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I think Bama and UGA would love to hit Tech in the face with the same door that hit their @$$ on the way out. The last couple of times Tech tried to rejoin UGA & Bama led the crusade to tell them where they could shove their request.
That statement along with no longer being the money team will keep Texas out. They would NEVER agree to play Bama, Auburn, LSU, A&M every year with the chance of UGA or Florida from the east plus the Red River game. That would guarantee them 3+ losses every season.
This is kind of what struggling high schools do. They will take what is called a Non-Region schedule to play lower classification schools for two seasons to have a breather to re-organize. This could be an option. Not sure how the money talkers would like it though.
I'm pretty sure GA Tech would rather rot in hell than be in the same conference with UGA and Bama again. Bobby Dodd running his mouth against Wally Butts and the Bear will forever keep them out of the SEC.
Uga leads 42-18-4. Last meeting 2014 UGA 45 Clem 21.
Hey Dabo check that record against UGA. We'll wait while you pull that foot out out your big mouth. UGA has been playing the son of Clem fo 120+ years and has only won 18.
Apology or not Gary is trash and most fans of every team are sick of him and his bush league professionalism.
Gig'em, that is a good way to put it. I might borrow that line for future use.
How about your sorry right guard with a false start every down because he was getting clapped every play? He got called a measly 2 times but hey the one call on UGA affected the entire game.
We Dawgs are living right this week! No Gary Danielson and no Beth "My voice is perfect for newspapers" Mowins.
Exactly, Georgia can provide exhibits A&B of cooperate and still get hammered- AJ Green and Todd Gurley.
Too bad Vince didn't win the Heisman.
"We haven't missed a beat without Milton. There won't be any loss on offense." - UCF Knights "If we had Milton, we would have easily beaten LSU." - Also UCF Knights.
Somebody please tell this dipstick that the transitive property only works in mathematics.
Very similar to the end of '07 season. LSU went to the BCS Champ. game and UGA was SEC rep. in the Sugar. The same UGA team that got trounced by Tenn in the regular season. Hawaii was the cocky and mouthy undefeated nobody with a "Heisman caliber" QB like UCF that was sent to teach UGA and the SEC a lesson in New Orleans. That didn't end well at all! The 49-10 score did not begin to tell the brutal beating that was inflicted on Hawaii. Heck even the UGA punter nearly knocked out one of their cheap shot artist DL that tried to shove him after the play. Footage of the fat pineapple eater flailing on the carpet was hilarious! I can envision all of the "but, but, but UCF" bullcrap from all of the commentators now. Why doesn't Randy White or whatever that crybaby AD's name is, just pull the rest of the little stepsister schools and form another division. It happened in 1978. All these Non-P5 schools want P5 money without the a$$-whippings that come with it. To keep getting that money they should have to take the whippings from the big-time programs as well as give some out.
Ya'll remember what happened at the end of the '07 season. Hawaii was the hotshot, mouthy undefeated team much like UCF is now. They were sent to beat UGA in the Sugar Bowl with their "High Powered" offense and Heisman caliber QB. That didn't end so well for Hawaii or the big mouthed talking heads. Also that was a UGA team that got boatraced by Tennessee during the season. UGA got the Sugar because LSU, that year's SEC champ, went to the BCS championship game. A very similar scenario could play out this year with what I believe will be similar results, whether it be UGA, LSU, UK etc. being the SEC participant in this year's Sugar Bowl against UCF.