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It had been 10 years since Trask started a game when he started for the Gators last year. All that time, nobody knew he was such a good player until last year when Mullen had himself an epiphany. One day, Mullen looked over at Todd, the defensive coordinator, and said, "Todd, I betcha ol' Kyle is pretty well rested up. I think I'll put him in." Todd say, "Sure, why not?" And the rest is history, as they say.
But, LSUSMC, your dictum requires that the player knows what "10" and "back" mean. That's a lot harder than you might think.
Just think how many consecutive games Trask was a back-up before he started for Florida last year! One hundred fifty two is what it was. One hundred fifty two.
Thanks, AS. As usual, your articles are informative, timely and articulate.
McElroy doesn't know that Trask was a backup for 154 consecutive games before his first start last year.
I heard that Trask started very few games in his football career before Mullen called on him last year. Is that true? Or not?
Simply put, there are times when Mullen doesn't make a lot of sense.
I'm glad to see that at least one writer knows that Trask had been a backup quarterback for more than 161 straight games when he started for the Gators last year.
Gosh, yawl are really funny. Really funny. I got so tickled reading all that stuff, and all.
Nice, succinct article that moved right to point. Good work, AS.
Kiffen discussed the Plumlee plan? What did he say about it?
Few know how long Trask waited for his chance. Many moons, many moons.
One of the worst situations for a football player is when the unknown is unknown. Much worse that when the unknown is known, or even the known is unknown. That's all it is. That is all it is.
Sure has an ol' timey fightin' Gator like my ownself pumped. I swear, I swear. I been waitin' on this.
PF allows as to how the Gators may sneak into the playoffs, and I agree. I think it depends on how many games they win or, said another way, on how many games they lose. They need more of the former, and less of the latter. He's dead right in saying it might happen. On the other hand, it might not. Who knows? Not me. I hope this post gets in there first.
Thing I been wondering is exactly how long had it been since Trask started a game when he made his first start last year for the Gators.
Thoughtful piece, carefully presented. Thanks, NB.
Pruitt is kinda' curious, and he thinks it's kinda' time. Sorta. Anyway, why not? Know what I mean?
Usually I lean back in my chair, look at the ceiling for a minute or two, and a number pops into my head.
You may not know this, but Trask had not started a game as a quarterback for 152 straight games when he replaced the injured Franks last year. One hundred and fifty-two straight games. That's a lot of games.
Aw, heck. I should not ought to have said 177 straight games since that would have placed his last start when he was about three or four years old. Somewhere in there. Almost.
What you might not know is that when Trask was called on last year to replace the injured Franks, he had not started a game since the second game of the season in the pee-wee league in Beaumont. That was 177 straight games he sat on the bench. One hundred seventy-seven straight games.