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Maybe I missed something but didn't Meyer already publicly deny knowing about the incident? For Smith to be the fall guy OSU has to say that Meyer did know and made the proper report to Smith. In other words they have to say Meyer is a liar. So, other than to cover for OSU, why should the rest of the committee believe OSU that Smith was at fault and let him go for misdeeds there's minimal reason to believe he knew about? Is the committee willing to get involved in what will be seen by everyone outside of OSU as a major black mark on college football's already less-than-stellar reputation? If Smith is gonna be the fall guy OSU needs to pay him whatever he wants to resign from the committee to avoid keeping it going.
Does Lane not have an agent or manager? He needs to show he's matured and "gets it now" for future career prospects. This statement doesn't show either. Of course the sports media does a pretty good job trying to keep him relevant so maybe he figures he just needs to be seen and a job will come.
That’s not what I gathered from the texts and photos and even if he didn’t think it was serious he had a duty to report. People seem to be forgetting that these aren’t bare accusations. The events and the communication with Mrs. Meyer are documented. Smith’s granddad is Rarle Bruce, Meyer’s mentor so I suspect that played more into this than just protecting a coach. As for 2009, the charges were dropped but according to Courtney, Bruce and Hiram de Fries (Meyer’s “life coach”) both came down to Florida to convince her that she should drop the charges to avoid ruining Smith’s career. There is zero chance Meyer didn’t know what happened in 2009.
Doesn’t really matter what Meyer or Ohio State says. The text messages are out. The only remaining questions are: 1) What terms is Meyer going to leave on? 2) How long is it going to take to investigate/fire the rest of the remaining staff from 2015? 3) When did the administration have reason to investigate? Adding the contact terms about firing for gender violence may have just been a new policy being rolled out. Or it may have been insurance for when word got out. He was just given the extension in April.
This is all pretty hilarious. Meyer and Schiano are both accused of knowing about abuse and not acting. Maybe that's why Meyer was so quick to defend him. Either way it's always nice to see media bias exposed so clearly.
Maybe I'm just overly suspicious, but this makes me think the administration knew that Meyer knew and wanted an out in case that became public.
I agree that Malzahn needs to prove he's worth the money. He's the luckiest coach in the SEC in that he manages to do just enough to save his job when it's at the biggest risk and the coaching searches in the rest of the SEC over the past few seasons have all been timed perfectly to make it not quite worth letting him go. That said I'm not sure you can say A&M and MSU are on the rise when they haven't even played a game with their new staffs.
Failing a test for PED is a season ban. Don't see why cheating on one wouldn't have the same sanction, given the assumption is you would have failed. That said I'm interested to hear more about what happened. The NCAA polices on PED don't always make sense. Exhibit A: Kolton Houston.
Regardless of what happened, Manziel probably shouldn't be talking about it. He's gonna need to show an attitude change if he wants a shot back in the NFL. This doesn't help that.
Seems like half the UGA "fans' on here are troll accounts. I feel your pain on losing games you should win. Pumped about Walker. I expect Kirby and Muschamp will have more recruiting fights in the future.
That was actually my thought. I'm not sure Kirby/Saban/etc. would do anything different substantively. But they'd say they were "handling it internally." Discipline in these kind of stupid cases is mostly done for appearances. I think the appearance of saying "we told them it was bad" is worse than "we handled it internally" which at least implies some form of minor punishment.
I agree. Of Clemson and UGA, beat UGA and they can win the East even with a stupid conference loss. Beat Clemson and the media will give plenty of off season love to help recruiting, particularly if UT and UF look lackluster under the new coaches.
I always thought "we will handle it internally" sounded weak. It does, however, sound better than "we talked to them."
Timing isn't great here for Mullen. He just suspended Watkins while Pruitt is getting praised for dismissing Thaxton. I'd wager Mullen is under more immediate pressure than Pruitt, but UT hasn't had the same recent history of issues.
That's the scary part. At least most of the offense has been under pressure if it turns into a shootout.
I doubt any talent difference between Fromm and Fields is enough to compensate for Fromm's experience in determining the starter. But Fields will get to play thanks to the new red shirt rules. The bigger question is when. Is Fileds gonna do clean up or is Chaney gonna plan some packages to try and catch defenses off guard. For the other starters again its hard to replace experience. But Richt prioritized skill positions more than Smart. and the talent gap isn't the same among positions. Smart is leaving it open for some of the young guys to take a starting spot once they get some playing time under there belt while reminding the older guys not to get complacent. As for the RBs, Swift is the clear standout and may well be the guy if the passing game opens up. But the other guys have shown they're capable when needed. What we haven't seen is if any of them are as versatile as Michel.
That's my biggest worry. We have talent but it won't match the experienced group from last year over night. That and playing USC and Mizz early could be a bad combination.
For that to happen a lot of other teams would need to under perform and we'd need to see an immediate resurgence of both the Vols and the Gators. Neither UGA nor USC can get in on brand.
Managing attitudes is one area I think an assistant from from a major program has an advantage over an HC from a minor one when transitioning to a HC of a big time program. Pruitt should do better.
Probably no worth the bad press for Schnatter to press the issue. But if they sold naming rights I don't see how the university president can unilaterally renege and change it change it.
There are plenty of potential weaknesses UGA could have in the week 2 game. Very fair statement. The guarantee part is a bit much.
I like the allocation idea. That gives them a niche to attract local fans who are more into college football, particularly given the spring season. The Patriots and Falcons in last year's Super Bowl was an odd experience with two former Dawgs on the Pats and none playing for Atlanta.
Historically it's not been great. That said we just did some renovations before the season and we're paying Crean very well. McGarity is under pressure so he may handle this like he did the football program and open up the pocketbook.
Got to be disheartening but good one him for his attitude and good on Florida for supporting him.
Bama was also offsides on the 4-4 when they tied it at 20. And countless no calls on holding.
SEC: We have by far the worst officiating crews in the country. Big 10: Hold my beer.
Hootie has a point but what are you gonna do? Get everyone else to pool money and pay Saban to coach at a G5 or FCS school?
Well the rivalry with Auburn is one of the oldest and historically we had ties in our coaching staffs. Florida we hate and the unique nature of the game in Jacksonville tends to draw attention to the game. We were never rivals with USC, just Spurrier. The media loves the Muschamp vs Smart angle though. Tech is the weird one. We take for granted we should beat them, even with the gimich offense. They're insufferable if they win, but outside of that game the nerds don't seem to like football all that much.