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Normally Herbstreit corrects him but given it's Georgia he probably didn't care.
There was never a chance they were going to change the top 4. They already made their call. Last thing they need is to signal that they aren't really sure.
His biases aside I actually kinda like Herbstreit, in that I think he's a pretty good guy. You can tell on Gameday that he watches out for Corso and keeps him on track.That said he's wrong about the Committee having a difficult time with Georgia. Keep winning and they stay #1. By the time the rankings that matter come out we'll know everything that needs to be known about this Georgia team. They will unquestionably have been tested in case the committee actually has to make some hard calls.As an aside, we've seen clear SEC officiating blunders this year. How would the Committee handle a situation where a major game between playoff contenders has a similar issue?
I wondered a couple of weeks ago if it wouldn't have been smart for Currie to leak his intentions. If he's gonna fire Butch but is waiting until the end of season, he could have had someone in the athletic department leak that to the press and been noncommittal when asked publicly. Might have calmed some of the fans down.
That's a good point. JJ would be doing both the firing and the hiring unless they can get a new AD asap. Otherwise they'd miss the prime hiring season. Gus may yet pull something out this season but even if he doesn't Auburn isn't in as bad a shape as a lot of the other openings. Waiting a year probably means less competition and a cheaper new coach.
I think he should wait at least another year to ensure he has an airtight case to fire for cause.
Being the underdog in the CBS SEC game has been the kiss of death this year. Here's hoping it stays that way for another week!
It would be worth it just to see Gundy wear cutoff jean shirts with the mullet.
A second loss is only a disqualifier to teams no named Ohio State.
And all the calling for his head did zilch. It's only after McElwain got the boot that we hear about UT maybe acting.
I was referring to pressuring the decision makers to make a move.
Beyond recruits you're sending a message to potential coaches.
Florida managed to accomplish over an afternoon what UT fans couldn't over the whole season. McElwain's departure may force Currie's hand.
Neither. It is beyond stupid to pay $10million to a guy who hasn't coached in a decade and hasn't recruited in two and a half.
$10million for a guy who hasn't coached in 10 years, spent almost his entire career in the NFL, and hasn't recruited since several years before any potential recruit was born? What kinda of buyout is UT looking at paying in 4 years on that?
6. I've said before that Sumlin's job depends less on his performance this year and more on who A&M thinks they can replace him with. He'll be fine and get another job but he just doesn't seem to fit at A&M.4. The media would love a UGA-Miami bowl game but anybody who's watched them both play knows it wouldn't be very competitive unless Richt's old players refuse to play against him. Even then UGA probably wins.1. What's the criteria for the CFP? Is it resume? Best wins? Dominating opponents? Fewest bad losses? Really it appears playoff committee decides who they want and then set the criteria to get that result. Barring another Ohio State loss I expect them in because they're a committee favorite. Don't discount ND either. The BCS loved them and I expect the committee will want them in if they can justify it.
UF fans are far more impatient, but the biggest deal is Butch will be fired, Mac will leave. UF doesn't want Mac. Mac doesn't want to be at UF. They'll negotiate a buyout and decide the best time for him to leave. UT has already wasted enough good opportunities to fire Butch during the season that you have to think they're waiting until the season ends.
The point about Saban and waiting is spot on. Everyone wants to beat Alabama. As long as Saban is there it just ain't happening with any consistency. The goal for everyone else should be to build up the programs so that once the Saban era is over you have a chance.As for UT, I think the fans vastly overestimate how easy it would be for a new coach to come in and turn everything around immediately. UK and USC are getting better. UF and UGA have innate recruiting advantages instate. UF has to compete, but Kirby is locking down the state of Georgia
I wonder what percentage of both the Florida and Georgia fans get ejected at the Cocktail Party.
With red pants? They looked real good when Hershel was running over people.
Supposedly there were 7-10 recruits waiting on Fields before committing. Can't wait to see if that comes to fruition.
The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is just iconic. I also like Munson's simpler World's Greatest Cocktail Party. Ultimately though changing the name won't change the game or the surrounding festivities. The only thing that will change it up is moving the venue.As an aside this is the single most enlightening opening sentence on anything I've read on SDS.
Their hubris has been their downfall. aTm to the SEC made sense. That said I hate seeing football traditions die over the "business" of the sport.
Gus coaching for his career is what scares me. Those seem to be the only big games he wins.
Articles will start to run about how overrated Smart has been this season and how UGA should have done an actual coaching search.
I don't think he really did mature under Saban. Getting fired right before the biggest game of the year after you've already quit the job isn't a sign of maturity. Nor are any of the several interviews he gave after he took the UCF job.