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You are right about FAU being a bottom feeder but unlike the Vols they know it.
LSU's creative offense...even made Fournette look average. Bama loves to play one dimensional teams.
Coach Moore won over Miss Terry first which says a lot about the Saban family and by extension the The University of Alabama family. Roll Tide Roll
It's cost? LSU a head coach Texas head coach FLA head coach Soon ND'S head coach. Excellence is the cost that others can't afford.
I was at the game and I was 11. Years later, I became friends with one of the BAMA players on that team and he told me that: Coach Bryant and Coach McKay were good friends; Coach Bryant knew BAMA could not beat USC. Coach Bryant needed the loss to make his point. Remember Alabama is a state school and the Governor of the state was George Wallace. With that loss Wallace was never going to challenge Coach Bryant who was far more popular than he. ROLL TIDE ROLL
Yikes Fla is pretty good. LSU too. Aub - awful GA Worse Tenn - horrible - You have to keep the T Screwing with Alabama's helmet would be blasphemy...RTR
BAMA has a stable full of running backs. TJ at 6'1' could be a wide out ala Julio If not, BAMA's strength and conditioning is the best and the position coach is outstanding. Saban took a 3 Star 5 '9", 190 pound kid that ran 4.65 and two years later turned him into a Heisman Winner at 5' 9", 215 pounds and 4.55 in the 40.