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Years ago, psychology majors at the UF were required to take a year-long course in experimental psychology the second semester of which included an individual laboratory experiment using albino rats as subjects. I decided to do a learning study using a T-maze. In the experiment, I first released the rats into the stem of the maze and they were allowed to wander up and down and out into the arms for a bit so that they became familiar with the set-up. Next, I baited the goal boxes in the arms; I put Duke's mayo in one of them and Hellman's in the other and released each rat into the maze 20 times. Nineteen out of twenty of those rascals preferred Duke's. They selected the Duke's mayo 80% of the trials on average. To me, that says something about Duke's mayo which to this very day remains my personal favorite.
What is his number? What is his number? Does he have a number? What is it? His number?
When Alabama gets to that bridge, it will cross it. Probably.
Maybe not a good move because he apparently has not consulted with the Lawerd.
South Carolina will get him; they always get guys named Chandavian.
AR15 got hisself a arm like a shotgun and a car like a speeding bullet.
Keith, can you find out exactly when he decided to go to Texas, and what the date was on that video? Also, can you find out what his favorite song is? Does he have a girlfriend? What's her name? I bet it's Megan.
Docgator, you're funnin' me, but I'm serious. Also, I meant to ask Adam to find out who Arch's favorite movie star is. If anybody knows, please post it as soon as you can. And, docgator, fried chicken is not a color; it's food, and you can get some at Kentucky Fried Chicken. (But you can't get no Krystals there.)
Now that Arch has decided on Texas, I can't wait to find out what his number is going to be. Please keep us informed, and let us know what his favorite color is.
Agree with your divination completely, Joe, except that A&M will be Stanford 9-3 in game 3. Can't understand how you could have come up with 9-2.
Pay attention! My remarks have nothing to do with this article, and if they're taken to be referring to the 2022 baseball team, then they are nonsensical. They are not nonsensical.
Docgator--I commented elsewhere that when I watch the Paul Finebaum show I turn the sound off. I should have noted the similarity of that to reading an O'Connor article viz., I read O'Connor's opening line (despite the fact that it almost always makes my skin crawl) then skip to the comments which, to my mind, are usually pretty good. In contrast to the Finebaum rubbish, I seldom wonder what the latter's article is about. Both remind me of that Gainsville Sun writer from a few years ago who managed a career as a sports writer with no discernable talent for writing. Remember him? The one who wrote one-word paragraphs? As far as how the Gators' 2022 season might go, I have no expectation at all. All I know is what I read on SDS and similar sources which, as you know, doesn't amount to much. But there is one thing I'll be looking at--the game-to-game variation in team performance. I think that is a good indicator of coaching quality. If the Gators can reduce game performance variability from last year, then I think we are going in the right direction. All that would remain to be done in that case would be to increase player performance quality. But either way, it's always been great to be a Gator and never more than now!
Alabama players sure know how to have fun. Wish I could be like them.
Teams with good manners always beat teams with bad manners. That's the way the Lawerd intended it.
Docgator, where you been? Anyways, the thing about this Great Amurican to which we refer is that it's not easy to listen to him for long, and that goes double for his callers. When I watch his show, I turn the sound off. This makes me have to guess what he's talking about. To which I don't mind since I'm not all that bad at guessing.
Mr. Finebaum allowed as to how erbody were free to disagree wit him. That's the thing I like most about Finebaum--his belief in personal freedom. He's a great American.
You say Oklahoma is a heavyweight, but there are those on other teams who have a pound or two, also; look pretty good to me.
Smart he be say sometimes people be get in spats at the end of the day. I be say sometimes they be get in spats at the start of the day, too. I be don't know about the middle of the day, but you can ax cojones. He know.
Sometimes he's right about some things, sometimes not so much. This time maybe he's right, maybe he's not. Who knows? The Shadow do. Wish Saban and Fisher would get in a fist fight, and all the assistants join in. What a sight that would be!