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Agreed. I thought they would be in the 20s and we would pop back in to like 25 or something. Oh well. Polls have always loved their teams Bama and Florida but hate Arkansas lol.
Going to be honest. That late hit on the touchdown drive they called was the biggest play of the game. Possibly one of the worse calls in CFB this weekend.
10-0 is not even close to a beating. Especially saying those 10 points came in the 4th.
Not his debut. Lol. It's just been 25 years since he's been on it.
Of course a gator fan cries even though the refs tried everything they could to keep y'all in the game. Not our fault y'all haven't played a good team yet this year. Oh and jack deal sucko played great today.
Lol @gator fans. The refs tried everything they could to get you back into the game. The score should of been at least 49-10. Y'all got off lucky.
Yeah we lost the other 2 because of John L smith and dark Prescott lol
Oh so we don't have black and red in our uniforms ever? Lol. It's not like we are wearing blue uniforms.
Why do people hate change? It's not like it's their permanent uniform. Just because Bama has the most basic uniform in the SEC doesn't mean every other school has too. There is nothing wrong with having an alternative uniform. I mean. If you think they are wearing black tuxedos playing football then yeah I guess people will think they are leaving a funeral. I think you may need your eyes checked. Mate.
Well we haven't played South Carolina since 2012. Yeah it would be cool to play other teams in the East. And it's been since 2011 since we played Vandy.
06. When we got screwed royally by the refs against Florida.
Well. They should of lost the LSU game lol.
Cornelius will be a senior next year. I think we will be ok.
Lol. Take another look at the schedule. We have Florida and LSU at home. Don't say we will lose those just yet lol
Hey he is 12-4 since we beat auburn last season. You can't include the first year or second.
Well it's obvious I was giving Aubie credit for the win. I wasn't saying that they sucked and we didn't play good. I wasn't crying. I was giving them a compliment. Learn how to take one asshat
Jokes aside, in all honesty the "targeting" foul isn't what it was intended to be. It's supposed to be "hitting a defenseless player in the neck or head area with the crown of the hitters helmet." Now it's just an excuse to through a flag on good hits. And these so called SEC "refs" are screwing up calls left and right when it comes to targeting. No one with a brain can deny that.
Here's what I take from the game. We either never got ready to play for that game. Or auburn is better than A&M or Bama combined. Honestly I don't think Ark played to their full potential. And if they did, that means auburn is the best team in the SEC.
Yeah. I don't think he was supposed to hike the ball lol.
Well we are lucky that Austin Allen is light years better than Watson then.
Well. Still was a shoulder hit to the chest. Shouldn't of been called.