Long time Bama fan.

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I can't see Florida St. at #7 without Francois. Their defense is solid. Time will tell if the offense does well enough.
Jalen looked cool as ever. Made great down field throws. The running game took a back seat in the A Day game. We'll see how it goes into the season. Anything can happen. Tua looked good on passes as well. He does need some real game experience.
It's not about college accomplishment. It's about ranking coming out of high school and choosing an SEC school. Makes sense to me.
I see no indication of friction. CNS always rants on the sidelines. No matter who the assistant. But make no mistake, he is prepared for Kiffin leaving, no matter the circumstances. Bama will be fine. Roll Tide!
Seems it's every year just before the LSU game. At least it wasn't the "go to Texas" nonsense. Saban will stay in T-Town until retirement.
While it appears to be targeting on the videos, a still photo I took from the video shows the point of first contact lower than the head. Maybe the refs saw that.