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LOL how can you say that Mizzou is objectively a better landing spot for ANY QB aside from your absolutely ridiculous bias? Eli Drinkwitz is a joke and anyone that doesn’t see that is a joke by extension.
Surprised hearing that from you considering how laissez-faire Kirby handles criminal behavior (at least before the Cocktail Party anyway).
At least he wasn’t caught assaulting women like they do up in Georgia.
Imagine finally winning a Natty and still being THIS insecure. Wasn’t even one week before you started chirping on Florida articles. Hahahaha you guys actually got MORE pathetic after the win somehow (and that was an extremely low bar as it was).
2008 is so much less pathetic than 1980. One is in your lifetime, the other is 41 years ago. Then again, I know counting isn’t your strong suit so I’ll let it slide.
You still have one less title than UF in the modern era. We may not have 1980 anymore, but we have 3>2. Kirby better start workin.
Congrats to UGA on beating Bama’s second string. Also proud of the Dawgs for getting one step closer to Florida’s Natty count. Little brother grew a whole foot tonight. But in all seriousness I’m happy for SBIV. Everyone criticized him but the kid is a baller. Happy to see him prove the doubters wrong and happy to see this story play out…work hard and anything is possible. The rest of you UGA grads…get some blankets, cold front coming through and I know your trailers aren’t well-insulated.
Oh, I absolutely have a vested interest in Jimbo getting exposed for the soft-as-baby-s**t fraud that he is :)
I agree, that’s why I didn’t come in here chirping about “intellect.” That was you. I just called you soft and a crybaby like your sorry program, and so far all you’ve done is prove that more.
I have two degrees from UF actually…since you’re familiar with university rankings, you know where I stand now compared to you. Now go copy and paste your whiny comment a couple more hundred times and be thankful you avoided another embarrassing loss
You got your education from Texas A&M, sit down about your “intellect” looooolllll
Wait…we’re the ones posting the same exact comment 25 times in a row?
Cry more. You guys are starting to take after your wimp coach.
Good article. We should’ve decided the virus was either not going to be an issue beforehand or had a legitimate contingency plan in place. Now aPoLoGiZe To UgA fAnS
UGA will never catch up to UF. The sooner you accept it the sooner you’ll be at peace.
Not sure what this has to do with UGA constantly choking or failing to do anything important in the last four decades but yes…that is a true statement you made. Guess when dealing with Georgia fans that’s all I can ask for.
Just one less than UGA…but this is supposedly their elite run! Bahahahahahahahaha
“Thank God.” “Take him off our hands.” “Finally we can field a great team.” That’s what UCF fans were saying when you hired Heupel. In case you haven’t been keeping track, he gets progressively worse each year…hope you’re good with a 7-win ceiling (wait, who am I kidding, at Tennessee that’s a dynasty).
Class act through and through. Big things for his future…he’s up there with Kyle Trask in terms of realest Gators to play the game.
Dude let it go. He’s gone. All those articles praising him over Kirby are over. You can stop acting like a hurt ex girlfriend now.