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The comment I made was directed at a professional writer, not to "most here". But to help you in kind, LSUMC, "the criteria are to prepare the team," and so on. My version is more better. To help these here, I suggest each of you say out loud every morning when you get up, "the criterion is, the criteria are" several times. If you do this for a few weeks or so, you'll have it down. I promise.
Boy-o boy, are these guys cool. If only I could be like them!
That's what happens to Huddle House all the time, especially when there's a Waffle House in the same town.
Perine's first name spelled backwards is Lacimal. I've pointed this out elsewhere.
You don't need all those data to decide. You can just look at them and tell Mullen is the better.
I hope they take it one game at a time or one step at a time, whichever comes first.
Of course Laura is a Florida alumna. Where did you think she went? Mississippi, or something like that? Good thing she wasn't there when I was--I had enough problems the way it was.
You're right that many, many things are done better now than they were 50-75 years ago. Sports writing is not one of them.
Closure is the name of a principle in Gestalt psychology dating from early in the 20th century. It asserted that incomplete figures would be seen as complete; the evidence for the idea was based partly on the tendency of subjects who had been shown e.g., incomplete circles, to draw them as complete circles at a later date.