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Auburn is salivating over the idea of getting Calloway. Although he could stay closer to home playing for Jimbo.
I like it. I'm a fan of traditional looking uniforms. Some of the alternates teams wear are little too out there.
It doesn't matter what hip progressive city they broadcast from, how many female anchors they bring in, Latino commentators they hire, or how many stories they run supporting anti-police protesters or Olympian sex changes. The people whose approval ESPN so desperately craves will always view them, and sports in general, as promoting toxic masculinity and the exploitation of poor minorities by rich white men.
I don't even think a loss to USC ends him given how they've played this year. He got through last year and the expectations are lower now. 7-5 won't get him run out of town as long as they put up a fight like they did with GT in every game. Losses to Bama and LSU are expected. If UGA gets 10+ wins and takes the East then nobody faults Jones a loss there. Win out past that and 8-4 is a solid season. Beat UGA or USC and 9-3 looks good. 7-3 with a close to a UF or Mizzou that turns the corner won't get him fired.McElwain clearly needs the win more. If nothing else he needs to show that the off-field issues aren't hurting the on-field performance.
Which is to say people are talking about Gus how they talked about Gus most of last season. The joke going into Auburn-LSU was the loser would fired. Is that going to be Auburn-A&M this year?
After they see Georgia fans drunk after a victory they may change their mind about trying to host Auburn and Bama (for any ND fans reading I can assure they would be far worse).
Guess we'll find out who the best bulldogs are in 2 weeks. I think it goes our way.That said I don't see us jumping to 11 or jumping LSU. Y'all still look better and, even if ND is perpetually overrated in the polls, beating them by 1 shouldn't cause such a big jump.
Echoing much of the above, stupid mistakes nearly did us in. Penalties and a few understandable mistakes from a true freshman QB starting under less than ideal circumstances. Chaney's play calling remains baffling. No breaks from the SEC officials but that's nothing new for us. But the defense played lights out. Special teams don't scare me anymore. Still a win on the road in a big game. Notre Dame didn't play like a 4-8 team.
That's insane. Crazy both that it went ~90 yards and that MSU didn't recover.
You could hear the fans calling the dawgs on kickoffs and chanting U-G-A after the field goal to take the lead. Wonder if they knew how well the SEC travels to something like this?
I kinda doubt it. He wanted to learn to to play pro style to get to the next level. Hard to get to the next level if you're the backup. We'll see how Fromm does against ND but it sounds like Eason should be back at the starting spot soon. Fromm didn't take the job in the preseason so it's hard to see him doing so well he straight takes over, particularly before we even got to see what Eason could really do in year 2.
I think you hit the nail on the head with O not wanting it to define him like eating grass was to Les near the end. He handled it well though. We all saw what happened with McElwain getting made over the shark photo.
All offseason the talk was Fields was down to UGA or FSU. He was waiting to make a decision once he saw the season goes. Oddly enough, about a month ago he said a concern with UGA is what if Eason gets hurt and Fromm comes in and blows everyone away, setting him up as a starter even over Eason. Not sure if he has the same concern with FSU now being in similar circumstances. Fields did say he's heard a lot from LSU lately.
Let's pick out props for the rest of the SEC. Here's a few: Georgia- dog bone chew toy Kentucky- mini bourbon barrel LSU- bead necklace South Carolina- I'd say rooster spurs, but that's just gonna help PETA realize what their mascot is, which won't end pretty Florida- inflatable shark
Not to mention if he's anything like his brother he'd be kicked off the team before he played anyhow.
Forum selection clauses come in to play there on the state law. But yeah it's all speculation. I don't see the NCAA changing the transfer rules, at least not without significant push back.
Very similar to a noncompete clause. Your employer can usually stop you from soliciting company clients when you're gone.
Player confused by your statement on his injury. That's another bad sign.
As a follow up I think this is less to hurt the SEC (although it would certainly hurt most of the SEC programs) as it is to help some of the big programs in other conferences. It would further institutionalize the top programs at the expense of the more mid-tier teams. Really this would hurt Bama less than it would help a school like Ohio State, Michigan, or the left coast USC.
That's a much better way to handle the situation and like you point out has a built-in way for schools to protect themselves. Although the new school could essentially buy players by paying the penalty, either directly or through a higher contract.
I'm not sure the underdogs will benefit more from bolstering their rosters with major program busts than they will be hurt when their diamond in the rough players get poached by bigger programs.
NFL coaches don't try. If a player doesn't want to do the work you cut him and find someone else. There are far more talented football players than there are spots on NFL rosters. Maybe work ethic isn't the right term. My point is that if the Manziel years were the peak for A&M, they got shafted, because Manziel, despite his talent, could have played better if he had put in the work.
Salt in the wound: they never got the full potential out of Manziel. He'd be in the NFL right now rather than being passed on by CFL teams if he had any kind of work ethic instilled in him while he was at A&M. Instead he just kept partying it up and blew his chance at a football career.To ease the pain: Texas isn't even above average and at least none of the A&M coaches did what Briles and Co. did at Baylor.
Bama sets the standard as great (as in could win the National Championship), but there are very few teams nationwide that play at that level. But the East has several teams with the potential to be very good (as in could beat most other teams). I know it's hard for sports writers to wrap their heads around, but not every team that doesn't look championship caliber from game 1 sucks. There are actually degrees to this. Remember, Ricky Bobby's dad was high when he said "If you ain't first you're last."
Herman has his work cut out for him. I think Charlie Strong had inherited a much worse situation than most Texas fans realized. Mack Brown left him with a ton of disciplinary issues to deal with after blocking Texas from being able to go after Saban.On the plus side for LSU it looks like Coach O is a better fit anyway.
I hope this same attitude crosses over to the O-Line. If they can get some push to help out the RBs it'll take a lot of the pressure off of the true freshman QB. This is a big game for Kirby and Co. to show they can get the job done.
I'm sure they quickly regretted their actions after spending some time in the Fulton County Jail.
Not accepting personal responsibility is exactly the level of class everyone has come to expect from Johnson.
Buyout for Sumlin is too high to fire him mid year. No one else to take his place. Jones survived the collapse last year. Even if this year is a train wreck they'll watch it to the end. Florida won't fire McElwain mid season unless Spurrier agrees to come back, at least as interim OC. Malzahn's ridden 2013 this far. He'll at least ride it through the Iron Bowl.