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Really great advice. Don't be too scared and but be scared a little bit. And sometimes you should make the throw and sometimes you should not. When all this works out, you will be fine. Maybe. Maybe not.
Two and a half more days 'till Saturday.
I wish I could have been there with Brian and seen the whole thing when what's his name said, "I like Starkville."
Nope, I've changed my mind after reading the whole thing again--now I think the best part was when he said the road was narrow. I read it without stopping.
Best part to me was when he said the lake was warm. And stuff.
Trask must be feeling pretty good these days, being a viable solution and all. That's what I've always wanted to be.
When the shoe is not on the other foot, Marcus will chunk it downfield.
It's hard to explain, darthA. I'll try: half way or thereabouts my interest starts waning and then collapses after another sentence or two. I can't make myself read another word. I've tried to go up to the top and read the hook again, but it works only one time on me. You know what I mean--fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me--that kind of thing. That's why I suggested inserting another somewhere in there. But I'm like any other red-blooded SEC football fan viz., I like knowing what's going on in it. Look at the fix I'm in--I can't read another word, but I want to know how it ended up.
Connor, you always start off with these catchy little wigbubbles that hook the reader. Bet you learned that in writing school. They always work on me--gets me right into the article. But my interest usually starts to flag about half way through. So what it is is I got this here little idea which might help people like me. Why don't you put another one or two of those little hooks say about half way through. That might re-hook me, re-set the hook. See what I mean? Way it is now is I never finish the whole thing and go around for days wondering what the last part was about.
Coach Meyer is different from Coach Saban. Coach Meyer might not ever return to coaching college football from the NFL, but Coach Saban did. Coach Meyer has great respect for Coach Saban, and he believes that it is solely Coach Saban's business about this issue. I have not heard whether Coach Saban likes Coach Meyer, but I'm sure if you ask him about it, he'll say, "Yes, I like Coach Meyer very much, but his business is his business, not mine."
All Isaiah wanted to do was have a little fun. Now, to all you party-poopers commenting on here, I ask you, what's the matter with having some fun once in a while?
What great news! I had no idea Najee had done that. What really great news!
Dam tootin they are, Mr. Troot, just like that feller from Tennessee!
I agree, glad2. In addition to your idea, think how much interest and enthusiasm could be piqued if in every game several players were sent to the hospital with broken facial bones and concussions from flying elbows. The Gators are playing today, so watch out!
Great number assignment, thoughtful and very considerate.
Sure, the job of coaches is to win games, but also to build character and nobility. That's why it is so difficult to get into coaching at the college level.
I think everybody should be given #52 to stress that it's a team sport and it's the team that counts. Not the indewidual.
I have long supported the assignment of #52 and #65, but they continue to be seldom used. I'll keep trying.
Leave 'em alone! Let 'em fight, let 'em fight! Hit him, hit him.
If you mean by "owned up" that he acknowledged his viciousness, then it doesn't amount to much since television cameras and an untold number of viewers saw him do it. If you mean that he apologized, then see my comment above and Oskie's. Omar is not capable of a class move, to use your word.
It's easy to tell Omar didn't write the mea culpa; it was lucid.
You take my comment off, Adam, huh, you take my comment off?
As an old-timey Gator, I cannot say that I disagree with you. For what it's worth, I was appalled by the incident and after seeing it, rooted for a Gator opponent for the first time ever. I hope you win the tournament and wish you the best of luck for the rest of the year.