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LOL...perhaps if they weren't trying to enforce unconstitutional edicts of governors and mayors, which are most certainly not actual laws, they'd have that desired down time to relax.
Thanks to both of you! Look forward to following the great article and great commentary on this site!
First post ever on this site. I'm a born and bread PAC-12 guy (insert own joke here) and I graduated from a PAC-12 University. For many years I've been frustrated by the totally inept leadership of both the conference and my own alma mater. But this recent crap is the last straw for me. That conference is now dead to me. Happy to leave behind the crazed lefties that run that conference and all of the schools in it. I've long admired the SEC as it's obviously the best conference. Anyway, to answer the question of this article, of course the champion will be legit! The only team outside of the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 that's ever a threat to win the title is Ohio St. So in a season with all the legit title contenders, missing only one, of course the champion is legit. In parting, LONG LIVE THE SEC!!