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I’m sure a 203 lb 3-star d-lineman will have plenty of success against Georgia’s o-line... Muschamp is putting these guys in positions to get seriously injured by pulling stunts like this
There is no sort of justification for McGarity - his hand was forced by boosters because he didn't have the backbone to make a move in the first place. If it was up to Greg, Richt would still be the head coach and the Dawgs would just be wrapping up another 9-4 season.
Good thing you don't have to worry about any kind of playoff scenarios
Probably because Georgia isn't any of those teams - they are 7-0 with an average margin of victory of 23 points over those teams in the past 2 years. Rude awaking for BBN Saturday in Lexington.
Terry Wilson has the 2nd lowest passer rating among SEC starting QBs, fewest yards, fewest TD passes, and 2nd most INTs. His name and the O'Brien Award do not belong in the same zip code, much less conversation.
Cox is way to low and Cook is way too high. Brenton will be the highest impact freshman defender in the SEC this year.
I am 100% onboard if EVERYBODY is onboard and loses the cupcakes for an extra big time opponent
McGarity is implying that they will be seeing each other in the playoffs...
So having two stud QBs like Georgia and Alabama is reason to be nervous, but having one good QB where you're screwed if anything happens to him like those in the first group makes you cool as a cucumber? Not sure "panic level" is the phrase you're looking for as a headline here... nor is "nervous"...
Glad to see that, just like the general student population, Auburn is the fallback school for Georgia high school football players that can't get into UGA.
Ed O gonna be upset and unintelligible when Guice doesn't get taken in Round 1 and he wastes a day at Jerry World
That list was more left-slanted than my tee shot. Surprised Saban didn't have to publicly condemn Trump to make it in there.
I'd put money on Salyer being the Day 1 starter at LG
Not sure where you got your info for #4, but that's not accurate at all... Wilson and Mays are competing at RT (not Kendall Baker), and it will likely be Wilson with Mays backing him up - this is fairly common knowledge among the Georgia base.
His 1.5 sacks from last year led him to be the first player to come to mind for you?
I'm guessing you didn't take the time to look up who's ring the other is, Michael? Gregg 'received' a ring as the assistant OL coach for the Broncos... so basically he and Faulk got together and took a picture of the rings that neither of them had any significant impact on earning. With regards to the "30 years of NFL experience, 25 of those come from old Jerry 'Senile' Sullivan - with 4 coming from the aforementioned Cregg as an 'assistant to the assistant' coach. Talk about getting all your money's worth of embellishment in one tweet...
This guy "oversees editorial operations" at SDS - it all makes sense now
"I’m more concerned about Georgia’s defense, which must replace its seven best players." Please name those 7 players... There were not 7 exiting players better than Deandre Baker, J.R. Reed, Tyler Clark, or Jonathan Ledbetter, all of who return... Not to mention D'Andre Walker, who had a better year than Carter or Bellamy
You should seriously resign after posting this bull$hit. This shreds any semblance of journalistic integrity anybody thought you might have.
Convenient that you leave out the fact that Chubb's sidekick is a top-25 SEC running back of all time with 9 rushing touchdowns on the year. Georgia and Auburn have the same number of rushing touchdowns this year... the Dawgs having a stronger stable of backs doesn't make Kerryon a better running back.
Georgia has allowed exactly 1 running back to rush for more than 53 yards this year, and that was in a 42-7 nail-biter against the Gators. Yet you think they've got their hands full against Kerryon Johnson... who's 5 good games came against the numbers 100, 23, 126, 41, and 52 rushing defenses in the nation? Expect a game like he had against Missouri or Arkansas this weekend, minus the touchdowns...
Was wondering why you were commenting here, but then I scrolled through the main page and saw that there were no South Carolina articles because nobody cares about little brother in the east.
Butch Jones is clearly a troll sent to bring misery to Tennessee fans' lives, and he's doing a great job of it. I mean seriously - two players get arrested for weed and he uses the word "high" 5 times in his statement on the situation... this man is pure gold, and will make a terrific rodeo clown after he's done coaching the Vols for another 10 years.
Rumors out of Knuxville that Shy Turtle will be next to retire from football. Butch Jones has reportedly agreed to retain Turtle on the staff as Director of Nutrition.
"A lot of times, individuals never recover from falling on their helmets. But we're confident that Turtle and Kahlil are getting plenty of leadership reps at the front of the Bojangles buffet line."
Is that butch's career record at UT or Khalil's bra size. Is it true that his milkshake brings josh dobb's unibrow to the yard?