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Wow the Georgia neckbeards that sit at their computer all day so they can comment on Florida articles got a special shout-out! Knowing their fan base they’ll take it as a badge of honor
This is by far my favorite line from you delusional Georgia fans. Kirby’s claim to fame is also “almost” beating Bama. Also “almost” beating Dan last year (except it really wasn’t close at all).
A lot of Gator fans don’t actually like smelling Dan Mullen’s farts as much as the rest of the media does. Someone just has to keep up with you and the legion of delusional Georgia fans that are constantly worried about what Florida is doing.
You want your rival who you’re currently on a losing streak against to keep their head coach..?
The Nick Saban standard has nothing to do with wanting your coach to be accountable, hard-working, well-spoken, and at least somewhat decently representative of the Top 5 university at which he’s employed. Florida will likely end up 8-4 or 7-5 this year…I can honestly say I’d prefer 6-6 or even 5-7 with a team that actually cares or seems to have interest in improving.
Bennett clearly has won over his teammates, has good chemistry with the offense, and is winning them games. I obviously hate Georgia and will troll them any chance I get but in all seriousness this seems to be their year and I love the Stetson Bennett story. I hope he takes them the distance and keeps improving to prove there’s value in working hard and waiting your turn (in spite of the portal era).
I preferred the Muschamp teams to what we’re seeing on the field now. Yes, they were bad, but there was heart there. The team’s play now reflects the coaching staff…cocky, uninterested, and mentally weak. Sure, another hire may cause us to regress in the win column, but there’s something to be said about keeping the locker room and preventing a total collapse of culture. That’ll just set you back even farther. On that front, I believe something needs to change. Maybe firing is too extreme, but his rear needs to be put to the fire asap.
Like how Georgia “almost” beat Florida last yea… Actually wait, you guys weren’t even close.
I don’t think he cares about the balance sheet, that’s for accountants. Income statement maybe
LMAO don’t kid yourself. Nobody is coming for Kirby, you won’t have to worry about that.
Guy either went to UGA or chooses to support UGA as a Wal Mart fan…either way, a very serious chance he has a cognitive issue so it’s a fair assumption!
Same number of times pathetic high school boy-obsessed Kirby did since his arrival. ZERO. Had Mullen gotten to walk through the 2017 SEC East schedule he’d have been right there with you and not let a Stoops defense take him to the wire in the Rose Bowl lmao.
How about this? 3 national championships compared to 1. But hey, if Atlanta is the pinnacle for you guys then more power to you. Sad, but good for you I guess.
All of Kirby’s accomplishments came AFTER Dan got to Florida…again, a down bad East and a McElwain-led Florida. If y’all want to count that against Dan then I guess Ill have to start throwing out stats about Kirby losing to Vandy, or yellow teeth shark-humper himself. You guys want to talk about those elite accomplishments by your boy???
Is this how you cope with no championships for 41 years? Sad. Can’t tell if I’m more creeped out by you or your obsessive and thirsty coach…
And I’ll be saying the same to you when you come up empty handed again this year. But hey, at least your coach is interrupting high school football games to chase after 17 year olds that haven’t expressed interest in him. Would be creepy perverted behavior if y’all didn’t worship Kirby for some strange reason.
He took advantage of a very down East (including a McElwain-led Florida) and still came up empty-handed. Even if Georgia wins it all this year, you’ll be one behind big brother down south.
Since Dan arrived at Florida, he’s even with Kirby in: 1. Playoff appearances 2. SEC Championships 3. NY6 Bowl Wins But please, keep telling me why a helicopter makes Kirby so much better. If you’re good at what you do, you don’t need dumb tricks or overcompensation to achieve.
I achieved two degrees from UF. That’s already better than anything coming out of UGA, and we haven’t even started counting championships yet hahaha
Oh wait, “UGA Grad”…that explains it. I’ll give you a mulligan on this one.
By this logic Florida must be the best team in the country with how y’all jump on every single article made about the Gators ever. Your own insecure logic backfired on you!
Florida under Dan Mullen has exactly the same results to show for it as Kirby, so I will, thank you!
Is there anyone more pathetically desperate than Kirby Smart?
Will Tennessee rush the field after beating Vanderbilt this year??