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Most of you people on here don't know whether Sark will take the job at Texas. Or not. I do, but I'm not going to tell just yet.
No matter what Kirk says, most brawls are more exciting than the game. I hate it when the coaches, referees etc., try to break them up. Those who don't want to fight should stand aside and let the others go at it until the last man. Then the paddy wagons.
AS--always informative reporting, concise and to the point. Season's greetings to you, the other SDS writers and the many bloggers.
Saw one between the 30 and 40 yard line in the Swamp the other day. Left foot with cleats. Might be yours.
deh got Mac and najee, too. we got Marco wif a shu
Matt, up there in the 4th or 5th paragraph (depending on how you count), you mentioned the possibility of Lawrence giving off with an out-of-body performance and its effect on the Heisman vote. By "out-of-body", did you mean "surreal"?
Sure made a mess of the 'reply' button. But if you studied your geometry well enough, you'll see what I had in mind.
TheRealcojones--my comment above was meant to be in response to Neil's. I did mean to thank you for your comment on mine. Go, Gators.
Glad you enjoyed my comment, Neil. I don't dislike "surreal" as a word, or any other that I can think of. My response to a word is related very closely to the context e.g., word choice in poetry or in, say, literary non-fiction is crucial, and it may be in those situations that I might not like one or, more accurately, think that it might not be suitable. But when a word is misused--well, then I might feel some discomfort. Even then my irritation is not aimed at the word but at the author.
The reason I chose Florida for college was mainly because so many surreal things happen there. Nothing surreal ever happens at Georgia or Alabama. Sometimes 'Ol Miss has some surreal stuff going on and Vanderbilt is surreal almost all day. All day. The reason I never seriously considered going to LSU is because my brother-in-law, Roy, told me the only surreal stuff going on there was in the accounting department. He said what they do there is mostly read Breton's poetry and try to express income statements in ways similar to it. Great work, Neil.
There's really nothing to worry about since the school district said it takes these kind of things seriously. The referee who got assaulted probably does, too. And it appears the district attorney might look at it the same way i.e., seriously. Me, the way I see it, you reap what you sow. Seriously.
I agree with Bcreek, but make sure the girl has karisma and thinks outside of the box. The problem with girls is they do not like to be offensive--their minds don't run in that line. On the other hand, they always play just one game at a time and some even no more than 1/2 at a time. Also, keep in mind a girl with a good figure.
Call up Nick Saban over there in Alabama. He might be interested. I don't know his telephone number, but I think he has one.
Good questions, good answers. As for Christmas songs, when I was eleven mama made me listen through earphones to Silent Night for a whole hour because I talked back. Hoo, boy.
Neil, when Trask started the next game for Florida, he had been a backup for 221 straight games, breaking the record of 220 set by Hiram Ledbetter with Rutgers from 1922 to 1926.
What a relief! If we can get us some accountability in there, we be ok.
In 1921 and again in 1925, the Rose Bowl opponents had not faced a common opponent.
Rocky Leftwich, the Mississippi State tight ends coach from 1924 to 1931, was the last SEC coach who preferred mashed potatoes and gravy to anything else. Look what happened to him!
You can look at Kiffen and tell he dotes on mashed potatoes and gravy. Mike Leech is a chow mien guy.
The longest string of games as a backup since Hiram Ledbetter went 224 games at Rutgers from 1908 to 1911. That's a lot of games.
I'll give you three dollars and a half if you won't refer to 2020 as strange and surreal anymore, and I'll up it a half dollar if you won't mention covid-19 again for at least a year.
In the PAC 12, it's all about first downs, and in the ACC, it's average punt return. Hugh Freeze goes for most fumble recoveries.