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Blaylock has the best hands of the group. My guess is he takes over the 4 yard and out to the sideline route that Fromm loves to throw or maybe its replaced by the added routes of the RBs like a wheel route UGA has needed re-installed since Bobo left …..landers and Robertson have to do a better job of hauling in the passes not having them bounce off for incompletions. No-one who has seen them play doubt the big play ability they just have to catch the ball …..Dropped passes for first downs cost you ball games
The loss of Holloman hurts because he is the guy that was sure handed and like to run Fromms favorite rout …...about 4 yards up and out to the sideline that fromm throws high allowing only his WR to catch it or it sails out of bounds ….. He will need to be replaced by another sure handed WR for that route. My guess Baylock will take over that route. He is sure handed and has the quickness to make the single coverage guy miss creating more yardage on that simple pass Honestly I have 0 None Zip worries over the WR position as long as our big play guy has become better at catching balls (Robertson) He has to replace Hardman other than that I think this years WR group will be better than last years
Who cares. Who thinks coaches of different teams should be best friends? Steve Spurior and Ray Goff didn't like each other sure as hell didn't slow Spurior from beating him like a drum almost every time they matched up
With a QB who just don't seem to like to throw to the TEs just wasn't any way to think he would up his stock by staying in college another season
If UGA Run-pass split goes 43-57 as you predict then I predict we will have 3 losses at the end of regular season and most likely miss the SEC championship game The numbers need to be at 52-48 or something in that range if not we will look like beast against weak teams and get ate up against good teams
Another UGA coach off the CKS staff getting a better coaching position. In the long run this is a good thing as other future coaches will see the program as a stepping stone to bigger higher paying jobs and advancements
(A) Who cares what an Oklahoma player says? (B) He is right recruiters for every school lie and stretch the truth beyond reality when trying get young kids to come to the school they are working for. Being called ''Used car Salesman'' would be a compliment to most recruiters
TE we lose one star and another gets more touches. We will be fine with the 3 Tes we have and Worner is a star and future NFL player same as Natu RB all depends if Zeus is ready to go and has not lost anything. Zamir/Swift will be deadly and another 1k yard combo. If Zeus is not able to recover then we have several good backs to go along with a very good Swift QB is fine 2 more years with Fromm (it is what it is) that's the basket we have placed our eggs in (Eason and Fields) are gone WRs lot of talent walking out the door and not 100% how we replace it all however there are 5-6 kids waiting in line who were as highly recruited as the guys leaving. Time for the to step up. Robertson could and should be ready by next season (money year) to step right in for Hardman
If Zamir White is healthy have no doubt next season will be an upgrade at RB.
He earned the right to say whatever he wishes about UGA. He only beat us like a drum more often than not.
Fields and Hasselwood have become drama queens. Good luck to both them however they are not on my wishlist to ever be a Georgia play again
Be honest with you I was much more saddened when Eason left last season. That being said I wish Eason and Fields the best in the future as long as they are not playing UGA Just imagine next season Eason playing under one the best Football coaches in America at Washington...…. Not a far stretch to seeing that being a rd 1 playoff or championship game next year....UGA vs Washington.
I cant see how Fields stay without being a disruption to the team. He is gone when and where who knows or cares. He is not a Dawg so its not my problem
It was made a big deal when it happened. They will now blow it up into something more and explain how Mr Fields just cant feel safe or comfortable with so much hate directed at him at UGA …… Come On Man Everyone knows how the race card works. If you have nothing else play it and the Old White Men running the NCAAA will crap there pants trying not to look like racist
Good luck to him wherever he ends up. He was a good back-up and without him we wouldn't had one last season.
This must be one the most stupid things I have ever read. To act like a kid made a decision based on one lame brained play in a season makes me question how this idiot has a job writing sports articles.
Fromm will likely be a 4 year starter and a 3rd - 5th round draft pick. He is a great field general with enough arm talent to make most passes and he has started to understand when and how to throw into the middle of the field. Half way through last season he even started showing that he understands when a TE is standing wide open it might be a good idea to toss a few ball there way. Fields will have a decision to make after next season till then his smart play is to stick around compete hard and learn about being a QB from the Georgia coaches. There are just so many things that can happen I have no prediction on what Fields will decide in the future. He could request a redshirt season and graduate on time and transfer with no restriction and 2 years to play or the redshirt could make him a 2 year GA starter. Fromm could get hurt and Fields step in and never allow Fromm the job back...…. Just take it 1 year at a time see how it falls out right now I see not enough plusses that he should even think of transferring till next year after the bowls or playoffs are over
Mild turnover in coaching on a regular basis is a good thing. I have always felt CMR staff grew stagnant with lil to no change for a decade and then the wheels started spinning off
If Trey sanders and Evan Neal flip Red and Black then UGA will finish above the Tide in recruiting this season
Only 2 supreme RBs headed to college next year. UGA lost out on one to LSU it would be a true win for the program to get Sanders. He is a difference maker.
Next season is easy. He stays at Georgia and sees how the cards fall. Its heading into any player JR season where decisions need to be made. Fields will have the ability to transfer any place he wishes to go because he will still be holding a redshirt season. he might decide to stick around much like DJ did. If he is as talented as the scouting report coming out of highschool he will have no issues with being a 1 year starter and heading to the NFL with lil to no wear and tear on his body. All the while at Georgia improving his understanding of a tough offense and where and how to get presnap reads of defenses. He has a strong family and is friends with Cam Newton amongst others who will give him the advise that best fits his needs.
it says that LSU beat Georgia. Nothing more nothing less. Your LSU team lost to FL who has lost to UGA who you beat and Mizzu and KY who I think an LSU team would win against. One thing has nothing to do with the other.
and This guy is suppose to be smart enough to get into college? Just saying.....someone else might have taken his SAT for him
Never imagined that. Might have thought Eason had a shot at the big trophy but he wasn't what the coach was looking for
Playing this style finesse offense the OL will never be a move the line of scrimmage type. That's requires a power game with a dedication to running the ball. This new style we will be more like OK than AL and for that you need more talent at QB and in short order (before LSU) that needs to be more and more Fields and much less of Fromm. The Nauta TD was a breakdown in the RB pass blocking. Swift misread where the defender was going and ended up touching no one on the play and looking like a clown just standing there......Shuffling RBs (we play to many of them) and QBs rob consistency yet coaches all through the history of the sport do both
Georgia is a finesse offense we no longer play the power game. Chaney has always run finesse offenses he tried to install the change last season till the Chubb and Sony had a closed door meeting with him. After that meeting we no longer so much pistol and shotgun formations and played more pro-style with some staggered and even power I formations. We are now a pistol/shotgun pure finesse team. we will look great relying n the big play and getting large chunks at a time till we face teams that can match out athletes. (LSU/AUB/AL) even KY will be a headache this season. If this is the kind of team we will be then we need a talented QB to be a great team. Playing the power game of the past Fromm types are solid and will get the job done. With our finesse approach we need more talent at qb than the so called leader/field general type. Fields needs to and will become the face of the team or by this time next season he will join Jacob Eason as a future NFL star that leaves the team because CKS wants his guy playing instead of the most talented guy You Fromm lovers might not like it but its just the truth. At the end of the day the cry for a more wide open offense drives the need for real arm talent at the qb position. Not just someone who throws a few out passes and balls in the flats understanding his own limitations and staying away from any passes inside the hashes
Why do people writing sports articles on Georgia continue to list anything this twit has to say. He has been a Georgia hater years costing us a title shot with his mouth a min of once. He has been butt sore against Georgia since he and Ohio State lost the 93 Citrus Bowl. He was suppose to throw for a million yards and Eddie George was going to run for 300 against our weak team. Real life didn't go as well for them as the talking heads predicted
Future coach. He has a great understanding of how to play the game. His knowledge allows him to overcome his shortcomings in the talent area and be a solid player
what trash are you talking? last season we had the 3rd most players in the NFL behind AL and OHST Facts just do not match what you say Team culture has lil to do with being able to play in the NFL there are some very good players that come from bad programs even from much lower levels of football