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Glenn, you look like a sweet little old man. What on earth are you doing joining the hell hole that is SDS? This is literally where journalists go to die (see John Crist's career). You'd honestly be better off ridding off into the sunset or writing for The Onion... A Genuinely Concerned Observer
Wouldn't be so quick to write off Jeremy Johnson to win the starting job. Don't forget, guy's a legit headman condidate
Not sure this guy has the intelligence required to be an OC in the SEC...
Right, he just wasn't doing it during the season that actually matters.
Not sure if it's a desperate attempt to grab headlines or if SDS's qualification for "elite" is just that much different than everyone else's
With all due respect, I hope Tray Matthews breaks his leg
but Eason and Stafford are actually extremely comparable quarterbacks, whereas Harris and Mettenberger are polar opposites... not seeing your point there
Use Matt Stafford's year 1 to 2 progression as a barometer, and there is no doubt that Jacob Eason is throwing for 3000+ this year
Good heavens... and this is just the beginning, as Butch Jones is also set to announce that Shy Turtle and Khalil McKenzie will leave the team shortly for their mission trips to the local Bojangles. Turtle will reportedly order 6 sausage biscuits with gravy while McKenzie sources say that McKenzie will simply ask for a tub of butter to rub on himself while singing "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard."
I'm not a Tennessee fan, sorry
If that picture is any indication of Jared Guantanamo's throwing mechanics, then Tennessee is in even bigger trouble than we imagined...
What Tennessee needs is more 5-star hearts, and they may get just that with Valentine's Day coming up next week
Biased living here, but I've been to all on this list and they pale in comparison to Athens, GA
After watching him get beat like a drum in the state playoffs, it's good to see him go to the shady program that is Ole Miss. UGA stayed away for a reason, but when you're about to have the NCAA book thrown at you, this is about as good as you get
As the late great Charles Barkley would say, "This article is turrible Ernie... turrible turrible turrible"
Won't be the last DB to decommit from Muschump... welcome home to Athens Jamyest
And Butch goes internal with the hire haha. This is a tremendous step for UT in maintaining the level of mediocrity established the past 15 years
With his on and off-field IQ, don't think there was much of a decision to be made. Kid is a bum and needs to worry more about staying out of jail and not tipping Hail Marys to opposing players
More like Saban told him he'd pull his offer if he kept playing games
This is an absolute joy to watch - "Ya we're probably gonna get Helfrich". Weinke would much better suite keeping Tennessee where they belong in mediocrity. Throwing popcorn in the microwave as we speak
This is coming from SDS? Don't exactly think you're in any position to be policing the grammar of others
Shawn White just overthrew another wide open receiver. I'll take 7-5 in Kirbys first year as a head coach over Guzz at 8-4 and driving his bus over a cliff anyday. Also, who won in Athens and 9 of 11?
Too bad, Auburn fans were dubbing him the next Jeremy Johnson
Not sure how 8-4 leads you to believe SECCG next year