buckle down and coach a year or two, get some accolades and get hired at another power 5? i dunno i wouldn't touch him after what he did at nebraska, but maybe someone would. if that doesn't happen his troubles might return. as an aggie fan, i hate lsu, but i respect ed orgeron. he is a good man and a good coach. a fine leader. bo pelini is not.
This article isn't exactly untrue, but my Lord this isn't something that applies only to Texas A&M.. UT and Notre Dame are perennially over ranked. Many little schools play patsy schedules every year and find themselves ranked way too high, but you know what, the UCF's and Boise's will knock off power 5's in bowl games. Also, I have to say that coming on the heels of a season where A&M faced three #1's and a murderous schedule this makes it sound like the Aggies never play a tough team. Give me a break bro. The Aggies could play the easiest non-conf in the country and their schedule in the SEC west will still be murderous. If they are ranked top 6 i'll personally be shocked, but if they are, more power to em. A win is a win is a win and a loss is a loss is a loss. If A&M (or any other team) ends up with 10 wins or goes undefeated, they deserve to be playing in a big bowl. The fact is it's just stupid to schedule too many tough non-conf games. Look at Alabama. They rarely play a real tough non conf game. For years Boise state would play one big team at the beginning of the season, and if they win it, and then go undefeated, there's their ticket.
Mond is learning. Still looks lost sometimes but learning the hard way. Maybe we will have a chance against South Carolina
Mond is terrible. This kid shouldn't be starting on Kyle Field. he is not ready. If this is the best we got then we got major problems. Time to dump Sumlin and get a real coach
i'm glad they hired him because i know he sucks
Receiver coach James Coley is top 10, but Noel Mazzone as oc at A&M isn't noteworthy?
Agree the best win was Miss State. Aggies ran and passed the ball well. The worst loss is a toss up between bama and Ole Miss. The Ole Miss game was really statistically horrible for A&M. Kyle Allen was horrible. After the loss to bama they never regained much momentum. Allen never focused after that loss; I guess he made up his mind he was leaving. so even though the losses to Auburn and LSU (and of course Lousiville) were painful, it seemed like the games in the whole second half of the season had a pre-season like feel to them, even the win over SC. Sumlin needs to bring back some fire or start looking for another job that isn't Texas A&M football
Andre Ware was pretty bad but Gary Danielson is the worst
Hubenak played pretty well, all things considered. Another possibility is TTU transfer Davis Webb
hubenak starting his first game ever. look at baylor's 3rd string qb- they didn't hardly even try to pass. can't to be too critical of anyone in this game except maybe john chavis inability to contain lamar jackson.
i hate petrino but i think he's got something there with lamar jackson
what's up with these kids nowdays. the frogs 2016 qb... kenny hill? no stranger to public intoxication himself. i thought patterson ran a tighter ship than this
Kenny Hill's record perf vs SC to start the season last year proved that Manziel didn't (totally) make Sumlin. However, Sumlin has changed markedly since he got here, especially since Chavis came on board. The offense isn't taking chances like they used to. Like last night, 4th and a foot from the 50 in a bowl game vs Louisville and you elect to punt? Why wtf for? I don't want to be critical of Sumlin because I like him, but if he can't light a fire then he needs to go. My gripe all year is why can't they get the ball to Seals-Jones? Kirk is good but quit forcing it with him and if Chavis is so great his d has looked horrendous at times. Perhaps some improvment, but it seems like Sumlin has gone to conservative in an attempt to complement Chavis d. I'm all for strong D, but Sumlin and Spavital are useless pieces if they are going to come up conservative. In this offense. With Carson as your only threat to run. It just won't work
thats exactly what i thought too. apparently murray is headed to ou though. truthfully i am really kind of glad he left. from what i saw his tools were not going to equate to sec success. and i also suspected his attiude wasn't really very good from some of his actions and reactions on the sideline. same with kyle allen