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Shoot, I might watch the Texas State game. If it's on TV. If I don't have nothing else I need to do. If it's alright with Doreen.
Adam, great to have you back, finally. Hope you got all rested up and rarin' to go. Judging by the above column, you are!
I don't think 3 is right for him--26 or 67 would have been better.
I agree with Georgia legend David Pollet viz., they should probably go on playing. On the other hand, if they didn't play anymore, they might find something else to do. Which might be OK in the long run. But before they decide, they should go over to the Silver Saddle the week of the game, drink a cool one. They'll get a ear full. But maybe not. Who knows>
I disagree with almost all of these number assignments. It looks like Kirby Smart ought to be looking for a new number-assignment assistant. One of the best is Arthur Curtwright at MSU--he almost never misses, and I think he would be willing to move.
I can't wrap my mund around the idea that they gave the boy #3. I told all my buddies he would be #9 because on account of the fact that's what my mund told me it would be. So much for my mund.
What a loss it would be for Dallas if Tad didn't like them anymore! Pleas help them, Lord.
Hope you're right, but I'd feel a lot better if I knew that Mullen had checked with Paul Finebaum first.
You've been on a tear lately--one good article after another. Have fun next week and don't worry about us. We'll be hear when you hopefully get back.
Adam, another terrific interview! But I'd still like to pick a couple of nits: 1. I don't get the part where she said that people were small-minded if they can't equate, etc. I don't get what is being equated to what. And, 2. If people think that one can't talk about football unless they've played it, I don't see what's small-minded about that. They may be wrong, and probably are, at least in a way, but they aren't small-minded. And they're not even wrong if they are talking about the experience of playing football. How can you know what it feels like if you haven't done it? People can talk about the rules, tactics, strategy of football without having played it, of course, and do it as cogently as those who have played, I suppose. Withal, another excellent article.
Great article, Adam. Especially the part about bad jobs on the 4th. How about a dolman, or worse yet, an apprentice dolman? The worst! By the way, I used to know a guy named Robert. Last name was Manning. Robert Manning. The same guy?
Bet your whole paycheck? Paycheck? Where do you work?
What you say? Kylin Hill ain't no All-American? Who woulda thought.
Same as in convenience store management. You got to learn how to make spears before you can chunk 'em. Learn who owns the store next door and the one next to it. Learn how to remember people's names, if they got one. Learn to sweep, then they'll let you use the vacuum. It's a long and winding road, but it's worth every box of Cheerios you sell. The long and winding road always returns home.
Me, myself, when I grew up I didn't want to be in sports media. Mostly, I wanted to be a shepard. Sheep. And then. later, my mind turned to being a sniper. Never did either one. Instead, I went into convenience store management with Scooter Patel.
Looka here a minute, Connor. I want to ax you about sumpin nuther you said Wednesday, to wit, you mentioned a prototypical Southern family man. Can you elaborate a little. I take it you probly meant "archetypal" or even more likely "sterotypical". But either way, let us know what one is. The reason I'm interested is I might be one of them, and I want to know if I am. Or not.
That it was the SEC that counted wasn't the only reason, or maybe not even the main one. It was important to Kiffen, steeped in Southern history, and indignant and appropriately righteous about its use of slave labor, that he be there to support and advise those around him about destroying monuments to the Confederacy.
SDS staff--great godamighty, tell 'em not to do it! Tell 'em not to do it!
Paul, you said, "Who cares what I prefer?" I care, Paul, I care. I care what everybody prefers. Except Kirby Smart. Who cares about what he prefers? Not me, I don't. Except for him, I care about what everybody prefers. Even animals. Even people of different race, ethnicity, sex, religion, weight, height, educational level, whether they have a harelip, and/or whether they have trouble hearing. It doesn't matter to me because I care, Paul. I really do. Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla? Either way, it doesn't matter. Whatever you want, I don't give a hoot.
I was like I always kinda turn the sound off sorta so I can't hear it when I kinda watch sports on the tv, so I kinda do the same thing sorta when like I watch the weather, sorta. Sometimes.
The answer to 1 is Arkansas against Charleston Southern October 3, 2020, and it will be announced 8 minutes before the game. The answer to 2 is "no." I'm not sure about 3-5.
Jake is 100% against racism. He's 91% against obesity, and 47% against cancer. That adds up to 238% against. He is 86% for hamburgers. Net is 152% against. And the season hasn't even started yet.
Good article, but in all fairness, it would have been better if you had included some remarks on what it was like not to cover Coach Dye.
I didn't read the article and don't think I will. But it sure does look interesting.