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One thing no one can say is that the Athens-Clarke County police look the other way when it comes to football players. At this point I’d believe they give a bonus for catching one.
It’s a smart move by LSU. They want to fire him for cause to avoid paying him and to minimize the NCAA damage. Suspending him looks better in proving the administration didn’t know. Making him talks gives them cause to fire him.
I think LSU is setting up to fire him for cause at the end of the season. Not over the cheating (which they won’t be able to prove until MUCH later when his trial is over/he pleas). They’re gonna fire him for refusing to talk to them, forcing them to suspend him. This is just to add to that. LSU doesn’t expect him to talk and doesn’t plan to reinstate him if he does. The statement was worded the way it was for a reason. Wade’s attorney would have to know what’s happening. I’m not up on his contract but surely Wade would lose a good sum of money by not taking to LSU. That means Wade’s attorney determined he’s better off being fired for cause than talking, which doesn’t bode well for Wade.
That’s one way to get rid of the pay-for-play issue from last year.
Must not have been anyone the board liked available to replace him. Crediting McGarity with the Smart hire (ironically the only smart one so far) is a bit much. The boosters had made clear he had to hire Smart. McGarity was just trying to save his job. And even then he bungled the PR side of firing Richt.
I was never convinced the East was actually the worst Power 5 division. Especially now
Probably just doing the same thing Eddie Gran did. Get a report out that you’re leaving, get a raise.
This statement seems a little inconsistent with the ruling. The NCAA should just abolish the transfer rules. As an aside, how do they rule that the culture at UGA is bad enough to justify a waiver and not do some kind of investigation into the school?
McGarity could never have gotten away with firing Richt to hire Muschamp after he was at Florida. Of course the opening at USC was supposedly what prompted the change. Boosters were concerned Smart might go there.
Yeah but that’s when these announcements are usually made. As soon as the LoIs are in the staff turnover begins.
I haven’t followed their recruiting but it looks like Pruitt is doing pretty well at UT. Mullen has a lot of advantages but it’ll be interestsing to see how quickly Pruitt can rebuild.
I wonder what “more player friendly environment” is code for.
Part of getting forgiven is understanding you don’t deserve it and accepting the consequences of your actions. The consequences of what Briles did should be that he never gets a job in football or student athletics ever again. The idea that his issue was just “oversight” ignores the evidence of his direct involvement from his texts. Regardless he was the head of the team so he’s the one that set the culture where apparently that behavior was ok. As for Hopson, just interviewing Briles shows a major lack of judgement, as does publicly disagreeing with the school.
College football is cutthroat and all but surely everyone agrees that Mizzou was way over punished for what the NCAA found (and by found I mean was given by Mizzou). Surely there’s some value to showing support.
I’ve read it three times and still can’t figure out what he’s trying to say. The sister is the one who posted it. Not really sure how her posting modeling photos matters at all.
As I recall UGA wanted Plumlee to early enroll but he plays baseball too and wanted to stay for his senior season. Supposedly he was still strongly considering going for the baseball draft when UGA signed Mathis and Bennett (both of whom are now already enrolled). So bad timing for him at UGA. Wish him luck at Ole Miss.
Briles lasted what, one day in the CFL before the backlash got him removed? And that was in Canada. Can’t imagine the response would be softer in Mississippi.
The tutor is willing to take the hit when the only thing that happened with the them is a show-cause if they tutor athletes in the future. Open them up to a civil suit by the university and I bet their story isn’t the same. The story as defendant in a law suit probably involves a culture of “pressure” on tutors (who typically don’t come from affluent backgrounds) to make sure that athletes maintain solid grades. The kinda stuff that leads to a counter suit and brings in more tutors. A school would be insane to open that can of worms. Both stories can be true by the way. It all depends on who’s doing the telling and what details they have available.
I’ve got the same questions about Jimbo. I tend to view it as Jamis Winston won a national championship on a team Jimbo was coaching. A&M clearly has the pieces and potential. I just can’t help but think that Jimbo knew he had FSU on a downward slide and got out while he still had hype as a coach.
I’m actually kind of excited about the AAF. Seems well organized and thought out. I think the additional pro football opportunities may help out college football.
After Winston was allowed to keep playing you’d think FSU alumni would be ok with anything. That said, Winston won them a championship. I’ve never been impressed enough by Briles to think he’s worth it.
I think this idea is gonna require more money than they’ll be able to raise. One of the big recruiting pitches by major college programs is development. So in addition to paying players they’re gonna need a LOT of money to attract development coaches. And they’re gonna need to convince those coaches that there’s advancement opportunities. Otherwise the lack of recruiting experience would be a big negative for aspiring head coaches.
Maybe I missed something but didn't Meyer already publicly deny knowing about the incident? For Smith to be the fall guy OSU has to say that Meyer did know and made the proper report to Smith. In other words they have to say Meyer is a liar. So, other than to cover for OSU, why should the rest of the committee believe OSU that Smith was at fault and let him go for misdeeds there's minimal reason to believe he knew about? Is the committee willing to get involved in what will be seen by everyone outside of OSU as a major black mark on college football's already less-than-stellar reputation? If Smith is gonna be the fall guy OSU needs to pay him whatever he wants to resign from the committee to avoid keeping it going.
Does Lane not have an agent or manager? He needs to show he's matured and "gets it now" for future career prospects. This statement doesn't show either. Of course the sports media does a pretty good job trying to keep him relevant so maybe he figures he just needs to be seen and a job will come.
That’s not what I gathered from the texts and photos and even if he didn’t think it was serious he had a duty to report. People seem to be forgetting that these aren’t bare accusations. The events and the communication with Mrs. Meyer are documented. Smith’s granddad is Rarle Bruce, Meyer’s mentor so I suspect that played more into this than just protecting a coach. As for 2009, the charges were dropped but according to Courtney, Bruce and Hiram de Fries (Meyer’s “life coach”) both came down to Florida to convince her that she should drop the charges to avoid ruining Smith’s career. There is zero chance Meyer didn’t know what happened in 2009.
Doesn’t really matter what Meyer or Ohio State says. The text messages are out. The only remaining questions are: 1) What terms is Meyer going to leave on? 2) How long is it going to take to investigate/fire the rest of the remaining staff from 2015? 3) When did the administration have reason to investigate? Adding the contact terms about firing for gender violence may have just been a new policy being rolled out. Or it may have been insurance for when word got out. He was just given the extension in April.
This is all pretty hilarious. Meyer and Schiano are both accused of knowing about abuse and not acting. Maybe that's why Meyer was so quick to defend him. Either way it's always nice to see media bias exposed so clearly.
Maybe I'm just overly suspicious, but this makes me think the administration knew that Meyer knew and wanted an out in case that became public.
I agree that Malzahn needs to prove he's worth the money. He's the luckiest coach in the SEC in that he manages to do just enough to save his job when it's at the biggest risk and the coaching searches in the rest of the SEC over the past few seasons have all been timed perfectly to make it not quite worth letting him go. That said I'm not sure you can say A&M and MSU are on the rise when they haven't even played a game with their new staffs.