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What gets me is the assumption that nobody in the NFL cares if they play in the bowl or not. Bowl opt outs have been going on long enough that we should be able to get some stats on how opt out players fare in the draft and later the league.
Not a shocker, but still nice to see.
Could have be interesting. Las Vegas has a lot of LSU alumni.
So the starting QB for each playoff team.
If he can get the money he should take it. Should be plenty of good QB options for UF in the portal.
1) Traditions should be kept. It’s what separates college football from the pros. 2) With the 12 team playoff SoS isn’t as important. We should take the W.
Something about having Herbie in the commercial at the end seems like salt in the wound.
Hopefully he at least hangs around for the projected bowl game with Clemson. Gonna be rough enough without Hooker.
Exactly. But surely the interest looks good to recruits.
Totally right on both counts. College football isn’t the NFL. It doesn’t matter how big you expand the playoffs, only a handful of teams have a realistic chance at winning the NC. The other teams still have fans. The “meaningless” games still matter to those fans. The media conglomerates just don’t care because they spend money on covering them and don’t get the same rate of return. Heisman voting should either end before or start after the conference championship games. They’re often revealing.
If going on a show and making a pitch works, the committee is a total joke. I’d assume Saban is doing this for recruiting optics. Not sure this is a good look, but he’s the dude at recruiting.
Dude gave me bad flashbacks of backups proving to be ballers in post-season games against the Dawgs. He can play.
UT still beat Bama. Bama is ranked over UT is because Young is healthy and Hooker is hurt. The rankings matter for bowl placement and the committee is forward looking on this.
That scenario would lead to a ton of claims of bias by the committee. OSU lost the only meaningful game the played and I’m not sure Alabama is even the second best SEC team. UT has a pretty good argument to make there.
A good reason why the votes should either all be in before the Championship games or only come in after.
The new contract at Liberty gives him negotiating power. $3.5m to 5m is a decent jump. Given the baggage he was gonna have more limited options and probably not getting usual coach money. The signed raise at least gives him a floor.
Did they really need to do any looking? Not like it was all that long ago or some place far off. And if they waited til this point to look into his past, they’d already decided they didn’t care. Makes more sense that they waited so as not affect the team right before the Iron Bowl.
This just shows that Finebaum isn’t really media, just a sports shock jock. A REAL sports media member would have said he heard from multiple, reliable unnamed sources that AU had reached out to Dabo and they were in discussions and have been for weeks. They’re saying it about everybody else at this point.
OSU fans must not follow the NFL if they want Urban back. Don’t the NIL rules forbid coaching staffs from coordinating payments? Anybody think a guy who knowing broke payment rules once won’t try again when he thinks it’s harder to get caught now. Freeze at AU would make a great example for the NCAA if they decide to try and show they still have teeth. AR should keep the Kiffin to Auburn reports in mind in making his draft decision and hearing how “sources” say he’s a top ten pick. On the other hand, given his inconsistency he shouldn’t be certain he’d start for the gators next year either.
At this point he’s the only guy from the preseason lists to (most likely) make the playoffs right? That pretty much guarantees him the award.
Given what all came out about Falwell, Jr. and how much of his lifestyle was known to people in the administration, I’m not sure how people think a stint there shows he changed. Not to mention that NIL rules still wouldn’t allow what he did at Ole Miss and even if they did, he still knowingly cheated at the time.
Could also be as simple as AR has been the best option this year and Napier doesn’t want to publicly criticize him.
And nobody in Mississippi plays golf so Lane didn’t need a helmet.
Have any of the talking heads argued yet that he said he hadn’t been officially offered the Auburn job, and getting the official offer would be “something significant”? I’ve never been sold on Lane-to-AU being anything other than a media fantasy (the passive aggressive tweets when he butts heads with the boosters would provide plenty of articles), but they really seem to be loving the fantasy.
The terrible takes by the writers and the drama from the obvious troll accounts?
Crazy that not only is he the first to do it, but he did it in consecutive years.
Big time Bama homer take by Barrie. This is not a year in which the best team is unlikely to make the playoffs. And even if you’re a hardcore Bama fan hoping they’d get the chance in a 12 team playoff, the SEC contingent would likely include LSU (who beat Bama), UT (who beat Bama), and UGA (who beat UT and possibly LSU). Not seeing Bama running the tables.