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If this is LSU'S choice, how come they just didn't keep Miles? This is not an intelligent move, just promote Coach O.
What I'd like to know is why Florida State and University of Miami played their game but the GAYtors couldn't play LSU? Chicken shit cowards is why they didn't want to play us.
LSU didn't botch the game, Florida and the SEC East botched the game. Florida just dodging having to play LSU, plain and simple.
The game in all likelihood will not be played. I see the UF Pussy fans saying LSU is scared to go there and play them, nonsense, we beat you last year, and that was when Miles was coaching a nonexistent offense and Steele on the defense. Be lucky and glad you temporarily dodge the bullet this time, it won't happen again. Oh, my prediction for the whenever and wherever it would be played LSU 48-FU10.
Coach O wins the Bama game, I guarantee you he's in like flint. The would be great for his coaching resume.
Les and Cam need to be fired as soon as they get back to Baton Rouge. Enough is enough.