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You can definitely blame Gus for that with his play calling. But I will still defend the Prayer at JHS it was definitely 99.99% luck but when Aaron Murray(I think was the QB) scored his last touchdown the ball never crossed the plain. Still salty about losing that championship
Just from these angles themselves it would be a hard call to overturn but we both agree he lead with the shoulder. Based on the video what he is leading with, his shoulder, hits the other players shoulder not the helmet. The helmets did definitely touch on the sides but that's not what he lead with. Yeah trying to make a rule around that type of situation would be tough as either way it wont please someone.
We actually asked the officials for a recommendation on what play to run. As you can see their recommendation didn't work.
Yeah, my bad, looking at it again I can see the sides of each helmet hitting but he definitely lead with the shoulder. I understand the targeting rule in regards to player safety, but this one to me is just ridiculous. If I were in his shoes I would have gone for the tackle also.
Two things actually. You can clearly see it was his shoulder hitting the other player's shoulder and not helmet to helmet. Second I definitely would not say he was defenseless as he set his left hand down and started to stretch further. What is a defensive player suppose to do? Let him keep gaining yards because he is "close" to the ground?
@Imperial I dont have much to say about Auburn from 2019 but to say Florida "gave LSU one of if not their toughest game" in 2019 you might be forgetting Auburn was the team that gave them their toughest game that year
Oh yeah its definitely not a free win either team has to earn the win so I agree on that.
I mean Texas a&m had a great rush defense but after this past weekend they dropped down the list. But knowing Auburn im always worried they will drop the ball metaphorically and literally.
I came on here expecting Auburn or State people to comment and I see Ole Miss people xD Pretty funny
LSUMC as of right now I agree but knowing my team Auburn they might get better through the year and could beat Arkansas to win that 4th place. But again knowing Auburn it could be the opposite and a lose to M State so I'm just going to see how it plays out.
I'm 99% sure Saban sold that house and now lives in a different house on the other side of the lake. He was trying to sell that house for a while and he finally did recently and moved. To be honest I met him at lake Burton a couple of weeks ago his new house is just as nice if not nicer. I could probably get an adress if anyone wants to see his new place.
No he is right Aubie won the mascot national championship this past year. He has the most wins of any mascot and he was in the first group to be inducted into the hall of fame meaning he is number 1 :) also as a biased opinion he is fun to watch
Why do people do this to themselves. You are a running back for an NFL team, even if you arnt making millions you are making more than a lot of people. Just don't be stupid and don't get arrested. He could have been set for a long time, but he does this. I don't get why people let it go to their head and just waste a perfect opportunity to be set for life. Well at least set for a good portion of your life.
Dang I thought for sure Ontario Mccalebb was gonna be on the 40 yard dash list but he only ran a 4.34, some fast guys on this list
I know louisville isn't the hardest team, but give a&m some credit, they were with their 3rd string qb, who did not do awful and made it close. I did not get a chance to watch the game but I saw highlights. But it does suck that the sec isn't undefeated right now
Also, on the "luck" of 2013, 1 Georgia shouldn't have gotten that last touchdown on 4th down his knee was down his head crossed the plane but the ball had not so that shouldn't have even happened, 2 the tip in the air and where the ball was placed was luck yes, but the receiver keeping the play going and catching the ball takes major skill. As for the alabama game, well we were picked to lose, and we were all over the field for most of the game (not all I remember them slowing us down at one point) but at least malzahn was smart enough to put someone in the end zone. It wasn't luck he ran a touchdown it was luck the whole alabama team decided not to try and tackle him till it was to late. If I remember the kicker was the only one to touch him (Chris davis), whom btw is an amazing kick off returner
Oh congratulations we had cam newton, 1 guy guess he was all alone on the field, I guess he didn't have Emory Blake who was an amazing receiver, or Darvin Adams, or Ontario mckaleb, or Michael dyer (who btw ruined his carrier but broke bo Jackson's freshman yards record). I guess all those great athletes didn't help cam at all, and Nick fairly was a big help as well, also stating that one man was responsible can go both ways, where would georgia be last year without gurley, or alabama without Henry, or lsu without fournett, 1 guy can be a godsend but he needs a good team to take him places
Could we please note how Daniel carlson is one of if not the only kicker this season who has at least 3 field goals from beyond 50 yards, his best being 57 yards(I think), he could very well make 60 yards. I just feel that's an important notion to add. Not taking away anything from the other kickers they are all good.
Man on paper these teams seem evenly matched, yet on the field It would not seem so. I see some light shinning through the darkness at Auburn but I don't think this game will help that. I think Auburn will fight for the first half at least then Ole miss will pull away. But let's hope they fight the whole time still love Auburn
I know what you mean, that's how auburn defense has been with carol Lawson being out and cassanova Mckenzie being the buck instead. He is good just not the exact size and not as good as Lawson
Hey I agree with you, last year's iron bowl honestly could have gone auburn's way, I'm pretty sure we had like 4 field goals that should have been touchdowns, and if they were we could have won, but hey if was a good game and it was fun
Actually Auburn and Georgia are actually tied ssso if you did that math correctly you'd come up with Auburn averaging a win every other year just like Georgia, but you cheer for Georgia I don't expect you to get math correct
I saw the title of the article and immediately thought Ole Miss, I feel it should be 1st
The funny thing is his helmet crossed but the ball did not go look at the replay and tell me it crossed. But I'm not saying because we lost some games last year we wil be great, I'm hesitant on how good we will be this year, I just hope we can live up to some of the hype.
I wouldn't say the Georgia game was luck by no means. For 1 auburn was dominating Georgia the whole game, then Auburn went and pulled an Auburn and let Georgia come back, but Auburn held Georgia down to a 7 point lead, then the officials decided to give Georgia the touchdown when only the tip of his (Aaron Murray) helmet crossed the line the ball wasn't close so I say the catch Ricardo Luis made was just pay back, the catch was lucky but the the win, it still takes some form of skill to keep your eye on the ball or know where it might be and catch it
Granted I don't think JJ should be number 1 or 2 for a matter of fact, I'd say 3 maybe, higher if he performs well
I don't see how winning 8 games is imploded, if we did as bad as 2012 then I would say that, but the reason he did not replace him is because Nick Marshall was already proven and the team was built around his strengths, which were running and deep ball. I find it funny his completion percentage was higher the further he threw it. But anyways JJ didn't have much playing time at all so they stuck with the guy that brought them to the sec championship the previous year, it makes sense in my opinion, obviously we all have different opinions.
Yes because being a FAN, clue word is fan, of a football team means you are an automatic professional how did you know. "Hey guys in watch football Im a professional". Gotta love the trolls on an article that is basicly ment to stir up controversy. Hey here is a thought stop focusing on the past and think of the future. Oh congratulations you have beat us like 55 times and us like 44 so clearly alabama is always going to win because obviously they are far superior. That's like saying all Germans are nazis because in WWII, in the past, most nazis were german. By the way that was a poorly stated simile if you didnt notice for all you Bama fans out there.