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Historically it's not been great. That said we just did some renovations before the season and we're paying Crean very well. McGarity is under pressure so he may handle this like he did the football program and open up the pocketbook.
Got to be disheartening but good one him for his attitude and good on Florida for supporting him.
Bama was also offsides on the 4-4 when they tied it at 20. And countless no calls on holding.
SEC: We have by far the worst officiating crews in the country.Big 10: Hold my beer.
Hootie has a point but what are you gonna do? Get everyone else to pool money and pay Saban to coach at a G5 or FCS school?
Well the rivalry with Auburn is one of the oldest and historically we had ties in our coaching staffs. Florida we hate and the unique nature of the game in Jacksonville tends to draw attention to the game. We were never rivals with USC, just Spurrier. The media loves the Muschamp vs Smart angle though.Tech is the weird one. We take for granted we should beat them, even with the gimich offense. They're insufferable if they win, but outside of that game the nerds don't seem to like football all that much.
Hard to compare. The world of college football changed a lot between Bryant and Saban.
With all the talk about the coaching change what gets lost is Richt left the program in much better shape than he found it. We might not be here today if he were still coach be we certainly wouldn't be if he hadn't been the coach.
Luther Strange was attorney general and allegedly interfered with the legislature's investigation into disgraced former governor Robert Bentley. Coincidently Bentley appointed Strange to senate. That sounded a little corrupt to a lot of primary voters.
Can't shake the feeling that even if he loses Saban will kind of be happy.
Win one pretend National Championship and everybody wants to play for you.
To the extent the media is responsible for legitimizing him during the primary you have a point. But you're a Missouri fan complaining about Trump on an SEC site. Guaranteed to get negative replies.
Isn't the rule not to bad mouth your old boss at a job interview? Does Kiffin not get that everything is a job interview for him if he wants to HC in the power 5 again?
So are they paying Frost against his buyout? Nebraska was gonna pay the buyout so if they take Frost's bonus against the buyout they'd be paying the school that hired him away in order to pretend to be national champions.
Man, Kanell really is nuts. He thinks that an all SEC National Championship Game is bad for ratings, but that somehow the CFP committee conspires to only put in teams based on the ratings they'll pull? He wants an expanded playoff and is fine with the SEC having more teams in, but thinks the committee should make sure to seed SEC teams in so that they have the least chance possible to win and advance?
Coach of the year for sure. They should easily see a turnaround from this season but they could lose all five of those games. 7-5 regular season is probably more likely than 9-3. 8-4 should be considered a solid year under the circumstances.
That would strongly discourage conferences from playing a championship game. Why risk another game of wear and tear on players and kill one of your best team's rankings by making them lose a game?
Mayfield crying was better than any of Tebow's sobbing sessions.
Right before the kick I lamented that we had no Boss Bailey, who consistently blocked kicks. Then Carter stepped up.
That he considers Auburn the best SEC team says a lot.What's his solution to what he sees as the problem? Expand the playoffs? Ban non-conference champs from playoff consideration? Back to the BCS?
People tend to comment more when they think they can gloat. I think the ability of coaches to handle ego is highly underrated. Some coaches have a knack for getting the most out of 3*s and unrated players. That's not the same skill as managing a roster of kids who've only ever been told how great they are. That's one reason good G5 coaches flop at P5 schools.
Wow. If that's a rule the NCAA should keep a list of FCS schools that don't count so FBS programs know ahead of time. Southern Miss should get to play but the game really shouldn't count for FSU. Streak should be considered over.
I'd be interested to see the same stats on other QBs. Fromm is pretty efficient, largely due to having a solid running game to keep the pressure off. He makes the call with a lot of option plays, but giving the ball to any UGA RB is a pretty safe bet. Be interesting to watch him develop with Fields pushing him.
Already preparing for fans to say the true freshman should start for the third time in three off seasons.
That's the kind of thing the early signing period really affects. Do you take what you have now or do you hold off for someone you'd like better? Helps players know for sure now rather than in February.
It's not really weird that Ole Miss doesn't have a better recruiting class. The sanctions will hurt and those great recent years cited are why they have the sanctions. For all the negatives fans point out Luke was recruited and played in a similar situation. He should be able to relate with recruits, but I wouldn't expect top ranked recruiting classes at Ole Miss for a while
He'll stay until he gets a better offer. He apparently didn't this year, which, given the coaching changes, is not a good sign for him. My guess is most ADs aren't convinced a year of sunny weather has changed the guy Saban fired right before the National Championship game. His Twitter account sure doesn't show it.