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Don’t forget that long before she sees an inheritance, she’s still got the last name. Her career prospects are pretty good.
Guys we’re staying longer when Smart was there. Hard to maintain accountability with guys who are only hanging out a year or two before moving on.
I’m sure Saban’s thinking, “Why didn’t I bring Dan in as an analyst to prep for this game?” Then probably busting out laughing.
If we’re going to do some kind of pod system there’s should be serious consideration given to periodic realignment to try and keep parity. But the hard line has to be that the traditional annual rivalries must be maintained.
Saban and Smart are two coaches I can’t imagine sitting around texting like school girls.
That first line nails it. Get in the mix, stay in the mix, avoid multi-year regression. Smart has done that.
Agree. If he’s worried about the players going crazy maybe he can get Richt to pull some strings. Surely the U football program has some old ankle monitors we can borrow.
Clarifies that this wasn’t a long term master plan by Woodward.
Makes sense. Also could make for some very unhappy ND fans depending on how the championship games turn out.
There’s also the optics angle on Kelly. ND making the playoffs makes his exit look worse. That’s all we’ll hear until the playoffs.
Pittman, Leach, Kiffin, and Orgeron. Give me an alternate broadcast with those guys commenting.
The BCS got the top two wrong a couple times. That’s not as big an issue with a playoff. Of course in this ranking it would take a 12 team playoff for committee vs BCS to matter.
Some more good experience until he gets a job as college QB coach.
I’ve thought a lot about how ironic it would be if JT gets brought in and saves the day.
We’ll all be Vandy fans first time that matchup happens.
I find that hard to believe as well. Kelly isn’t someone I’d expect UF to have gone after, but he is who I’d have expected them to hire if he offered to come. That’s definitely a rumor I’d start if I wanted to upset UF fans though. Makes Napier look like a bad hire (which I don’t think is the case).
Agreed. ND should worry about his behavior at Jacksonville more than his results.
Looks like a likely list. But then again the committee has loved throwing something for left field to get people talking.
Not the whole SEC. Just 13/14 of it. Vandy should at least get their credit on that.
It’s pretty insane that college football pays failed HCs eight-figures to leave but won’t pay full-time officiating crews.
@NashvilleGator That’s what I was thinking of. I’d asked for a while who UF would go for if they fired Mullen but never heard Napier’s name come up. Either way Napier seems like a solid hire.
He seems to have been the top choice. Mullen wasn’t and everyone knew it. He always had the air of “we should have done better” hanging over him.
You mean when they hired Heupel or Pruitt? The whole deal with Fulmer giving Currie intentionally bad advice so he could take his job was pretty wild.
This a “fire Mullen so we can get Napier before LSU does” situation?
Seems like a good hire. Can’t help but think LSU missed out. Time will tell I guess.
And usually “X>Y” because X is a “historically good team” because of a strong 6 year run 30 years ago, while Y is just a not as established a program with their 8 year run now.
I get Michigan over Bama. THE Overrated State University is a better team than Bo-Nix-less Auburn and Michigan had the game firmly in hand. But Cincinnati over Bama is too much.