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Contrary to popular belief, the BCS rankings are the 8th tie-breaker...there are 7 other tie-breakers before it comes down to that.
The only way Georgia would go to ATL is if Mizzou lost 2 more games...and I don't see that happening. Mizzou will probably lose to Texas A&M...but even if Georgia pulls a miracle out of their asses against Auburn, they would still lose the 3 way tie with South Carolina and Mizzou. I don't care if Jesus himself was back from injury, Georgia will not beat Auburn...and nobody should be giving Gurley, Richt, or any of the Georgia squad credit for that game on Saturday, it was a disgrace. Rece Davis said it best yesterday, "...In the The worlds largest Outdoor, Overheated, Orthopedic Rehab Center Game, Georgia and Florida turned it into a complete embarrassment. Both sides embarrassed their schools, their programs and their teams but somehow found a way to turn it into a dramatic game."
First, it is not classless to point out the truth, and even if it was, Les Miles doesn't give a crap what anybody thinks about him, that's what makes him so awesome. Second, if a dude like Les Miles calls you out on something, you should just go ahead and assume you deserved fact, you should feel special that he even knows your name.
I don't think it is fair to say the next 3 games with "define" the season. The next 3 games may enhance the season, but come on, let's give these guys some credit, they were completely devastated by the loss of Garcia, and managed to regroup, only to lose the only other guy that held a significant leadership role on the team, and they still managed pull themselves back together. These guys endured more injuries and adversity than most teams could see in a decade, and they were able to weather the storm with flying colors. For the first time in USC history, this team swept the entire SEC East, and regardless of what happens for the rest of the season, THAT is what should define 2011 for them.
Oh come on, If USC wins out, which includes beating an undefeated top 10 Arky, and an undefeated top 5 Clemson, and then upsets LSU (because LSU > Bama) in the SECCG, there is NO reason that the Gamecocks would not get to play in the National Championship just because they were upset in a trap game against Auburn. ANY 1 loss SEC team should get the spot over Boise State.
Having a Tiger mascot and being completely bat-sh*t insane does not make you an actually have to be GOOD at something. The SEC is not about geography, it is about prestige. We are not snobs, we are just way better than everything.
First of all, thank you for saying it was a good article.1- The Gamecocks got UPSET by a bad Kentucky team. The Gamecocks didn't even show up to the Arkansas game, not that is any excuse, but Arkansas was really good this year. It could've been worse, they could have gotten "blown out" by Georgia, Alabama, Oregon and Florida in one say, Tennessee. The Gamecocks lost the Championship Game of the best conference in the country to the team that went on to win the National Championship. UT lost just as badly to the team that lost the National the regular home. The Gamecocks played a horrible bowl game, I will give you that. But they did not lose to North Carolina. It was not a perfect season, but it was better than it ever has been, and it was a leap in the right direction. South Carolina won the SEC East for the first time in school history. Rome was not built in a day.2- The Chicken Curse was not specific to football. It said that the whole university would be doomed to athletic mediocrity. The Chicken Curse did not die because the Gamecocks played in the SECCG, it died because the Gamecock Baseball team won the CWS and picked up the first national championship in a major sport for USC.3- Except for Florida, attendance was down this year all over the SEC. There were many empty seats for the games at Williams Brice against Southern Miss, Furman and Troy...just like UT had many open seats for Ole Miss, UAB, and Tennessee Martin. Most of those seats were sold, but the fans decided they could sit outside with their beer and still see all of the fireworks when the Gamecocks scored. You can't put Tennessee in the same category as Florida for ticket sales. Florida has sold out every game since 1979.4- Spurrier will be around for another 4 or 5 years while he mentors the future staff at USC. Our next head coach is coming from within the program. We can't all be cool enough to hire a winner like Lane Kiffin.5- Again, I don't think you can put UT in the same category as Georgia and Florida. UGA and UF were not BAD, they just were not as strong as they usually are. They will both be good next year, and so will USC. Tennessee was royally screwed over by Lane Kiffin and I feel for them, I do. However, the Vols will continue to be bad until they stop violating rules and stop recruiting criminals.6- There is a lot of talent on the South Carolina team, and there is a lot more coming in. The best part is that South Carolina did not have to violate any regulations to get the talent that they have acquired...which is a lot more than I can say for many other teams. Please elaborate on how USC is lacking facilities...