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Look here, Neil, if you see Caglianone, tell him I said to throw strikes. That's what he needs to do, especially low on the outside corner. And change speeds as much as possible. He might try high inside occasionally, too. Throw strikes, change speed and stay on the corners. If he needs help, tell him to get in touch with me.
You see Austin on TV today? I'm tellin' ya, Cojo, something imminent is going to happen pretty soon. I don't mean no NIL staff changes neither.
Leghump, I sounded a little unfriendly up there; sorry, didn't mean to. But from now on when I'm asleeping and you have a important question, get in touch with Cojo, and he'll help you out. I and him is on the same ledger when it comes to SDS issues but not when it comes to, say, politial things on account of he's to thick for them. Hope this helps; if it daren't then beat it, you Georgia Cracker.
Nothing like, especially after the first tier is eased off to the NFL. But even before, since the first tier team would be paid as it is now, would consist of players who had NFL aspirations, and could transfer at will from team to team. That would leave the second tier team to play some down-and-dirty old fashioned, amateur football.
I've thinking along the same lines, and should such a program be adopted, big football schools could have a team in each tier. Then a move could be made to slide the first tier schools off to the NFL and leave the colleges with only the second. That means we would again have some old fashioned college football.
Oh, Cojo, Cojo. There's more to life than being first. And I have not never said I had something on you. All I want is to be happy get me some more closure. But I'm doing alright all things conside4ed. How'd you like that 4 in considered?
Ditto, and if Dilfer can be taken at his word, best of everything to him and UAB.
Here's a chance to be first, buy I think I'll pass on it.
Cojo--give me a pencil and a piece of paper, and there ain't no telling what might happen.
Aw shoot, Paul. You know what you have did? You have ruin my day. Doggone it.
Hope Trikweze is not lazy, Or a daisy (to coin a phrazy), And plays like crazy to get our praisy.
StL--beg to differ a little bit. The mistakes may be at least partly due to inadequate coaching but due also to not very good players. It's poor players who make those kinds of mistakes.
O'Connor's angle on Daniels' performance is odd i.e., since the latter performed better than O'Connor thought he would, he concludes that the thing to be explained is Daniels' play rather his (O'Conner's) own inept prediction.
1st I want to thank my family, the Lawerd, and Claybelle for supporting me this morning--Daddy and Byron went fishing. 1st I was going to Walmart to get a cuke and some K. salt. But next after a lot of reflection I felt that I'd rather go to Kroger. Mama, Claybelle and me--Daddy and Byron went fishing--talked it over at breakfast (bran flakes and a banana for me, I didn't notice what Mama and Claybelle had cause this is mostly about me anyway). Mama wanted me to go to Walmart, but Claybelle and me won out. We all went to Kroger. They believe in me. I do, too. I'm alright. My favorite food is meatloaf.
Cojo--TDOW's reply to my weak attempt at humor illustrates your comment to me several days ago. I thought, in this instance, that my misspelling of "children" would be enough to show my intentions. Oh well.
Same good wishes to you, Marshgator89, and to everybody.
Cojo, sometimes I think you are right, and it occurs even though I try to use simple. direct language and word selection. My posting above is a case in point--the purpose of it was, generally, to raise the question of the idea of deserve in a deterministic world, not merely in the context of college football.